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Which Country is best to Study, Work and Settle, Sweden or Finland?

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Which Country is best to Study, Work and Settle, Sweden or Finland? is a very good rich content article. How do you define a “better” country? That depends upon an individual’s preferences and his/her needs. It all depends on what he/she values the most, what languages he/she speaks, and what they enjoy.

Do You want to move to Finland? OR Do You want to move to Sweden?

Hence 14 comparisons between Sweden and Finland are presented. Go through each to decide which is your future destination? In many ways both countries are the same, there are few factors that are different. Let’s have a look. Which country is best to study is a very common question that comes in every mind when he/she decide to study somewhere.


Findland is called Republic of Finland while Sweden is known as Kingdom of Sweden.

Finland used to be a part of Sweden for about 600 years and has a long history of being colonized by Sweden. It is an undisputed fact that Sweden had influenced Finland throughout history.

It is easy to travel between Finland and Sweden when there is no pandemic as both are neighbour countries. Sweden has very good public transportation systems in cities, so if you don’t own a car, it is easy to manage. Infect people prefer public transport for the job on working days in Sweden and use private vehicles on weekends.

Higher Education

Finland is considered the second happiest nation on earth and Sweden is ranked as the 6th happiest country in the world. Sweden is the birthplace of many successful corporations. It is the second most innovative country in the world.

That surely attracts international students to Study in Finland or Study in Sweden

Top Ranked Universities

Sweden and Finland both have top-ranked universities in the world. Either you want to study for a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, you can find the desired course in the particular field. There are several programmes taught in English for a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.

There are many Universities in Sweden and Finland, which are offering courses in your field of study. But you have to choose a University according to your preference. Check here for details about choosing the best University for you.

Short English Courses

The short English language courses are also offered for international students in both countries, who want to improve their English. These short courses are considered as Pathway programs for students to enter in full fledged degree course.

Relevant links:

The tuition fee is almost the same for both countries, so it’s up to you to decide which country you want to choose for your study programme, you are passionate about.

Out door Activities

International students who love the outdoors will feel right at home. There are a number of exciting activities available to students including skiing, golfing, fishing, lake activities like water skiing boating and kayaking. Both countries have beautiful natural sights and great entertainment for incoming students. 

Östermalm, Stockholm

There are many beautiful lakes in both countries.

Stockholm is more beautiful city than Helsinki.


There are scholarships for international students to Study in Finland or Study in Sweden. These scholarships are offered by the individual universities themselves, in their fee-charging English-taught bachelor’s and master’s programmes. While Study in Sweden has fully funded scholarship for students, which is called Swedish Institute (SI) Scholarship.

Be Well prepared, before applying for a Scholarship.

Career Services

Universities in Both countries provide career services for international students. They’re available to lend a hand during your job search, whether you’re looking for a student job, or a full-time position after you graduate. 

PhD is Full time Job

So, PhD in Sweden and Finland is considered a full-time paid job. PhD is available in many courses for international students. In most cases, interested applicants approach a specific department in the university to avail themselves of the opportunity to start a PhD.

Economy Overview

Finland is historically competitive in manufacturing, particularly in the wood, metals, engineering, telecommunications, and electronics industries.

Sweden relay on industrial sector like iron and steel, precision equipment (bearings, radio and telephone parts, armaments), wood pulp and paper products, processed foods, motor vehicles.

The Finland is expensive place to live as compared to Sweden.

Popular Graduate jobs


  • IT specialists
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare specialists
  • Construction   


  • Early childhood educators
  • IT specialists
  • Nursing

Skills Shortage

The Public Employment Agencies produce a list of in-demand occupations. You can regularly visit the Employment Agency web portal to find the particular list, you are interested in. In spite of that, skill shortages have mentioned for Sweden and Finland. Skills shortage is quite similar for both countries.


  • Pharmacists
  • Interpreters
  • Teachers
  • Architects
  • Civil engineers
  • Lawyers
  • Software developers
  • Surveyors


  • Civil engineers
  • Dentists
  • Nurses
  • Software developers
  • Special needs teachers
  • System analysts
  • Medical secretaries
  • Application programmers  

Places for Job Seekers

The European Job Mobility Portal (EURES) is a place for job seekers to find work in the majority of EU Countries. Aside from contacting companies directly, you can also search the listings on the following job sites:

Part time Jobs without Language barrier

More than 89% of Swedish people can speak English while 70% of Finnish speak English fluently. Students are allowed to work in both countries during studies. Therefore, international students can communicate easily in markets, universities and companies. For this reason, it is easy to find part-time jobs if you can speak English. Clearly, You can support yourself during your studies by doing part-time jobs.

