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Pathways to Permanent Residency Post Study (10 EU Countries)

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Pathways to Permanent Residency Post Study (10 EU Countries)! The world is a global village. To travel to any country and choose a Permanent Residency in the world for a better future has become easy. Many people choose to study and work abroad.

Many young people dream of settling in a particular country, which they have chosen as a study destination. There are different types of visas that allow you to live and work in any country. But we will discuss only options of permanent residency post-graduation. You will also learn about the timeline for getting your visa and at a later stage how to convert your visa into a Permanent Residency.  

This Blog has mentioned pathways to Permanent residence in 10 EU countries for international students. The majority of EU countries mentioned in this blog offer a minimum 1-year job search visa after graduation.


Austria allows international students to work and start a business within the country after they finish their degree. Non-EU students need a valid resident permit to stay in Austria, once the study visa expires. Austria gives job search visa of one year to Non-EU students who have completed studies. These rules apply to bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and PhD. A job search visa should be applied before a student visa expires.

Job search Visa is extended for a max. of 12 months to find a job or start a business.

Once you have found a job during your stay on the job search visa. You will get 2 years work visa by attaching a job contract from your employer. The 2 years’ work visa is called RWR (Red-White-Red) Card.

This 2 years’ work permit is renewable. The renewed permit after 2 years is known as Red White Red Card plus. This permit gives unlimited labor market access to Non-EU persons as self-employed or an employed persons, not limited to a specific employer.

You can start your own business after your studies and can convert a job search visa into a business visa. 


A student works hard to complete his education. Once he achieves a milestone, he wants to stay in that specific country after graduation. Let see what Germany offers to those students who have completed their studies or going to finish their studies in near future. International students from Non – EU backgrounds need a visa to stay legally in Germany.

It’s positive news if you are looking to extend the visa. You can get 18 months job search visa after completing your studies. While, You have to apply for a job search visa before your previous visa expires.

Meanwhile, You are allowed to work on a job search visa, till you get a permanent job. If you have found full-time employment, you can apply for a German work visa or the EU Blue Card.

EU Blue Card is especially advantageous if you intend subsequently to live and work in another EU state. However, the salary threshold for the EU Blue Card is higher.

You can start your own business also to convert your job search visa into a business visa. A business visa is issued for 3 years at the start and can be extended later.

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Becoming a permanent resident of Norway is a goal for many new arrivals.

During your studies or after completing your studies, If you found a job contract that meets the requirements, then you can change your student visa into Work Visa in Norway.

You have completed your studies? Then, you can apply for a job seeker visa. It will allow you to find a job in Norway. 

Immigration in Norway (UDI) has the policy of giving a 1-year post-study job-seeking visa. You must find a job related to your field of study, which is a little bit tough clause as compared to other EU countries. As many EU countries demand only full-time job contracts, the regardless job is related to your studies or not. If job contract full fill threshold of minimum salary, you will get a work permit in any other EU country.

However, most international students resort to getting a PhD after a master’s to be able to stay.

If you want to open your own business in Norway, you will get a business visa. You are eligible to apply for permanent residence after three years with this permit.


Normally students complete 30 credits in Swedish universities which take up to 6 to 8 months on average for a student. You need a minimum of 30 credits to change your study permit into a work permit or business visa.

If you have completed your studies, you would get 1-year job search visa from the Swedish migration board. You need to find a full-time job contract in these 12 months. If you pay tax for the next 44 months of your job, you can apply for a permanent residence permit.

While the non-EU person, who chooses to do business after 30 credits or after graduation, can get a permanent residency permit after two years of tax declaration of the company.


After completing studies, the student can apply for a resident permit, based on a job contract or setting up the business. The resident permit application must be submitted one month before the expiry of the student residence permit.

You get  6 months residence permit to look for a job in Denmark after the completion of your studies. As a general rule, you must have an employment agreement with a company registered in Denmark to be able to convert Job search visa into a Work visa.

International students in Denmark have excellent opportunities for turning innovative ideas into prosperous businesses. International students and employees residing in Denmark can compete to win DKK 80,000 to start their own business in Denmark. The competition is called ‘Entrepreneurship in Denmark Award 2012’.


Luxembourg ranks higher in terms of jobs and earnings as compared to other countries. After completing studies, students can change their study visas into work visas or business visas.

Luxembourg is a quite business-friendly country also. The concrete business that starts up a plan can be successful in this country.

To change residence permit, submit an application always one month before the study permit expires. A job search visa for ‘finding a job or setting up a business’ is valid for a period of 9 months.

If you have lived in Luxembourg continuously for 5 years, you may apply for a Permanent Residency. You are eligible for permanent residence if You were working or self-employed for 3-years in Luxembourg.

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Once you complete your degree, you would like to settle down in Italy. There are possibilities for international students. Italy extends residence permits for 6 to 12 months after completing a degree or course.  This is also called a job search visa.

During this time, you can try to find a job that fulfills the requirements of the work visa. You can also start your own business.

The job search visa is offered to those students, who have completed a master’s degree or doctorate. 

You should have studied 3-year bachelor’s degree to get a job search visa in Italy.

While, You should have completed a 2-year master’s degree to get a job search visa in Italy.

For a doctorate, you must have been in university for the last 3 years to get a job search visa in Italy.

Well, if you have found a job contract, you can change your student status during your studies also.

You can start your own business during your studies or after finishing your studies. You can change your student visa or job search visa into a business visa.

Non-EU nationals have the right to apply for permanent residence permits after 5 years of continuously living in Italy.


If you have either studied and completed a degree in Finland or completed your research in Finland, you can apply for a residence permit to look for work or to start a business.

You need to have a valid residence permit for studies or for scientific research before you apply for job search visa.

While, You can get a residence permit to look for work or to start a business for a maximum of one year. You can get a permanent residence permit when you have lived in Finland for an uninterrupted period of four years.


International students can stay in Lithuania after graduation. They can get a job search visa for 15 months after completing their degree. You can find a job in this period or can start your own business. Just find relevant documents either you have found a job or going to start your own business. Apply before your current visa expires. 

To qualify for a permanent residency permit, you must live in Lithuania without interruption for 5 years with a temporary residence permit. This permit is valid for five years and can be renewed as long as you still meet the qualifications.


Belgium will allow non-European students to stay for one year after graduating later this fall to look for a job or start a company – currently, these students must find a job immediately after finishing studies if they haven’t found an employer to sponsor their visa.

I hope this blog Pathways to Permanent Residency Post Study is helpful for you, to make up your mind for future Study destinations. If you have any questions, you can approach through email, either post your questions in the comments box section.

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