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How to Study in Norway for Free?

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How to Study in Norway for Free?

Education is free for EU students in all EU countries. If students from EU country decide to go outside Europe for higher education. They get support from their Government. The students from third world countries do not have that privilege to choose any country or university. The Non-EU students  always search for scholarships, funds and grants to support themselves for higher studies to study abroad. 

There are few countries where education is still free for Non-EU students. Study in Norway is very attractive option as it offers free education for bachelor’s master’s and PhD. There are universities that free education and scholarships to support excellent students in Norway. 

Ask scholars presents information in this article, How to study in Norway for free.

Norway is expensive in terms of living cost. If student get tuition free course, still he/she needs to bear higher expenses in terms of living cost. In this scenario, Norway offers scholarships and fellow ships for international students to cover monthly living expenses.

If students are not worried about financed, then they can truly enjoy the natural beauty of Norway including snow capped mountains, forests and lakes in their free time. 

Let see how the Non-EU student can study completely free in Norway. 

Prepare A Strong Application 

how to prepare a strong application
You need to write a strong application.

Education is free in Norway, so the number of applicants is also quite higher. Due to high competition, students need to prepare very strong application file. Student should make sure that his application highlights all his core strengths, achievements, potentials. Higher academic grades and entry test scores further represent characteristics.

You can achieve higher academic grades and other specialties by working hard to meet the requirements of universities.

Start your application little bit early, so you can have sufficient time to collect all necessary documents and have time to double check complete application. Error free applications have higher chances to be accepted on very early stage of admission process. 

Short list Scholarships in Norway 

You have already prepared very impressive application. Now you need to short list all Norwegian scholarships. There are public universities in Norway which offer tuition free education and grant funds to students regardless of their origin. Government of Norway awards funds and grants to all public universities.

You might need to pay tuition fee if you have chosen private university in Norway. There are scholarships from different organization for international students. Apply all the scholarships, that are offered for courses relevant to your previous studies. 

Scholarships from public funded universities in Norway can handle your financial struggles. So, you need to make sure to apply for scholarships in almost all public universities. It is also recommended to send your application to public universities that can guarantee you opportunities to apply for scholarships.

By choosing any public university in Norway can help you to study for free. There is no tuition fee in public universities, so you will get high quality education for free. You might need to work part time to bear living cost, if you do not get scholarship. As long as you have been accepted in tuition free university, you need not to worry about finance issues.

Here few examples are mentioned for you. So, you can short list more courses to study for free, for your level of study in Norway. 

scholarships in Norway
Short list scholarships in Norway.

Study PhD for free in Norway

You can study for free PhD programs in Norway. There are many researches offers which are tuition free and paid in Norwegian universities. 

For example,The University of Oslo offers doctoral research fellowships for qualified international applicants. The fellowship grants by the University of Oslo awarded candidates a salary of NOK482,200 up to NOK526,000 annually and attractive welfare benefits. 

Study Master’s for free in Norway

There are many master’s degree courses offered by tuition free universities. Majority of master’s degree programs are offered in English. What you have to do, find University or school which offers scholarships also and does not charge tuition fee. 

For example:

The Norwegian Business School covers the full tuition and living stipend of international students in Norway for up to two years of their Master’s education.

While if you look one the following universities which offer tuition free master degree courses for international students. But students still need to pay living expenses per month. 

International students can apply for scholarships from any other organizations by enrolling their courses in one of the above universities. Some of the scholarships worth considering are the Norway Grants, Nordplus Higher Education, the High North Fellowship Programme, and the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters.

Study Bachelor’s for free in Norway

There are universities in Norway which offer free education for undergraduate courses to all international students regardless of their origin. These following institutions do not charge tuition fee for bachelor’s degree courses. 

These universities advise incoming international students to look for other scholarship providers to cover their living expenses in Norway.

Some of the private scholarships available for international students are the High North Fellowship Program for students from selected countries. The scholarship provides NOK9,440, which intends to cover the living and housing expenses of the scholarship recipients.

The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund is a government-supported institution for financing education in Norway. With the help of these universities and resources, International students can get an entirely free education in Norway.

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