Social Welfare System

The people of Sweden and Finland enjoy one of the world’s most advanced and comprehensive welfare systems in the world, designed to guarantee dignity and decent living conditions for everyone.

Health care is fast in Finland as it has less waiting as compared to Sweden. Alternatively, the health system’s time duration can be frustrating in Sweden. Since Health system is a slow process in Sweden. You would get medical care in Sweden only if you are seriously ill or facing a life-threatening disease.  


Individualism is quite common in both countries. Both nations are mostly shy and closed personalities and creating friendship or relationship is pretty difficult. For instance, you can say Swedes tend to be more communicative, more open to create a friendship as compared to Finish.

Indeed Its up to you, how much time you need to make Friend, Either in Sweden or Finland.

Pathways to Permanent Residency

For international students who want to stay post-graduation, They’ll be granted a 1-year post-study visa to cover their stay while they search for a job.

Once you obtain full-time employment, you can go ahead and apply for a work-based residence permit. Surely, work-based residence permits are a foot in the door towards permanent residency. Four consecutive years work leads to a permanent residency.

Besides, Permanent Residence is not too far certainly for those who do business. Someone can apply for PR after two years of the tax declaration of his/her business.

Finish vs Swedish languages

Finnish is one of the two official languages in Finland (the other being Swedish) and one of the official languages of the European Union. It also has minority language status in Sweden.

Finnish and Swedish are not related languages. The Finnish language has a reputation for being challenging for foreigners to learn due to complicated grammar. On the contrary, Swedish is easier to learn.

If you have short plans to stay for only 1-3 years, you can survive in both countries as everyone can speak and understand English. In Both countries, It’s the ideal opportunity for IT jobs, businesses and big corporations where the company language is English.

If you learn any of local language (Swedish or Finish), you would have better opportunities.

If your profession is something where language is essential, you probably should start learning the language before you come here, so that you can be fluent enough to work in that language soon, so if that applies to you, Swedish and Sweden are probably a lot better.

Children Education

You are planning to move with your family either for study or business purposes.

Are You concerned about the education of your children?

The school system in Finland is quite different from Sweden. In Finland teachers are respected, in Sweden not so much. In Finland, the education to become a teacher requires high grades all most like a medical doctor or psychologist, in Sweden the reverse is true.

Undoubtedly, The Finnish school is the best in the world. They follow the formal way of teaching, while it is quite opposite in Sweden. Sweden does not want to force children to study. It’s up to the child either he/she want to take the stress and be disciplined. While In Finland, school children do not have such a choice. For this reason, you can move in Finland with your family.

Interesting Facts Sweden Vs Finland

  • There are more hipsters in Sweden than in Finland.
  • Stockholm is a beautiful city, much better than Helsinki.
  • Sweden is more European, Finland is more “an island”.
  • Sweden is more established somehow.
  • Both countries have lots of beautiful lakes.
  • Both countries have elks and lots of fish. Both countries are good for hunting and fishing.
  • Both countries are some of the most forested countries: Finland with 77% Sweden with 74 % of their land.
  • Sweden is crazy about Soccer and Finland is crazy about Ice Hockey.
  • Both countries have few mountains (Sweden 12 – Finland 4 ), both have ski resorts on hills.
  • Most Finnish girls are short and pretty. Most Swedish girls are tall and pretty.
  • The food is more natural tasting in Finland compared to Sweden.
  • Finland is a lot less populated than Sweden, so you will find it even quieter.
  • Finland has the Euro, While Sweden has Swedish Krona (SEK).


Both countries have midnight sun and celebrate Midsummer Weekend after June 21.

Temperatures up to over -40 degrees Celsius during winters in different parts of Sweden and Finland. If you don’t like cold or darkness in winter, you shouldn’t go to either of them. Indeed, Finland is somewhat colder than Sweden.

So, as conclusion I can only say: it depends a lot on what is important for you.

So, what do you say about this blog(Which Country is best to Study, Work and Settle, Sweden or Finland?)? Are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime and study abroad in Finland or Sweden?