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How to write Motivation Letter for Scholarship (With Example)?

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How to write Motivation Letter for Scholarship (With Example)? Motivation letter for scholarship is an important document for students who want to apply for the scholarship, funds or grants. Many universities or funding organizations ask for this letter along with other documents. It is also called a Cover letter. You can present your case in front of the scholarship committee through this letter. What are your chances to get this scholarship, clearly depends upon how well it is written.

In this blog, You can get highlights that are necessary to write a good Motivation Letter for Scholarship. What is the scholarship motivation letter? What are the general tips to write a motivation letter? And what should be the structure of motivation letter for the scholarship? At last, more importantly, check successful example for motivation letter for scholarship.

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What is a Scholarship Motivation Letter?

It is a very important document to get a scholarship. Many applicants apply for scholarships either these scholarships are offered by a University, Government or an organization. Scholarship’s applicants are from all over the world. Many of them would have very high marks and percentage in their previous studies. You can say, it is always a very tough competition in terms of applicants for one scholarship. Let suppose, if the university is offering 20 scholarships for a programme, there would be more than hundreds of applications on the table of the scholarship committee.

So, what should you do to be noticed in many applicants by the scholarship committee?

There are two main questions, that you should answer in scholarship motivation letter to be noticed by the Scholarship committee.  

  1. What differentiate you from all scholarship’s candidates?
  2. What are your plans after completing the course, you opt for the scholarship?

Scholarship Committee relay too much on motivation letter to award scholarships.

The Committee prefers those students who can overcome challenges and problems. Students who are leaders in their community. And students who have unique hobbies. This is the letter to present your case strongly.

70% of students are shortlisted purely based on the Motivation letter. You should speak in the letter, why the scholarship is important for you to complete your desired course. Because Scholarships are an investment made by a university or an organization on a student. You should convince them, that they are investing in the right person.  

You should submit this letter with your documents when you apply to any university. Sometimes it is not required even for scholarship application, but if you submit this letter, it is always a plus point for you.

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General Tips for Scholarship’s Motivation Letter

You should keep it simple and clear. The format should be easy when you start writing Scholarship Motivation Letter. Length of motivation letter should not exceed more than two pages. 

Motivation Letter should include your educational background. You should include relevant job experience if you have any for a course you are applying for the scholarship. That can help. Remember that, do not drag your Letter with too much information. You can follow the order of your Resume. According to resume, add precise information about each skill respectively. 

As we mentioned earlier two questions, you must answer these two questions in your letter. There is a successful example of scholarship motivation letter at the end of this blog, you will get the idea about, how to write a strong scholarship motivation letter. 

Why the scholarship committee should approve your application for the scholarship. Do you have a proper plan to handle issues in your particular field of study? You should be ambitious enough, who can thrive for more knowledge in the future. Hustlers are always in demand in every field of life.

Basic Structure of Motivation Letter

The basic structure should include three points.

  • Introduction.
  • Body paragraphs.
  • Conclusion. 

First, include Introduction paragraph: In this paragraph, you will introduce yourself, education level and scholarship you are applying for. 

The next are  body paragraphs of the scholarship motivation letter. You can include three to four paragraphs in the body paragraphs section. 

The first paragraph should include what you have done till now. You can add your educational background here. If, you have done any internship or you have relevant job experience. You can add these details in this paragraph. You have done any volunteer work, add that experience also here. 

While, The second paragraph should include, what you will learn in a particular course or programme. You should have complete knowledge about the course, you are applying for. Visit the University’s website and read the course catalogue. After clarity in mind about the course, you can write an excellent preview of important subjects and skills. It can be really helpful to impress the scholarship committee.  

The third paragraph should include what you will do in the future after completing studies. So, How this course will help you in your professional life? While, How can you create a difference in your particular field after completing your studies? Second and Third paragraphs co-relate with each other. 

Finally, you can conclude in the end. You should thank the scholarship committee for their time. There are also human, If you show kind gesture it can touch them. The committee can also show kind gesture for you.

Motivation Letter For Scholarship Example 

So, Here we present a successful example of Motivation letter from scholarship holder. Therefore, You can get a better idea and can write for yourself. This is written for the master’s course in Engineering. 


Motivation Letter For Scholarship

08 March 2016

Dalarna University, Borlänge

Dear Scholarship committee,

I am ——————- from Pakistan and I have done bachelor’s of Science in mechanical engineering from the ————————- Pakistan. While, I am writing to request you please consider me for a scholarship at Dalarna University. Additionally, I have enclosed the completed application and additional materials required by the university. 

I observed in my graduate studies that it has provided me subject knowledge, problem-solving skills and a capability for future learning. As, I have learned teamwork experience. I gained confidence, to understand computer skills and engineering fundamentals that provide the ability of decision-making skills. While, I want to be creative and practical about how the things work and the world around me. I have the ambition to help people to improve myself at that level, where I can solve complex problems and convert new ideas into practical solutions. I hope, I would be a proud person at the end of higher studies.

Master’s degree programs offer a lot of opportunities to student to change theory in practical work which can play a beneficial role in society. Studies in open climate will help to focus on group work, which will provide a forward-thinking culture that would help me to work on the latest ideas and trends. I will spend most of the time in seminars also where I will interact with my colleagues, this will surely open new perspectives and at the same time will boost my career potential. At the end of the studies hopefully, I will be at a distinct position for me in the industry as compared to my bachelors’ peers.

It would be an adventure, where learning extends from beyond the classroom. There would be an opportunity for me to learn another culture. I will meet with new friends which have different opinions. It would be extremely valuable for me, to interact with new persons leads towards maturity because every person has its way of thinking and living. I will become much more independent; my confidence will also increase and will be more open-minded for world culture and international affairs. In the end, I would be a happy and successful person in life either it is a relationship or anything else.

Sweden is my first choice as a foreign country for further higher studies because the education system is, as better than any other country in my aspects. I am seriously considering myself to study at Dalarna University in Sweden because I am keenly interested to gain theoretical and practical knowledge. But financial problems can demolish my dreams of becoming part of higher studies and new technologies in future, that’s why I am considering myself for the scholarship. Hopefully, a chance would be given to me for studies at university. I will never let down my education at any cost and will give one hundred to ten per cent efforts to show better results. In the end, I will be able to serve the society in my country or outside the country.

Please contact me if there is any other information, I can provide to help the committee to assess my application. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I must say good luck for your job of shortlisting candidates for the scholarship, I can understand, it can be very tiring and stressful at times. I look forward to hearing from you.



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