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How to write a Motivation Letter for a University Application?

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How to write a Strong Motivation Letter for University Application? Are you planning to get admission in any university? During the application process, students need to submit several documents to secure admission in the desired university. One document is called a motivation letter. What is the motivation letter? And why is it so important? What should be the structure of letter?

You should not take motivation letter lightly, through which you express yourself In front of the admission department of the university. Motivation Letter can be the decider to convince enrolling department of the university, it individualizes your personality and rationalizes from other applicants about selected Course. Especially for some competitive courses, motivation letter presents your case very strongly that you are the right person for a specific course.

The article gives a complete overview of, how to write a really good Motivation letter. In the end, a successful motivation letter example has been given. An example is about letter in bachelor’s degree course for mechanical engineering in Riga technical University in Riga, Capital of Latvia.  You can get an idea by this to write a successful motivation letter for any field. 

Major points which have been covered in this article are as follows.

What is the Motivation Letter?

Either you are applying for bachelors’ degree course or master’s degree course, you need to answer the reason why you should be good enough to get selected for a particular course. It is a document which explains the applicant’s competence and personal motivation about a particular course at the chosen university. The motivation letter is called Cover letter also.

It can be really helpful also to secure scholarship or volunteer Job. Once you will finish your studies, you have to write motivational letters to employers to get interview call and certainly for the job. You can say, It is your practice to be good at writing a motivation letter.

Importance of Motivation Letter

It is a very important document you can create for your admission process.  Therefore, It can make or break. Your selection or rejection highly depends upon it. Especially, when you want to apply in any reputed university abroad, you should not undermine its importance at all. 

Several students across the globe, apply for admissions in high ranked universities. Your marks and grades can be quite similar to other students. This means only your grades are not enough to Secure position in the university’s course. 

Very well written motivation letter will create a huge difference between you and other applicants. You are presenting yourself in front of the admission department through this letter. It should reflect your goals and ambitions. So you can come across as very mature and focused individual around many other applicants.

So you got an idea about motivation letter and its importance. Let see, how should be the structure of motivation letter?

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Structure of Motivation Letter

It is a time-consuming process to write a good motivation letter. The basic structure of the letter should consider following 8 points. Make sure, you mention these points in your cover letter, when you start writing motivation letter.

Try to find the name of the person to whom you are writing. It creates a good impression on the person, whom you are writing this letter. If the name is not found, you can start with Dear Sir/Madam.

Mention course name in which you are interested in the introduction at the start. Where you got information about this particular course or university. Show some enthusiasm about course, you are supposed to study in near future. Your enthusiasm builds your strong case for selection at the very start of the motivation letter. 

Relate your previous education with the desired course, you want to study. Mention the skills and most relevant subjects from the last degree, that can apply to the programme you are applying for.

Explain work experience if you have any. if it has any significance in your future degree. Highlight challenges of programme you applying for and how would you tackle during studies. Mention your strengths, that will help to overcome challenges of course. 

Now you can talk about your degree programme and the university you have chosen. Why this programme appeals to you and how it will shape your carrier. Explain why you choose a particular course and University. Get complete research of the university and find how it is unique from other universities. Where you will stand after completing a particular degree. 

You can mention some cultural diversity if any during your stay as a student on campus, that you can get knowledge about or learn something valuable. 

Show some kind gesture by thanking him/her to go through your letter, after all, the admission department has a workload of many applications. Reading many letters during admission process Every single day. This shows concern for him/her by you and creates a very nice feeling for you.

At last, you can mention the documents you have attached. Which can be your previous educational certificates, Reference letter and CV. 

General tips to write a successful letter 

Here are some general tips to follow to write a successful motivation letter.

Use short sentences during writing. It should be Precise.

Show your passion and valid reasons to convince the admissions committee.

Highlight your strengths for a particular course. Don’t write very common stories, it can portrait your laziness.   The word why you are special than other applicants is very important. Finalize university before you start writing a motivation letter. Get complete information about a particular department and course you want to get admitted. Then write in letter specifically according to the information you got from the university website.

I am easily satisfied with the very best.

Winston Churchill

You have to come up with your very best  ‘’ WHY’’ to satisfy admission committee and get admitted into the competitive course of any filed.

The motivation letter should be in order as yours Resume. Avoid similar overlapping between Resume and Motivation letter.

Mention your future goals very clearly. There should be no ambiguity at all.

Clarity creates simplicity.

Danielle Laporte

Your future goals should be relevant to the course content. Your clarity of mind about future goals makes simple and easy to pick you during selection notifications for the admission committee. So You can fulfil your dreams by studying desired course in one of the best universities.

You should avoid negativity in your text. No one likes a negative person and on the other hand, Hopeful and positive person attracts others.

You have to be optimistic and it should reflect in your motivation letter.

Avoid negative people, for they are the greatest destroyers of self confidence and     self-esteem. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you!  

Auliq Ice

Negative views can damage your personality image and you can lose your chance to get admission in a particular course or in university.

At last, You have to avoid multitasking and prioritize your time to write down the motivation letter. So, You need to spend quite enough time for writing it. Don’t be in hurry during writing. You have to avoid grammar and Spelling mistakes in the text. It can create a bad impression of you. Avoid repetitiveness in your Letter of motivation. Recheck before you send it.

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Example of successful inspirational letter for admission in a University

Dear Sir/Madam

I have read information about ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, MECHANICS AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERING on this University website with great interest. The positive word of mouth of current and previous students (through various means on the internet) in this Course at Riga Technical University has urged extreme desire inside me. It’s quite affordable financially also. As well as having looked through the degree content, my desire has increased. There is a broad range of specialisation on possibilities after completing this course. I would like to put forward my candidacy for enrollment in this course.

In June 2018, I have finished a high school diploma from a renowned high school. It is mainly aimed at mathematics and Science. I have performed really well in these courses. I enjoyed mathematics and Physics most in high school. During the last two years I have realized, choosing this distinct field of study is purely based on passion. By picking out this as a profession, I would enjoy doing the most. Now I want to Challenge my self through advanced courses in mathematics and Physics.

I would have the freedom to opt from various companies to choose my professions such as Automation Engineering or packaging Industry. The most exciting part of this is the continual Challenge to explore something new. I am expected to resolve problems which would help to discover, invent and develop innovative products. The newly designed products would be more efficient and environmentally friendly.

After completion, I see myself well educated mechanical engineer in a highly reputed company. During my stay at Riga Technical University, I would like to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge. Which would be quite useful in the latter part of my Carrier.

Furthermore, I am excited to Study in Latvia, Will give me an opportunity to meet people from different cultures. I can learn about new work ethics and language skills. It really excites me to deal with new challenges every single day. I think it is a great chance to enhance my personal development in many ways.

I have attached certificates. With lots of excitement, I hope my educational background will meet your expectations for a suitable candidate for this course. I would be very happy to give you any details if you require. I would like to thank you for your precious time and best of luck with your admission process.

Best regards

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