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Spanish Studies Abroad Scholarship

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Spanish Studies Abroad Scholarship! While, Spain is a country that offers the perfect student experience for anyone who wishes to immerse themselves in diversity during their academic studies. Spain has become one of the most attractive destinations of study in Europe. Universities in Spain are cheap. As well as the affordability and relatively low living costs, especially in comparison to other European countries.

The Spanish governments, universities and third-party providers grant scholarships for studying in Spain. We’ve researched for you. There are scholarships to fund your study abroad experience in Spain.

Spanish Government Scholarships and the universities scholarships are partially funded and fully funded. Students have the option to apply for multiple scholarships at the same time.

Study in Spain for International Students: Step by Step Guide

Spanish Studies Abroad Scholarship

Spanish Studies Abroad is the Center for Cross-Cultural Study and has created innovative study abroad experiences since 1969, focusing primarily on academics, the Spanish language, and student integration into a culture.

Now offering multiple studies abroad programs in Spain, Argentina and Cuba, studying with Spanish Studies Abroad has never been more exciting.

Spanish Studies Abroad has two scholarships, the Merit-Based Scholarship and the Diversity Scholarship, for academic programs in Spain. The Merit-Based Scholarship is for students who share personal life stories that demonstrate dedication to learning Spanish and how they have gone above and beyond in the acquisition of the language. Students can share their experiences in a 400-to-500-word essay.

Merit-Based Scholarship

The Merit-based scholarship is for students, have a strong passion for the Spanish language. Strong preference is for students who demonstrate dedication to learning the Spanish language in and out of the classroom.

Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship is specially designed for students from diverse backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in Study Abroad including, but not limited to the areas of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, age, religion, disabilities, as well as first generation students and non-traditional students.

Benefits of Spanish Studies Abroad Scholarship

The scholarship awards 500 – 1,500 Euros to scholarship holder.

What are Requirements Spanish Studies Abroad Scholarship?

Students may apply for the Merit-Based or Diversity Scholarship prior to their acceptance in an SSA program but only accepted students may receive a scholarship. 

Students who are part of customized group programs through their home universities are not eligible for scholarships.

Essay entries should be between 400 and 500 words and written in English.

Please include your name, program, and home college or university in the top right-hand corner, and submit your completed scholarship application to with “Diversity Scholarship Essay” or Merit-Based Scholarship Essay” in the subject.


Late scholarship applications will not be considered. No exceptions.

The deadlines for both Spanish Studies Abroad Scholarships are the same as the regular program deadlines.

What is total cost of Spanish Student Visa?

Spanish Studies Abroad programs are specifically designed for persons based in North America. If you are not based in North America, please contact ( before you create an account online and submit an application for the scholarship. 

You can approach Consult Studies Abroad  for Guidance about scholarships, University admissions and many more useful information. Write your questions in Comment section.

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