How to prepare TOEFL Test? (8 valuable tips)

How to prepare TOEFL Test?(8 valuable tips)

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How to prepare TOEFL Test?(8 valuable tips). If You are hoping to study abroad or looking for a better job, than its time to prepare yourself with strong English Skills. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is an English proficiency test, developed by an American company ETS to measure an individual’s reading, speaking, writing, and listening proficiency in American English. How to prepare for the TOEFL Test? What should I prioritize during preparation? 

This guide has 8 valuable tips to understand for TOEFL Test Preparation. 

Why I want to appear in TOEFL exam ?

Different goals require different scores. First, be sure you know the minimum score you’ll need to reach your goal. Then, choose what score you’d like to get.

For example, you might be taking the test:

  • To find out your level of English with an official exam
  • To apply to a university
  • For a course or job
  • For your immigration requirement

Make sure you know why you’re taking the TOEFL. Then, you can use this information to help you better focus your study time. For example, if you’re taking the test for a job where you’ll be talking on the phone a lot, it will be important to do well on the speaking and listening parts.

Choose Format for TOEFL Test

It is very important to first get familiar with the TOEFL format. The test is conducted into two formats. Which are  TOEFL Interned-based (TOEFL IBT) and TOEFL paper-based (TOEFL PBT).  No matter which format you take, the TOEFL always has three parts: reading, listening and writing. The Internet-based TOEFL also includes a speaking section.


  • There are 4 basic sections for internet based Test. 
  1. Reading section: 60-80 minutes | 36-56 questions.
  2. Listening section: 60-90 minutes | 34-51 questions
  3. Speaking section: 20 minutes | 6 tasks
  4. Writing section: 50 minutes | 2 tasks

Break of 10 minutes after two tasks.


  • There are 3 basic sections for paper based Test.
  • The speaking section is missing here. 
  1. Reading section: 60 minutes | 42 questions
  2. Listening section: 60 minutes| 34 questions
  3. Writing section: 50 minutes | 2 Constructed essays 

All the sections have been are closely related with the internet-based test.

Which format you want to choose? Majority choose the internet-based test now a days. Both versions will keep you certified for 2 years.

This official Guide provides the most important language skills and strategies you need to succeed on the test, which is required worldwide for international students who want to study abroad. 

  • The Official Guide to the TOEFL iBT Test.
  • Hundreds of authentic TOEFL test questions and essay topics.
  • More than 12 self-paced video lessons provide expert strategies for every section of the test.

You should know the exact type of question you will get, what is expected from you, and how to cut to the chase before you even step into the examination room.

Be Strategic

How well you are prepared for test? You have to be strategic, Before booking test date by asking yourself following questions.

  1. Can I explain a basic problem or make a complaint?
  2. Can I have conversation with a friend?
  3. How’s my basic grammar? Can I talk and write about past, present and future with a wide variety of tenses?

Can you comfortably answer up given questions? If the answer is yes. Then you are ready for the exam, otherwise don’t waste Time and Energy for the test. You need more time to prepare for the test.

Break your daily tasks into four sections. 

Develop a reading habit. Reading often, you can scan particular information in a very short time. Because in the exam you would read quickly in search of a particular piece of information, rather than having to read the entire text in detail. Improve your listening, writing and speaking. You should try doing several things at the same time, such as reading few pages from a book or some articles from a newspaper, then watch some English movies, YouTube or News Channel and then practice writing one essay on your daily routine yours.

Use Online Study Guide

 To begin, you should have at least one solid, helpful manual with all the basic information about the TOEFL exam, its structure and several practice activities and exams.

The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test

  • The bestselling official guide to the TOEFL iBT test from the maker of test.
  • The guide provides learners with information on how to integrate reading, listening, speaking and writing skills in order to construct effective answers that demonstrate university level English proficiency.
  • There are Test taking strategies in the book to help you do your very best on the test.
  • There are several complete tests with answers in the second part of the book.

Read the explanation of the test and study tips carefully. Get familiar with each section before starting with any exercise or practice test. When starting, you can take a practice test just to give you an idea of your current abilities.

Find Language Partner 

To improve the speaking portion for the TOEFL Test, you’ll need to enhance your speaking abilities. The best way to practice speaking English is to find a language partner. There are English-speaking groups or online classes you can join. Meetup is a fantastic website that lets you search for (and even create) language-learning groups. 

Solve Practice Questions

If you want to maximize your TOEFL exam preparation, Solve practice papers. The TOEFL-specific materials are quite valuable for preparation.

  • Practice makes perfect.
  • Solve All the questions mentioned in this Pdf book.
  • Before Every sample paper, Guidelines are mentioned.

Improve Vocabulary

If you want to do well in the TOEFL exam, then, it’s really important to learn new words. Use flashcards, books, dictionaries and podcasts to get new words of English. Make a list of these words and practice on daily bases to memorize. You can use language learning apps and website. These resources track your progress and give you keywords of English.

Choose any of the following pocket books with many new words and improve your Vocabulary.

  • More than 500 new words.
  • More than 400 idioms in flashcard-like page design.
  • This pocket book provides help for each word for you learn the meanings in details.
  • Lists of vocabulary words and phrases.
  • It helps students to expand their English language vocabulary.
  • Students can test their mastery of TOEFL vocabulary by taking the included practice test with answer key.

Be Consistent

Lastly, I must say, Nothing is more effective than consistency when it comes to get extra ordinary results. Stick to the plans on daily bases. 

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.”

Tom Landry

With consistency and reps and routine you’re going to achieve your goals and get where you want to be. 

Mandy Rose

Check out the official TOEFL website to find information on the test format, find answers to your questions and to locate your testing centers.

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What methods do you use? Let me know how useful these tips are if you decide to use them.