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Master’s & PhD Scholarships for students, Austria

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Master’s & PhD Scholarships for students, Austria! Are you Looking for Scholarships to Study in Austria? Austria has very low tuition fee for international students. At the same there are many scholarships in Austria for international students. Scholarships are merit based and need based. Here we discuss scholarship Programme which is need based.

Brief Introduction

One World Scholarship Programme in Austria is need based. This one world scholarship programme is for International students, who have insufficient funds to support themselves for study in Austria. The students with excellent grades are preferred. The One-World Scholarship Programme is directed at students from developing countries at universities in Austria.

The One World Scholarship Programme is meant to support students from Africa, Asia and Latin America who are interested in development issues and who have come to Austria on their own initiative in order to complete their education.

Benefits of Scholarship

The One World Scholarship Programme supports Master and PhD students at public universities or universities of applied sciences in the regions of Salzburg and Tyrol with a partial scholarship. Students at Master level receive 500 Euros per month, at PhD level 550 Euros during the semester.

Conditions to Apply the Scholarship?

International Students from Non-EU background can apply for this scholarship. 

Students should be enrolled in any Austrian University when they submit application of Scholarship. 

Scholarship supports students who are dealing with financial crisis. Therefore Need-Based Students are Preferred, who cannot bear financial matters.  

Student must show good grades in Degree programme to continue this scholarship.

Students must show agreement to return to homeland after completing studies.

How to get this Scholarship?

The students would need to submit a statement of their income, bank details to show savings (if you have savings), profession and income of parents. This will decide either you are a need-based student? And you need financial support to continue your studies in Austria. You need to be mentally prepared to convince the scholarship committee by submitting up mentioned documents with details.

Secondly, You have to attach a transcript of your studies, which shows you are a brilliant student and have good grades in your previous education.

Prospective awardees are expected to show a strong interest in development related issues, which is supposed to be reflected in the choice of study fields, prior work experience, voluntary activities etc. 

Possible fields of specialisation are poverty reduction, social justice, global migrations, gender equality, climate change, sustainable use of resources, food security, renewable energies, environmental protection, sustainable tourism, urbanization, health, human rights, democratization, good governance, fighting corruption, conflict prevention and resolution, international relations, intercultural dialogue. This list should provide applicants with an idea of relevant topics, it is, however, not exclusive.

What is Application Process?

Prepare strong application with Motivation Letter. Once your application is ready just, email your application to the following email address.

The scholarship committee will review your application. Once you are shortlisted, You would be called for an online interview. 

The final decision is taken by the scholarship committee in mid-August. You will get an email about the decision, either you are selected or not. 

Funds by Organizations

One World Scholarship Programme is supported by different organizations, few are mentioned here.

Contact details:

Grant awarding authority Information: Afro-Asian Institute (AAI) Graz (Place of study: Graz, Klagenfurt and Leoben), A-8010 Graz, Leechgasse 22, Tel: +43 316/32 44 34 58. e-mail: t.aichinger [at]

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