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Cover Letter for Industrial Master’s Thesis: Sample and Thoughts

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Cover Letter for Industrial Master’s Thesis: Sample and Thoughts. For many, the end of an academic year marks the transition from students to employees. Whether you are seeking a job in a company or an internship in a Company, an Industrial thesis can open the door for students. Here, I will share a sample from my Cover letter and hope that it helps. It is about securing an industrial thesis at Volvo Cars in Sweden. The industrial thesis is the gateway to secure your future job in Company or to get an Internship in Sweden as well as other EU countries. You get a chance to make references and connect with people from your field of study during your stay for industrial thesis. 

As per my own experiences, it’s a little bit tricky to get your first job in Sweden, especially in the Field of Engineering. 

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At first, I explain the opportunity in which I am interested. Introducing your educational background is not a bad choice in every sense. That’s why I have mentioned related software in the field of product development. To keep the length short of the Cover letter, you can always attach details of relevant projects in your Resume.  

Read this sample and write your cover letter to find a thesis, internship or job. Best of luck with your professional carrier.  



As an engineering student in the program of Masters in Computational Structural Mechanics at Blekinge Technical institute of technology, Karlskrona Sweden. I am very interested in securing a  master’s thesis Position in Volvo Cars Gothenburg, Sweden. I believe I am a strong candidate for your thesis vacancy. While, I have attached my resume and academic records.

During the courses of my bachelor’s and master’s programs, I have studied a number of subjects and have been involved in many industrial projects related to the design and development of products. This course work and real-time projects led me to build and hone my skills in commercial softwares like ABAQUS, INVENTOR, MATLAB, COMSOL and MASTER CAM. Equipped with the knowledge of these software tools, I have learnt various aspects of decision making in the product development process, starting from virtual and physical modelling to structural simulations and experimental investigation of the product.

My master’s program has provided me with a platform to further specialize as well as diversify my technical skills in terms of creativity and innovation. Moreover, working on projects in the multicultural environment of my university, I have learnt to integrate my technical attributes with interpersonal, leadership and teamwork skills.

While, I am confident that my relevant academic record, work ethic and personal attributes would allow me to make important and valuable contributions to Volvo Cars Gothenburg, Sweden. So, I look forward to skills enhancing opportunity now and expect that this liaison will not end at the end of the thesis.


Farrukh Bashir


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