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The University of Antwerp Scholarships, Belgium

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The University of Antwerp Scholarships, Belgium. While, The University of Antwerp scholarship programmes are best opportunities for international students to Study in Belgium with reasonable expenses. In addition, students can also check if they are eligible for external funding opportunities to Study in Belgium for free. These scholarships are available for Bachelor, Master, PhD or for shorter stay programmes.

There are Study Grant from the Flemish Government or Financial Aid from the University. While the tuition fee for most of UAntwerp’s study programmes is reasonable when compared internationally.

You should check with the Belgian embassy in your country whether they have any funding options.

Study Allowance

Study allowance from the Flemish Government are for students at the University of Antwerp. While, You must fulfill nationality conditions, conditions of study and financial conditions in order to receive a study allowance from the Flemish Government.

So, If you meet all the requirements, you receive a scholarship. In that case, you are also eligible for a reduction of the tuition fee. 

While, If you are temporarily staying in Belgium because of your studies, the nationality conditions will be an obstacle and you will not be eligible to request a study allowance from the Flemish Government. If you do not meet the requirements, you will have to fund your studies yourself and apply for financial assistance and/or study aid in your home country.

What are Benefits?

Study allowance from the Flemish Government has following benefits.

The scholarship is a one-off payment valid for 1 academic year.

The amount varies and depends on the family income, whether you rent student accommodation or not, the number of credits for which you are registered and your study history.

The scholarship amounts are minimum  279.40 Euros and maximum  4,323.91 Euros for a student who rents a student accommodation (contract of minimum 8 months for a whole academic year and 4 months with a registration for 1 semester). For students who live with their parents the maximum amount is  2,595.18 Euros.

It can take up to several months before you receive the scholarship. Therefore, you can apply for an interest-free advance payment for your scholarship at the Social Services’ office of your campus/Office for Student Affairs.

What is Application Process?

The request procedure is only online on the website of the Department of Scholarships. While, You will have to make an online profile to start your request. Later on, you will receive an e-mail from the Department of Scholarships requesting you to check the data in your online file. At that time you can also upload the necessary documents. With the information you provided they will be able to check if you are eligible for a scholarship and if so, they can calculate the amount based on the income.

In order to log in to the ‘digitaal loket’ to make an online profile and check your online file afterwards, you will need an e-ID card reader and the pin code of your ID card/Belgian residence permit card or you can log in with the app ‘Itsme’ on your smartphone.

You can also go to the office of the Flemish Community of your province in order to get direct help from the staff of the Department of Scholarships.

The website and the online application are in Dutch. If you need help filing the request, go to the Social Services’ office of your campus/Office for Student Affairs.

What is Selection Criteria?

You must fulfill 3 conditions (at the same time) in order to receive a scholarship from the Flemish Community.

  1. Nationality conditions
  2. Conditions of study
  3. Financial conditions

Tuition fee Reduction

Once You receive a study allowance  from the Flemish Government, You will automatically pay a reduced tuition fee.

If you are not entitled to a study allowance then in some cases you may be eligible for reduced tuition fees. You need to submit an application to the Office for Student Affairs, who will examine your case to determine whether you are eligible for reduced tuition fees. In other cases, the central student administration will grant reduced tuition fees if the Department of Scholarships refuses your application.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is possibility to fund your studies at the University of Antwerp.

If you meet the nationality conditions for receiving a study allowance from the Flemish Government you may be eligible for an advance payment of your scholarship, the spread of tuition fees, reduced tuition fees or financial aid. 

Do you fulfill the nationality conditions, the conditions of study and the financial conditions for a study allowance from the Flemish Government? The Office for Student Affairs can grant you an advance payment of your study allowance from the Flemish Government for the current academic year, which can amount to 50% of the granted study allowance. Applications for this advance payment can be submitted to the Office for Student Affairs from the end of August on wards.

Apply to the Department of Scholarships from the Flemish Government at the latest before 1 June in the academic year

While, Another form of financial aid is an allowance which you do not have to repay. Students who have difficulties making ends meet and/or paying their studies can request such an allowance. 

This allowance is always according to how much of your income is actually available. For example, University take into account the recent divorce or loss of income of your parents, medical costs, attachment of earnings or debt mediation, difficulties at home which require you to provide for yourself, and so on. Whether you receive an allowance and the amount also depends on other factors: your study history and progress and your own efforts to balance your budget.

While, Each situation requires an individual review and these allowances are only available after an in-depth social and financial review.

All data is treated with the utmost confidentiality. Applications for such an allowance can be submitted throughout the year, until the fourth of May of the academic year.  Please note: your application must contain all of the requested information and certificates on this date.

Pay Tuition Fee in Installments

If you cannot pay the full tuition fee at the start of the academic year. Than, you can submit a request for a payment plan in the international help desk between 1 August and 1 November by submitting a ticket.  Provide your UAntwerp-email address and correct student number in the appropriate fields. If your request is approved, a payment plan will then be drawn up, enabling you to pay your tuition fees over several months. The payment plan is only valid with the signature of the applicant and after uploading it in the help desk.  

So, You are eligible for a payment plan if 

  • you are already enrolled in a course.
  • studying under a degree diploma contract for at least 54 study credits (non-EER nationals) or 40 study credits (EER nationals or long term Belgian residence permit-holders), as visible in SisA, and
  • owing a tuition fee with a variable amount for non-EER nationals:
  • in the case of a bachelor, at least 45 euro per credit and having already paid minimum 1000 euro of your tuition fee
  • in the case of a master, at least 90 euro per credit and having already paid minimum 2000 euro of your tuition fee, and

While, For EER nationals or long-term Belgian residence permit-holders:

  • ?11.9 euro per credit and having already paid minimum 330 euro of your tuition fee?
  • the payment of 1000, 2000 or 330 euro has to be visible in your SisA self service.

Students who receive a scholarship, tuition fee reduction or do not fulfil the above conditions cannot request a payment plan.

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