15 Questions and Answers for Student Visa Interview

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15 Questions and Answers for Student Visa Interview. The student visa interview is the last stage to get permission to travel in the desired country for study purpose.

When you submit documents in the embassy, you need to book an appointment for Interview. It is a one-on-one meeting between you and Interviewer at the embassy. Therefore, You need to be well prepared to prove that you are a genuine student and want to study abroad.

Here this blog presents Important 15 questions with answers in details for International students. Every question is with detailed answer and with an example. So, you can get overview, how can you prepare for particular course, University and country.

The consular only wants to make sure that you are a genuine applicant who is sincerely looking to pursue his education. Embassy and Consulate Interview will be almost same as determined below for all countries including Sweden, Germany, Australia, Italy, Latvia or Poland.

Let’s go through 15 Questions and Answers for Student Visa Interview one by one.

Why do You Want to Study in this Country?

Why the Specific Country is chosen for Studies?

This is a really important question when it comes to Students visa Interview in the embassy. You can draw a picture in terms of quality education, affordability and culture activity. Your answer should reflect details about Universities and education system of a particular country, you are applying for studies. Mention Tuition fee, Living cost and Scholarship opportunities in your answer. Therefore, Your answer should be precise.

Here we have elaborated the answer to this question with Latvia as an example. It can help you to write an answer for a particular country you are applying for.

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Visit: Study in Latvia: Step by Step Guide for International Students 

If the Interviewer asks which Countries You searched for studies and Why did not Choose one of those Countries? 

He can Argue in between the first question also. 

You can always show a strong comparison of two to three countries with a particular country you are applying for studies. Variables can be different during a comparison of different options of study destination. As in the case of Latvia, it’s a cheap country and Tuition fee is a strong argument to build the point of view. Always think about what should be the best answer in many variables. 

So, Check here an example for deep Understanding.

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Why You Choose this Country instead of your Homeland?

Another important question for students visa interview Interview. Draw comparison in the education system, carrier opportunities and new culture exposures. Check this example to clearly understand the question and apply the learning for a particular country accordingly.

Draw Comparison between different parameters in between homeland and Country you choose for studies.

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Choose the Country without IELTS for yourself.

Why You have Chosen this Specific Course?

First of all, course should be relevant to your previous studies. Therefore, It’s really important and on the second step, visit a particular university you got admitted and read every bit of information about the course. So you would be able to explain it with full confidence.

Check here an example where the answer is for bachelors in mechanical engineering. 

Really Important to get Complete Information about the Course.

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What is Course Structure and Subjects, You are admitted in? 

This question is co-related with the last question Why you have chosen this course? 

So, It’s a detailed answer about the particular course. You might do not need to explain fully, but command on course structure and subjects even would be helpful during studies in university and an interview in the embassy.

Again check here example of bachelors of mechanical engineering in Riga Technical University. 

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Why You Select this Particular University?

One of the most important questions during the Interview. Prepare answer by visiting the website of a particular university, you got admitted in.

Check here an example of Riga Technical University and Prepare answer Accordingly.

Question can be 

Why You Select the RTU for Studies?

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So we have mentioned all the important information about Riga in this question’s example.

What you know about the city Riga?

It is the capital of Latvia. There are 19 universities in Riga. More than 86000 students study. it is growing, as more and more students from abroad decide to study in Latvia. It has a population of more than 700,000. This city is more than 800 years’ old. It is a blend of modern and medieval buildings. The narrow streets of the Old Town date to medieval time. Riga is considered a major cultural centre. Riga was designated European Capital of Culture in 2014, and there are many notable museums and performance art spaces as well.

if you decide to study in Riga, you get to experience a city with many fellow university students and strong youth culture, but also a city with a well-known tradition of being easy-going. Riga offers a supportive learning environment especially suited to the varied interests and needs of international students. With such high quality, but affordable universities, there is something for everyone.

Residents of Riga enjoy a comparably dense public transport network, served mostly by trams and buses. The city is connected via Riga International Airport (RIX). It is the largest airport in the Baltics and offers direct flights to largest cities in Europe, primarily through the national carrier air Baltic.

