Voestalpine VAE Scholarship

Engineering Scholarships for Master’s Students

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Engineering Scholarships for Master’s Students! While, Voestalpine VAE Scholarship is very valuable scholarship for excellent master’s students. TU Graz and voestalpine VAE GmbH will jointly award two scholarships, each for a period of two years, to excellent TU Graz master’s students in the fields of Mechanical and Civil Engineering.

The scholarship is preferably awarded to newly admitted students at TU Graz.

What is duration of Scholarship?

Scholarship has duration of two years at TU Graz. TU Graz promotes critical and creative thinking and responsible conduct, and it also provides students with guidance about science and their careers.

What are Benefits?

Voestalpine VAE Scholarship grants of 700 Euro per month for the duration of the Scholarship. In which 400 Euros cover scholarship and 300 Euros are considered supplementary funds to cover the cost of living.

An optional internship at voestalpine VAE GmbH will be paid separately.

What is Eligibility Criteria?

The Scholarship awarded in any Master’s degree subjects offered by the TU Graz university. The excellent record in the previous degree program is prefered to get scholarship.

Bulgarian or Romanian citizenship are particularly welcome for this scholarship grant.

What is Application Process?

Students need to apply for Master degree courses in Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering at TU Graz University. Than students can apply for scholarship. The important documents are Letter of Motivation and Letter of recommendation. The other documents remain same, which you used for admission in a University.

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