Scholarships in Germany for International Students

Scholarships in Germany for International Students

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There are scholarships in Germany for international students. For international students who want to Study in Germany, Education is free in most cases. Meanwhile, There are few universities which charge tuition fee for International students. So, This blog presents scholarships in Germany for International students. Either you are going to pay tuition fee or you want to study in Germany for free.

Meanwhile, You can cover your daily expenses with scholarship, if your education is free. So, In this Blog, Fully funded scholarships and partially funded scholarships for international students.

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While, Scholarships in Germany are as follows:

Government-Funded Scholarships

The Government in Germany supports International students to complete their studies in Germany. While, There are two fully-funded scholarships. So, These scholarships cover all charges including living cost per month and tuition fee.

Open these links for details about scholarships offered by German Government.

Secondly, we discuss scholarships offered by private sector in Germany.

Non-Government-Funded Scholarships

Non-government organizations offer scholarship programmes. While, These organizations collaborate with universities. International students are eligible to apply for these scholarships. So, If you have good grades, you are eligible for Non-Government funds. You can follow these scholarships links for details.

The Deutschlandstipendium Scholarship Germany

While, The Deutschlandstipendium Scholarship is Non-Government scholarship which provides financial support to International students all over the world. Businesses, foundations or private individuals issues funds for this scholarship. The purpose of grants is to support the young talent with good grades. 

Many universities and private sponsors also support Deutschlandstipendium holders through networking events and internships. Which allow scholarship holders to establish valuable contacts to businesses and gain insight into work life.

Students who admitted in any German University, can apply for Deutschlandstipendium Scholarship, as all Universities in Germany participate in it. The scholarship funds do not count towards grants awarded under the federal training assistance act (BAföG).


The Deutschlandstipendium Scholarship Awards 150 Euros per month to student. The Federal Government matches this amount with another 150 Euros. In total 300 euros per month for students from all over the world. 

Application Process: 

Universities Award The Deutschlandstipendium scholarship. Applicants must meet the requirements of the individual institutions. In addition good grades and extracurricular activities play important role in it. 


At start, duration of funds is 2 semester. Duration can can be extended for complete course. The university reviews after two semesters, how much students have progressed in studies. 

Helmholtz Association Scholarships

Helmholtz Association is Germany’s largest scientific organization. While, 18 Helmholtz research Centers always look for researchers. The association awards scholarships to all international students who are passionate about research.

The Helmholtz Association offers many interesting opportunities for international researchers.

While, the six fields are Energy; Earth and Environment; Health; Aeronautics, Space and Transport;  Matter; and Information. Researcher in one of these fields are eligible for the scholarship. There are Vacancies at all Helmholtz Research Centers including positions for postdocs

Universities in Germany collaborate with Helmholtz Association. While, Eligibility is based on Talented researchers in different fields. The best junior researchers receive excellent working conditions in a research-oriented environment. 

German University Scholarships

Germany offers free education for everyone. There are scholarships for students to cover living expenses. German universities have many scholarships which are merit based, need based and for specific countries. So, we have mentioned here 5 universities with all possible scholarships for international students. Lets go through these Universities scholarships one by one.

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Germany Scholarships

The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences offers free education and scholarships for International students. While, Scholarships are available for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses and these scholarships fulfil living expenses. 

Most degree courses at Hamburg University require students to pay a semester contribution but not tuition fees.

Semester Contribution  €335,60
Students’ Union €18.50
Semester ticket for public transport€177.60
Contribution to semester-ticket hardship fund€4.50
Administrative fee€50

So, There are the four faculties, Design, Media and Information; Life Sciences; Engineering and Computer Sciences; and Business and Social Sciences. You can find courses for bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and PhD options.

International students can apply at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences following 5 scholarships.

Excellence Scholarships: 

While, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences awards scholarships to high-performing international Bachelor’s students as of the third subject semester and to international Master’s students as of the second subject semester.

The funding for the scholarships is provided by the City of Hamburg and the Karl H. Ditze Foundation. While, This scholarship applies to all faculties students in University.

Application Criteria for Excellence Scholarships:

Excellence scholarship can be applied by fulfilling the following criteria:

  • You must have completed at least two semesters (Bachelor’s students) or one semester (Master’s students) at the University and are still within the standard period of study.
  • You are not receiving BAföG or other government funding. 
  • Student should average grade is at least 2.2.

