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Scholarships at Graz University of Technology Austria

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Scholarships at Graz University of Technology Austria. The Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) founded in 1811 in Stryia, Austria. It is one of oldest university in Austria. While, It is public University and it has currently seven faculties. Meanwhile, It offers 18 bachelors and 33 masters study programmes across all technology and natural science disciplines.

After a regular study duration of six semesters you graduate with the degree Bachelor of Science (BSc). This degree qualifies you for entry to a master’s degree programme to study your subject in greater depth.

While, The TU Graz offers Master’s programmes taught in English.

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar has two Intakes. Winter Intake and Summer Intake.

General admission deadline for Winter Intake is between July and September every year. While admission deadline for Summer intake is between January and February every year.

The Tuition fee is 726.72 Euros per semester for non-EU foreign nationals.

Scholarships at TU Graz

TU Graz and its cooperation partners support students with a range of grants. If you achieve outstanding results in your studies you can apply for scholarships at TU Graz.

TU Graz 100 Scholarships

The TU Graz 100 is a new financial support programme. While, Scholarships are awarded to 100 talents from Austria and abroad through this programme. Meanwhile, Students in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses can apply through this Scholarship Programme. The programme is a joint investment by interested companies and TU Graz in Austria.

What are Subject Areas?

The TU Graz Scholarship Programme supports following fields of study, if you choose degree or course from these fields, you can apply for this scholarship programme.

  • Natural Sciences,
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering Sciences
  • Computer Science

What are Benefits of Scholarship?

The scholarship is awarded for two years. You have to perform better in studies to continue the scholarship programme.

For Bachelors Scholarship programme is valued 4,000 euros per academic year.

While, For Masters Scholarship programme is valued 8,000 euros per academic year.

What is Application Process?

Application process is quite simple, Just follow three steps to complete successful application.

Apply online at TU Graz for the chosen degree programme: Online pre-registration.

Prepare the documents for the application and submit following documents.

  • Resume
  • Motivation Letter
  • School Leaving Certificate.
  • Official Transcripts.

Finally Submit your application. Please make sure to mention the degree programme you have registered in your online application.

For More information about TU 100 Graz Scholarship Programme Email

Information Security Scholarship

The Cybersecurity Campus Graz awards master degree scholarships to international students. Three Master’s Degree programmes are offered at TU Graz. Three master’s degree programmes offered in the English language allow students to specialise in information security. As university is placing focus on the training of information security experts.

What are Subject Areas?

Scholarships are awarded within the English-language master’s degree programmes in Computer Science, Information and Computer Engineering or Software Engineering and Management.

What are Benefits?

Financial assistance of 4,000 Euro per academic year up to two academic years. The scholarship is preferable awarded to newly admitted students at TU Graz. The duration of scholarship is 2 years. You have to perform better in studies to continue the scholarship.

Email for more details at

Application deadline: 15 January 
Confirmation of approval: by 15 March 

It is possible to apply for several scholarships, but only one scholarship can be awarded per person.

REMUS Scholarship

REMUS is corporate group and firmly established member of the car tuning industry. It awards Bachelor’s and Master’s Scholarships of Excellence for Female Students in Mechanical Engineering.

There are three Bachelor’s scholarships for female students in Mechanical Engineering. While Two Master’s degree scholarships are awarded to female students in Mechanical Engineering.

What are Benefits?

For Bachelor’s degree Students, the scholarship valued each year is 4,000 Euros. While, For two years, the scholarship is valued 8,000 Euros.

Meanwhile, For Master’s degree Students, the scholarship valued each year is 8,000 Euros. For two years, the scholarship is valued 16,000 Euros.

The second year scholarship is purely based on last year’s achievements. This applies for both level of degrees including bachelors and masters degree courses.

It is possible to get an additionally paid internship position at REMUS for 2 months during the two-year period.

What is Application Process?

The scholarship is preferably awarded to newly admitted students at TU Graz. You have to apply for a Mechanical Engineering degree course at TU Graz. Application process is same for all universities in Austria.

Visit here for Information about How to apply in a Austrian University?

For additional information contact on following emails.

Merit Based Scholarships

There are merit-based scholarships at TU Graz. Each faculty awards annual scholarships of 750 to 1500 Euro. Students can apply for merit based scholarships if they have good grades.

More information for students of TU Graz on how to apply is available on the page of each Dean’s Office.

Thesis Scholarship

Students of TU Graz can apply for thesis scholarships for writing master’s and doctoral thesis. Each faculty awards two thesis scholarships of 750 to 3,600 Euros per year.

More information for students of TU Graz on how to apply is available on the page of each Dean’s Office.

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