Vocabulary for IELTS Exam

6 Ways to Improve Vocabulary for IELTS Exam

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6 Ways to Improve Vocabulary for IELTS Exam! Do you want to appear in IELTS Exam? Do you want to learn English vocabulary? The English language is among the most voluminous of all languages, you’ll never run out of vocabulary words to learn and use. The new words are quite helpful for writing tasks in IELTS Exam and you can write really strong essays. It helps to perform reading task in IELTS Exam in a better way. 

Following are tips to Improve the Vocabulary for IELTS Exam. 

Read Read & Read 

Develop a habit of reading. Vocabulary building is easiest when you encounter words in context. Novels and newspaper articles are really helpful to find new words. When you read a lot, you also see how to use words in a sentence. Reading can open your mind to brilliant new worlds and take you to a new level of English language learning.

You can read any book in English in which you have an interest. Here are a few suggestions made by me on personal experiences. 

These books are highly recommended for each individual to read. As there is saying, ¨Kill two birds with one Stone¨. Simple English is used in these best Selling books with great lessons.

  • Set in 1920s America, this novel looks at the ideas of love and the American Dream.
  • It is one of the best-selling books ever written in English.
  • There are many new words, you can learn from it.
  • If reader loses interest in book or novel, he will give up Reading too early. Most importantly, the story of this novel is quite interesting and will keep you Engaged.

Writer has used wide range of vocabulary and images to bring out th beauty in the language.

  • Animal Farm is a timeless Novel about animals rebelling against their human masters.
  • Simple English Language has been used for all Reading levels. There are short and clear sentences.
  • Once animals have kicked their master out of the farm, life is fair on the form for everyone. Soon, animals groups start fighting with each other for power.

Animal farm highlights darker face of modern human history.

Utilize Flashcards

Flashcard is a piece of card that has a cue or hint on the front side, and a corresponding answer on the backside. Flashcards help to learn a new language and Vocabulary words. We are living in a time of less attention span, where digital flashcards are quite popular. Smartphone apps make flashcards convenient and easy to organize. You can choose, how many new words are enough for a day. Don’t choose too many words, keep it a slow and simple process of learning new words.

Use the Dictionary

Dictionaries are another source to learn vocabulary. Dictionary viewing is a good habit and helps to know the meaning of words. Dictionary means a bank of words. Unfortunately, dictionary viewing has decreased due to advancement in technology. There are different types of dictionaries. From English to the other Language, like English to Urdu or English to Swedish. The most effective Dictionary is English to English, Through which you can learn many English words with the same meanings.

A word’s meanings, synonyms, and antonyms are given in the same entry, allowing the user access to all this information at a glance. 

A synonym dictionary written especially for learners. Essential information about 25,000 synonyms and opposites in a handy pocket-sized book. 

Movies, YouTube and Podcasts

You can watch English Movies and listen English music. YouTube is also major source of entertainment now a days with many English video. English programs helps to understand pronunciation of English words and improve Vocabulary. You can do multitask by listening Podcast and you’ll get more familiar with plenty of new words.

Fun way to learn new Words

Word games is quite fun way to Learn new words. May be its not that vast and expanded. But you can repeat your Vocabulary and learn few new words. Classic games like Quiddler and Boggle can function as a fun way to expand your English vocabulary. 

Quiddler is a good way to improve your vocabulary.

Its available in English.

Players compete by spelling English words from cards in hands of increasing size, each card worth various points.

Boggle game is played using a plastic grid of lettered dice, in which players attempt to find words in sequences of adjacent letters.

Its available in English.

Boggle is a good way to improve your vocabulary.

If you don’t like to spend money on these games and you are social enough. You can play spoken word games with Friends. For example. say the word after hearing the last word from friend or Think of Metaphors for things around you.

Keep a list of the different words you learned while playing the game, and then study that list from time to time. 

Use effectively Mnemonics

Mnemonics are techniques that can hone your ability to remember new words you are learning. It is technique that helps you remember information by connecting it to something more meaningful or structured. Mnemonics are used to remember rules and for Spelling mistakes. You can create by yourself all the mnemonics you need.

Lets do an example

Word is ” Facile”.

Which means fluent or performing without effort.

Mnemonics for Facile:

Facile………> break it down into two parts Fac.…. and …….ile. You can read it like Face i will. You can also say Face easily.

The Beauty of Mnemonics is , You can create by yourself all rules about the mnemonics.

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What methods do you use? Let me know in comment box section, how useful these tips are if you decide to use them.