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How to Migrate, Work and Live in  Luxembourg?

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How to Migrate, Work and Live in  Luxembourg? Are You from outside the EU and intend to migrate, work and live in Luxembourg? You need to apply for a residence permit prior to your arrival in the country.

A guide to Luxembourg’s visas and permits to help those who are planning to move to Luxembourg.

While, Luxembourg is small enough that people know each other. It is also very international and diverse. As half the population is from outside Luxembourg. Hence you meet a lot of people with similar life ambitions living far away from home. 

Visa Types in Luxembourg

Non-EU nationals can apply for a short-stay visa at a local Luxembourg embassy or consulate usually by submitting an application. While, It has a duration of 3 months. So, You would need to submit a valid passport, proof of the reason for the visit, accommodation details and a return ticket.

Non-EU nationals need a temporary residence permit if they want to stay more than 3 months in Luxembourg.

So, Residence permits are as follows.

  • Work Visa
  • Study Visa
  • Research Based Visa
  • Family Visa

These permits serve both as a residence and a work permit. Application of the desired visa can be at the local consulate or embassy. If there is no Embassy of Luxembourg available, a Dutch or Belgian embassy can usually provide the same applications.

Work Visa

If you are planning to work in Luxembourg, you will need to apply for an employment permit. Remember that permits are easier to obtain if your profile is attractive to Luxembourg. In the case of a highly skilled profession, a third-country national may receive a highly-qualified worker residence permit.

Since EU nationals are prioritized, your employer will need to complete a form from the National Employment Administration which states that they have made every effort to find a local worker.

Work visas will depend on the type of work you intend to carry out. For example, whether you are transferring to the Luxembourg branch of your existing company or going to work for a new employer. Work visas will usually be issued for two years.

Job sectors that are most often recruiting include financial services, health, transport, social services and construction.

You will need to submit the following documents:

  • A Valid passport
  • Your Birth certificate
  • Get Police Clearance Certificate
  • Detailed resume & professional experiences
  • Need an Employment contract
  • Write down detailed Cover letter

Study Visa

While if you want to study in Luxembourg, you should apply for a study permit.

Luxembourg’s universities provide Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees in numerous fields such as Medicine, Law, Languages, Psychology, Education, Economics, Computer Science, or Social Sciences.

There are over a hundred English-taught programmes in Luxembourg.

There are two application intakes in an academic year in Luxembourg for international students.

What are Job Opportunities in Luxembourg?

Other Visas

Other options include self-employment, research and joining a family member who is already resident in Luxembourg.

Learn Languages

If you want to work and live in Luxembourg, you must have a good level of German or French. Even though most people in Luxembourg speak English, you should learn basic French or German for ease of doing regular work like grocery shopping and travelling.

Luxembourg is a closed society

Are you an introvert? Luxembourg would give you much-needed peace and calmness.

But it’s the opposite if you are an extrovert. 

Luxembourgish have zero interest in any foreigners and not even so exciting to interact with. If you like to go outside on weekends, you can go to another country for fun. Germany is just 30 mins away. 

A lot of non-EU people would spend 5 years, get a passport and move to another country.

Luxembourg is Business oriented

Luxembourg is business orientated country.

There are amazing opportunities in the financial and tech industry. While, There are a ton of opportunities here with companies like Amazon, PayPal, Skype and eBay having their HQ (or EU HQ) here.

Luxembourg has social welfare system, a central location to travel to other countries and is very pretty in summers. 

Challenges in Luxembourg

You might face cold weather in Luxembourg if you are coming from Asia or Africa. It’s an expensive place to live in and housing prices are so high. There are no beaches or mountains in Luxembourg. 

It’s very hard to find good services and customer service is very poor. people are not customer orientated, especially real estate agents. 

Cleaning and child care can be deducted from your taxes.

The local paper “the Wort” has a free online section in English where ex-pats contribute articles about life here – give that a look and hopefully this will give you more information.

While, You can write your questions about ” How to Migrate, Work and Live in  Luxembourg? ” in comment box section.

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