Duration and Amount of scholarship:

The excellence scholarships have duration for one semester. The value of scholarships is at least 1,800 Euros.


Follow these deadlines, so you do not miss scholarship opportunity.

  • Summer semester: 30 March each year
  • Winter semester: 30 September each year

Document need to apply for the Excellence scholarship:

If you are applying for an excellence scholarship for the first time, you will need letter of recommendation from two instructors in your degree course. Master’s students who have already received an excellence scholarship during their Bachelor studies need to submit two current letters of reference.

Other documents, you need to submit are following.

  • CV
  • Enrollment letter from University
  • Current transcript from university with completed credit points. 
  • Copy of residence permit or Personal ID card. 
  • Bank account details
  • Financial situation in Financial Circumstance form. Its optional, but can help you to get scholarship. 
  • Attach Certificate of achievement, if you have average grade and credit points. 

Scholarships for Exceptional Social Commitment: 

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences awards up to five scholarships per semester to international students who demonstrate exceptional social commitment in international activities on campus.

Who is Eligible for Scholarships:

  • All International students can apply for scholarships. Students should be enrolled in course at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences at the time of scholarship Application.
  • Your average grade is at least 2.5.
  •  Bachelor’s students studying at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences for at least two semesters can apply for this scholarship.  
  • Master’s students studying at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences for at least one semester can apply for this scholarship. 

Benefits  and deadlines of Scholarship:

The scholarships for exceptional social commitment are awards of at least €1,800 and are granted for one semester.


Follow these deadlines during Application process.

  • Summer semester: 30 March each year
  • Winter semester: 30 September each year

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, please upload on online portal before the deadline.

Degree Completion Grants:

International Bachelor’s and Master’s students at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences can apply for a degree completion grant when they are in the final stage of their studies.

What is Application Criteria:

  • You are an international Bachelor’s or Master’s student at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.
  • You are planning to complete your studies no more than 12 months after submitting your application.

Duration and Funds: 

The amount of funding is based on your financial situation and the overall funds available. It is awarded for one semester. You must apply again to receive an extension.


Applications received after these deadlines cannot be considered.

  • Summer semester: 30 March each year
  • Winter semester: 30 September each year

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, please upload on online portal before the deadline.

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Prize:

Meanwhile, Each year Hamburg University of Applied Sciences awards the DAAD Prize on behalf of the German Academic Exchange Service to international students who have distinguished themselves through outstanding academic achievements and social or intercultural engagement. The DAAD Prize totals €1,000.

What is Application Criteria?

  • International Bachelor’s or Master’s student at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences can apply for DAAD Prize and students must have higher education entrance qualification abroad or have successfully completed preparatory studies at a German Studienkolleg.
  • Your average grade is at least 1.9.
  • You have not previously received the DAAD Prize.

How can you apply?

Professor nominates candidates for scholarship. So, If you would like to apply, talk to one of your professors and ask them to nominate you. Meanwhile, You will receive your application documents via email after nomination.

Deadlines: 14 June each Year.

Emergency Financial Assistance:

At Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, students who are experiencing a financial emergency through no fault of their own can turn to one of the Hamburg emergency funds.

Effective and Responsible Leadership Scholarships

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management offers scholarships for international students in Germany.

While, HHL is offering four scholarships that support HHL’s mission to “educate effective and responsible business leaders through excellence in teaching, research and practice.”


The scholarship in the value of up to EUR 10,000 Euro covers part of the tuition fees of HHL’s full-time M.Sc. Program.

Eligibility Criteria: 

Applicants must register M.Sc. Program at the university to be eligible to apply for this scholarship. While, Selection committee short list the candidates for scholarships. Meanwhile, Selection committee has included University Professors normally. Therefore, Scholarship Motivation letter is necessary to submit to enhance chances for the scholarship at this university.  

Applicants are required to submit all application documents by January 15 (Intake March) or June 20 (Intake September).

Ulm University Scholarships

The Ulm university Germany scholarships bring some hope for those people who have dream to go Germany for study. While, Ulm University founded in 1967. Meanwhile, Ulm university is public university and It is located in Eselsberg Germany. It is low tuition fee University. There are scholarships for International students awarded by Ulm University.