What is Cost of Living in that City?

Again this question inter-related with the last one. You should have an idea about the cost of living in a particular city you are going to live in. As like of Riga city of Latvia. 

What is cost of living in Riga?

Well, I am planning to get accommodation in Riga. While different rates for flats, which are as follows. 

  • Student hostels70 EUR – 120 EUR, Solo flat: 250 EUR – 350 EUR 
  • Shared flat: 100 EUR – 200 EUR. While food cost 120 EUR – 250 EUR.  
  • Public transport with student discounts is 16 EUR per month (buses, trams).

What are Your Future Plans after Completing Studies?

The question about Future Plans can be asked in many ways.

Your mind should be clear about your Future Plans. Confidence should reflect in your Answer.

Where you see yourself from now on to 5 years? OR

What do you see yourself doing after university?

As you can see, the same question can be asked in many ways. It is always a tricky question to answer. Prepare an answer which should be related to your studies, you are going to complete in future at a particular university.  

Check here an example of Mechanical engineering to answer about plans. It will give you an idea about, how to prepare an answer.

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What can You bring to the University?

Answer with a positive mindset for this question. Check the answer with examples below.

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What is the Passive Style of Learning?

Here comes another Important question, that might be asked by Interviewer. You should be prepared to answer this one. Check here answer in details with an example. This shows two different education system. The European education system is based on practical and class participation while in Asia education system is of passive style. 

This is the very common style of teaching in Pakistan. Where the teacher explains theoretical information on the white board. Students participation is almost zero in lectures. So, That’s how the whole subject or course is explained by the teacher.

How do ECTS Credits Work?

This question is good to know for your knowledge and might be asked in Interview.

By completing a course, seminar, or module, you get awarded ECTS-credit points. Every ECTS credit point represents the amount of workload you accomplished in that period of time.

Some examples of ECTS credits assigned per degree type are:

  • 1 year of studies – 60 ECTS-credits 
  • 3-year Bachelor’s programme – 180 ECTS-credits 
  • 2-year Master’s programme – 120 ECTS-credits 

Not all ECTS Credits are Equal:

This means that usually a module or course with 10 ECTS credits has approximately twice the workload of a course with 5 ECTS. But why just in theory? Depending on the country, one ECTS credit point can equal on average between 25 and 30 study hours.

Examples include:

  • Austria, Italy, and Spain – 1 ECTS = 25 study hours 
  • Finland – 1 ECTS = 27 study hours 
  • The Netherlands, Portugal – 1 ECTS = 28 study hours 
  • Germany, Belgium, Romania and Hungary – 1 ECTS = 30 study hours 

Study hours (also known as work hours) are estimates because you might spend much more time on a course you are not so familiar with and maybe way less on another course, which is exactly in your field of interest and expertise. 

What are Your Weaknesses?

To properly answer this dreaded interview question, remember: Focus on being self-aware, honest, and dedicated to improvement. So, If you’ve got these three qualities, your weakness won’t ruin your chances of landing the residence permit for studies. Try to reflect on your real weaknesses and what you’re doing to improve.

See what will Bachelor’s degree candidate answer, a weakness question. For master’s students, the answer might be different. 

What will you do Besides Study?

The answer should focus on extracurricular activities. It’s Purely based on Individual preferences. 

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What You have done in your Study gap period?

Have you study gap? 

My study gap period is not too much. It’s almost a year. I have been a tutor during this period. Therefore, I was teaching to the children who cannot get a quality education. At the same time, I took workshops to enhance my communication skills and exposure to life itself. I was researching for studies in Europe.

Important points to consider during Interview

If you don’t understand, ask Interviewer can you please repeat the question. 

Meanwhile, If you don’t know any answer. Tell him/her straight I do not know the answer, instead of silence. 

So you can keep calm. If you prepare the questions mentioned above and practice as much as you can. You should not worry about anything. Well preparation means, you will get a positive response from the embassy. 

You can avoid nervousness and anxiety by only practice.

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