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10 Books Everyone Should Read (as well as Students)

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When was the last time, you read a book or an article? Are you one of those many people, who do not make a reading habit? You might be busy enough on social platforms; Therefore, you might be missing out. A book is like a best friend who will never walk away from you. Books are full of advice and knowledge about happiness, darkness, life experiences and lessons. We must try to be habitual in book reading and should read as much as we can. 

My shopping for books for one month. One of these books has been mentioned in the list of this article.

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10 Books Everyone Should Read (as well as Students)
Book shopping for myself for this month reading.

There are many great books by world-famous writers available. Books have the power to change the life of one reader and make him a better person. You should know before reading, why you read and what you read, otherwise, you would give up in the way.

I have mentioned 10 books that everyone should read, especially students who would enter into practical life in the coming 3 to 5 years. The list of these 10 books has different genres including self-help, the best autobiography of all times, Business and technologies. 

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The following books are highly recommended for every reader for a happy, successful and better life.

The Power of Now

Eckhart Tolle spent almost two years sitting on the park benches, simply “living in the moment” before he started writing this book. I read this book the first time; I did not understand most of it. But I read again a few months back and it leaves an impact on your mind. How to aware of your thoughts and how they affect you? This book is an excellent guide to the shutting of your brain noise. We let our brains run us mad most of the time, and never really stop to enjoy the space we are in. Our mind has been clouded by Paperwork, deadlines approaching, past frustrations and disappointments or fretting about the future.

This book suggests that we have the power to focus on this very moment. If you want to take the control of your life without feeling the pressure of the future or regrets of the past, then this best gift for you to your mind and yourself. It can be a little bit hard to read the first time, but the second time around you understand the message of the book. 

A very enlightening book. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to improve the quality of this moment of their life.

Eat that Frog

Brian Tracy is the author of this book. He is a well-known public speaker and self-awareness author. He has written more than 80 books. Eat That Frog is the best seller book of its time. This book suggests, prioritizing your tasks and do the biggest and hardest ones before you do anything else. This book is a useful compilation of various techniques you can try to overcome procrastination and become more productive with your time.

Eat That Frog mean to do the ugliest task at first in the morning, everything else would be easy compared to that.

This book is quite quick and easy to read. If you are struggling with time management and productivity, then this is a must-read book for you. It’s a good reminder to concentrate on the most important task instead of wasting time on unimportant tasks. Book has mentioned 21 steps to getting things done.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

The third book on my list for you is How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie. I have read this book and realised how futile it is to spend time worrying about anything, for what we can control we should improvise and what we cannot, we should just let go. It has helped me to gain perspective and at times help me lower my worries. 

The book is divided into eight parts with several chapters in each. Worry can make a person ill and all major diseases are caused by worry. The book suggests basic techniques in analysing worry, step by step, to cope up with them.  The book consists of some True Stories which will help the readers in conquering worry to lead you to success in life. Actual life incidences and narrations of people help the reader to understand the situation in an easy way and lead a happy life. 

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was a writer, a philosopher, a scientist, a politician, a patriot, a Founding Father, an inventor, and a publisher. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, written by himself, is one of the must-read books for all and considered by most to be the most influential autobiography ever written. He came from a poor family.

The book is not about the famous Benjamin Franklin, the inventor and one of the fathers of the American Revolution but that it is about the young Franklin.  The book shows his love of books and his determination to improve his writing skills, about how he uprooted himself from his birthplace and family and moved to Philadelphia, and began a business there. 

A self-driven independent thinker, he endeavored to improve, not only mentally and financially, but morally.You can learn from 13 principles mentioned in this book by Benjamin Franklin  to improve life.

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Emotional Intelligence 2.0

I wish I had read this book a little bit earlier in life. We should learn how to deal with emotions and should teach our beloved ones and children. Dr Travis Bradberry has written this best-selling book. You need to know how to how to interact with people, whether customers, employees or investors. To manage the stress of modern work life, you have to learn to control your emotions.  

Solid Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is what allows you to develop strong relationships not only with others but also with yourself. Emotional intelligence 2.0 provide a tested way through the following strategies for you to learn what it takes to become more emotionally intelligent.

  • Self-awareness strategies. 
  • Self-management strategies. 
  • Social awareness strategies. 
  • Relationship management strategies.

The Power of Concentration

The power of concentration by Theron Q. Dumont is an old book with timeless passages. It is an excellent read with wonderful exercises to increase your level of focus and concentration. It is a short book, but it holds lots of information about being positive, optimistic, successful and happy.

This book is for those who are aware, that they lack concentration. It contains practical exercises that you can do to train your attention. Its 6th on list mentioned here and recommended for everyone.

Outliers: The Story of Success 

Malcolm Gladwell looks closely at success in this book. The book helps the reader to think differently about the vision of success. Book explains what we think about particular successful people like Bill Gates, multimillionaires, athletes or business tycoons. Normally, we think, success is unusual and it is gifted to only successful ones in the particular field. 

Do you want to be the best? Put in the effort! Talent and opportunity can help, but success is hard work. Great success requires an enormous amount of practice. In the book, Gladwell states that “ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness, That means enough practice will make you an expert any field you choose.

The narration of the book is fantastic. It is at number seven in this must-read list of 10 books.

Backable: The Surprising Truth Behind What Makes People Take a Chance on You

Suneel Gupta is the writer of this book, He is on the faculty at Harvard University where he teaches students how to be ‘backable. It’s among the best coaching book for those, who want to pursue entrepreneurship. How to sell a good idea 

No one makes it alone. The book reveals that your Connections, talent or strong CV are not enough. But the quality to convince investors and big corporates, that they take chance on your matters. The book helps the reader to understand, how to pitch new ideas in a way that can raise millions of dollars and can influence large-scale change inside massive corporations. 

Whether you want to get ahead inside a company or have an entrepreneurial spirit or developing new ideas or reinventing yourself, this book is for you. It is at number eight in this must-read list of 10 books.

Good to Great by James C. Collins

Good to Great by Jim Collins is one of the most successful books to be found in the “Business” section. It guides the reader on how to take a merely good company and make it great. How companies transition from being good companies to great companies, and how most companies fail to make the transition. 

The book says that building a great business isn’t just about a great leader who exits the company, only to have it fall apart. What makes a great business, and leader of the business, is someone who can build something that will last long after their lifetime. 

The lessons in this book teach a person how to develop a strategy, how to build a team, the importance of being disciplined, and the importance of managing expectations. If you are interested in entrepreneurship, this book is for reading. It is at number nine in this must-read list of 10 books.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting Robots

This Book is co-authored by Associate Professor Julie Shah and Laura Major. Due to recent pandemic of Covid 19, people are maintaining distance with each other and robots are doing various tasks.  This shows, world would depend on technology and robots heavily in coming years. Robots would no longer work for us, but with us. 

Book has two parts, one is about designing robotic systems that think more like people and second part is, on how we have to structure the way we live our lives from our crosswalks to our social norms, so that robots can more effectively live in our world. This book is an interesting read! It is easy to understand and an enjoyable read. I recommend it to anyone interested in or worried about technology and its impact on society.

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