how to get a scholarship for study abroad

How to get a scholarship for Study Abroad?

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How to get a Scholarship for study abroad is a very popular question and every student want to know its answer desperately. Because Many international students are interested in gaining a scholarship to help pay for their study adventure. In this article, we provide you with some scholarship tips and advice to assist with your scholarship applications and increase your chances of receiving sponsorship.

Lets discuss all important factors one by one, which play important role to get Scholarships for study abroad.

Write a Strong Personal Statement

It is also called Motivation Letter. Some prestigious scholarships require you to write a personal statement as part of your application, which is your chance to highlight your goals and achievements.

There are six common questions to cover in a personal statement:

Why are you applying for your chosen course?

Tell us about your academic achievements so far.

Tell us about your future goals.

Discuss any extracurricular, leadership, personal or community activities you are involved in and why?

How do these activities contribute to your current and future aspirations?

Anything else you would like to tell us?

Different Kind of Scholarships

There are different kinds of scholarships for International students across the globe. Which are Considered as Merit Based Scholarships, Need Based Scholarships and Scholarships based on being social and participation in communities. 

Merit based scholarships should be preferred during application process, if you have good grades in your previous studies.

For Need based scholarships, Students need strong reasons, that they need financial assistance to complete studies. There are many need based scholarships in almost all institutions.    

Have you participated in community service or in community groups, clubs and sporting teams? University or Government based Scholarships often look for students who are active in their community and show leadership skills, mention relevant activities in your Scholarship Motivation Letter. 

Apply more than one scholarships 

There are many scholarship opportunities across the Globe. So, we recommend that you apply scholarships as many as possible. Don’t limit your search only for university scholarships, There are  private organizations which grant funds and scholarships. On the other hand, Many Government scholarships are available in particular countries. University scholarships for international students are often awarded by specific faculties. So be sure to enquire with your faculty. 

Consult for Scholarship Application Process

Many students are not aware that they can be eligible to get international scholarships by government institutes, universities and other organizations. It can be quite cheaper and affordable to study abroad with scholarship.

Scholarship application is really important, as it can make or break your chances of scholarships. Competition is really hard, so make sure your application is without errors. 

Common mistakes are spelling and grammar issues. You should consult with professionals or research to write strong motivation letter. Therefore, you can avoid poor presentation. 

Want to review your scholarship application, or want to write new Motivation letter.

Consultancy to Prepare Scholarship Application by Consult Studies Abroad

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You can get scholarship, if you meet certain criteria.

Double Check Selection criteria

All the scholarships have different eligibility criteria depending on the University and course. Sometimes there are specific scholarships available for the specific courses.

Scholarship is provided by University? OR Government Scholarship or An Organization Funding?

Check Criteria of selection for particular source of scholarship on specific website. 

What are deadlines to apply the scholarship?

What are required documents for application of scholarship?

Does any Job experience letter require to support application?

English Proficiency Letter?

All these factors are equally important for scholarship application. You can always communicate with International office of Scholarship Provider.   

Short List Relevant Courses

There are many courses across the globe in same field of study. Most Relevant Course brightens the chances of scholarship opportunities. Research process takes time, so be patient when you are short listing courses. 

You need to short list more than one courses, while you are doing research.   

Now you have more than one short listed courses, the next step is to search for available scholarships from these short-listed courses. 

Finally, submit application for the course, which offer scholarship for particular course. 

Research Scholarships

Do you want to study abroad with Scholarship?

Competition is quite high to get scholarship. There are thousand applicants for one scholarship opportunity. 

You need to Research scholarship options very carefully. Where competition is low, choose those possible options. You can enhance your chances by smart work. May be there are funds provided by University or organization which can support your studies. 

Scholarship Links: 

Lastly Submit Scholarship Application

Have you short listed course, checked eligibility and prepared all documents? Now, it’s time to submit Scholarship application. It is important that you do not miss deadline date to increase chances of being accepted. if you want more articles on how to get a scholarship for study abroad so please let us know. it will be more pleasure for us to help you.

Services by Consult Studies Abroad

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As our trained counsellors have the latest information on job prospects and other required details, we help students to select the right career path for studying abroad. All the Students look for a course that relates to their past academic records and work experience. We fulfil their requirement by providing them with several options available. We always believe to suggest students all the options so they can make a satisfactory choice.

We help you to Achieve Dreams by studying in best University Across the Globe.

You can approach Consult Studies Abroad  for Guidance about scholarships, University admissions and many more useful information.

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