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How to Study for Free in Germany?

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How to Study for Free in Germany? For all students who want to Study in Germany, Here we have mentioned ways to Study for Free in Germany.

Quality education is a basic human right, that’s what Germany believes. Therefore, German Institutions provide almost free education to everyone all over the world. There are Public universities in Germany which offer free education for international students, regardless their origin. The reason behind this is, these institutions receive funds from the state or private organizations. There are up to 60% of Public institutions for higher education in Germany. The majority of students choose to  study in Public universities because they don’t need to pay the tuition fee. There are different types of Scholarships, which students can apply in Germany to study for free.

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So, lets find the ways How to Study for Free in Germany?

Public Universities in Germany

At first, shortlist relevant Public universities, because you wouldn’t need to pay tuition fee at all. For example, here we have mentioned 10 free public universities.

You should be lucky enough to choose a course, that is offered in Public Universities. Check the requirements of a particular course, you are interested in. Check language proficiency, English language test can be optional in some universities.

For Example, Universität Humburg, Germany is Public university and charge no tuition fee at all. May be you want to study Law, Medicine, Mathematics, Business or Arts. You can apply a course in relevant fields of Study.

The same process you can follow with an other Public University. Apply at least three Public Universities to enhance your chances for admission.

Strong Application

Public Universities offer free education for everyone. so this is obvious there would be a quite high number of applicants. You have to stand out and submit a really strong application. Students should make sure that their applications highlight all core strengths, achievements, potentials. Higher academic grades and entry test scores further represent characteristics.

Your application is ready now? If yes, submit application online on University Website by uploading all necessary documents.

Wait for the acceptance letter from the university. Once you get an acceptance letter, prepare your letter for health insurance. Now get your finances in order. As a foreign student, you need to open a bank account in Germany and transfer year expenses in a German bank account. 

One Year living expenses are necessary to show, to get German Student Visa. but that’s not compulsory, you will use these funds from your bank statement. there are scholarships and part-time jobs to fulfil your monthly expenses. Let’s have look at scholarships at first and later we will see part-time job options in this article.

Apply Many Scholarships

For international students who want to study in Germany, there are three types of scholarships. You can bear your living expenses through scholarships. In case, you do not get admission to Public University. You can get admission to Private University and apply as many scholarships as much as you can. It will enhance your chances to study for free in Germany.

Government-funded scholarships are DAAD Scholarships & Erasmus+. International students can apply these scholarships. The Scholarships are fully funded and cover living expenses and tuition fee. Apply both Government Scholarships, in chance you get any one of Government Scholarship.

Non-government organizations offer scholarship programmes. These organizations collaborate with universities. International students are eligible to apply for these scholarships. Maybe you get admission to Private University, still, you can study for free in Germany. Find private organizations which collaborate with universities and offer fully-funded scholarships. The Deutschlandstipendium Scholarship Germany is Non-Government scholarship which provides financial support to International students all over the world. Funds for this scholarship are awarded by businesses, foundations or private individuals. The purpose of grants is to support the young talent with good grades. While Helmholtz Association is Germany’s largest scientific organization.

Universities offer scholarships to students in a particular field of study. You can visit the university website to avail the scholarship. For example, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Germany offers scholarships for International students. There are different kinds of scholarships, which can be applied at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Ulm University Germany offers scholarships which are Merit based and Need based.

As you have seen, there are many scholarship options for students in Germany. So if you want to study free in Germany, apply for all up mentioned scholarships, as the number of applicants is higher. You can reduce the risk of losing a scholarship, once you submit more than three scholarship’s applications at different sectors (Government, Non-Government and University Scholarships). Enhance your probability to study for free in Germany and start your application process at least two months earlier. You would have time to manage all applications and submit complete applications at each database.

Do Part time Jobs

Germany is the largest economy in Europe, while it is the 4th largest economy in the world. So, there are a lot of job options for international students. 

You want to study for free, in case you do not get the scholarship in Germany or you do not get admission to Public University. Still, you can support yourself during your studies by doing part-time jobs. 

After questioning different people about how to find a job in Germany, you must start searching for it without wasting time. You can work as a news distributor, bartender, dishwasher, waiter and many more to support yourself in the study period. Germany allows students to work 20 hours per week to support themselves.

There are jobs available in all fields of study in Germany. Register yourself on large web portals in Germany according to your study background and job skills.

The  famous portals for finding jobs such in Germany are Federal Employment Agency, Monster, EURES, Academics, Stepstone, Jobs in Germany, Jarcco, etc.

Additionally, you can always get to know about job opportunities in Germany from the people who are recruiting individuals to work in Germany.

More importantly, if you have learned the German language during the study period. It can boost your CV and can enhance your chances to be recruited from big companies.

What is Living Cost in Germany?

As you know, prices would be high in big cities as compared to small cities. Cost of living is moderate in Germany. You can say it’s not so high and not so low. Living charges are in between as compared to other European countries.

On average a student needs EUR 850 per month to fulfil his/her daily expenses. That is a general idea of per month expenses. After all, it depends upon the individual how he/she wants to live. Expenses can be less or more from EUR 850 depending upon lifestyle.

Accommodations for international students are private flats and student hall of residence. You can share flats rather than renting the whole flat. It can be cheaper. Normally students prefer to live in a student hall of residence. 

You would pay EUR 250 to EUR 570 for rent per month. Your rent can vary depending upon accommodation type and place you choose to live. A big portion of your budget would be spending on rent in Germany.

While other daily charges like food, clothes, bills, travelling and entertainment are not too much. Your food and drink expenses can be around EUR 170 to EUR 200 per month.

Public transport charges EUR 70 for one month pass for students.

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