The university has 4 faculties. There are More than 60 study programmes, available in Ulm University. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses are offered for students. 

  1. Engineering, Computer Science and Psychology
  2. Mathematics and Economics
  3. Medicine
  4. Natural Sciences

The tuition fees are currently 1,500 Euro per semester. International students have to pay 1,500 Euros for each semester of their studies.

While, Ulm awards scholarships in for International students in Doctoral programmes and other degree courses. 

There are different kind of Scholarships in Ulm University. Scholarships are mentioned here One by one.

There is scholarship which is for finishing a University degree: 

So, International students of Ulm University, who have registered their thesis or who are nearing graduation, can apply for a scholarship for finishing a university degree. The applicants have to pursue their studies successfully and be in need.

Amount and duration of the scholarship complies with the respective situation of the applicant and the available funds.

The scholarship is awarded up to one semester. It is no long term funding.

Scholarship for Emergency Aid: 

While, International students of Ulm University, who run into financial difficulties through no fault of their own, may apply for emergency aid.

Amount and duration of the scholarship complies with the respective situation of the applicant and the available funds.

The scholarship is awarded up to one semester. It is no long term funding.

Scholarship for Honorary Commitment:

While, The scholarship for honorary commitment rewards students who contribute to improving the situation of other students by volunteer activities and individual commitment. It is awarded to international students of Ulm University.

Amount and duration of the scholarship complies with the respective situation of the applicant and the available funds.

So, The scholarship is awarded  up to one semester. While, It is no long term funding.

Only students and doctoral students, who are enrolled at Ulm University, are eligible for the scholarships and grants given above.

Merit Scholarships at Universität Hamburg

Universität Hamburg awards Merit Scholarships to international students and doctoral researchers of all subjects and degree levels. While, The awarding of a merit scholarship allows recipients to concentrate fully on their studies and gives them the opportunity to develop their skills.


So, Student must be admitted in an academic degree at Universität Hamburg and enrolled period  should be for at least 2 semesters (master’s and doctoral students can apply after 1 completed semester).

Student should not hold German citizenship.

While, Students are not eligible for the federal student loan scheme (BAföG).

Funds and Duration:

So, The maximum monthly fund are 850 Euros. While, Depending on the availability of funding, individual doctoral researchers may be awarded a merit scholarship Up to 1,000 Euros per month. Maximum 3 applications for doctoral researchers are accepted in one time. 

Merit scholarships are awarded for 2 semesters (1 year). While, It is possible to re-apply for a scholarship after being awarded. So, The maximum funding period is 3 years.

Application deadlines:

The application deadlines are: 15 April for September Intake and 15 October March Intake.

RWTH Aachen University Scholarships

The RWTH Aachen University in Germany awards more than one scholarships to International students. So, Here we have presented one by one all scholarships available at the moment at RWTH Aachen University.

(i) High Potential Students Grant: 

While, These Scholarships are offered by by RWTH International Academy. Meanwhile, Grants are awarded to High Potential Students, who want to complete their Master’s degree program at RWTH Aachen University

The application is done through University’s website. So, Visit University’s website for complete details about this Scholarship.

(ii) Best of Award Scholarships:

Are you An Engineering student?

Do you have outstanding achievements in your Field of Study?

(iii) Student Project Grant:

It supports students who are interested in research. RWTH International Academy provides funding for students who wish to pursue field research, extracurricular research work, or project work during their degree program.

(iv) German Language Merit Scholarship:

If you want to learn German Language than you can get grants from RWTH Aachen University. University set up a German Language Merit Scholarship attainable for a substantial number of students.

When Students are studying at RWTH Aachen University, Students are encouraged to take German language courses beyond the curricular requirement of their program.

Eligible for funding are extracurricular German language courses offered by RWTH Language Center. While, Students need to actively and self-responsibly register themselves for a German language course at the Language Center. This includes that students have to pay the course fee in advance. 

(v) Alumni Research Grant:

The Alumni Research Grant is an exclusive scholarship for RWTH International Academy alumni. RWTH International Academy provides funding for alumni who wish to pursue field research, extracurricular research work, or project work after completing their degree program.

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