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Estonian National Scholarship for non-EU Students

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Estonian National Scholarship for non-EU Students! While, Estonia has become an attractive study destination for students abroad due to budget friendly and high-quality education. Estonian government and universities have initiated various scholarship schemes in order to support international students who are interested in studying in Estonia.

Objective of Estonian National Scholarship

Estonian National scholarship supports foreign students in their studies at the Estonian higher education institutions. The scholarship can be applied for by foreign students who wish to study at a higher education institution in formal degree studies or as an exchange student.  The scholarship is administered by the Education and Youth Board. Estonian National Scholarship can be applied for bachelor’s, master’s and PhD.

What are Benefits of Estonian National scholarship?

The scholarship for Bachelor’s & Master’s studies is 350 euros per month. Other costs are not covered by Estonian National Scholarship.

The rate of the doctoral scholarship is 660 euros per month.

For Bachelor’s studies, this scholarship can only be applied for in fields that are related to Estonian language and culture.

The scholarship supports Master’s studies in all fields.

Estonian National Scholarship supports PhD studies in all fields. 

Applications will be accepted from students from countries whose citizenship is in one of the countries listed in the scholarship guide in Annex 1.

What is Duration of Estonian National scholarship?

Exchange students are paid a scholarship during the study period in Estonia according to the dates approved by the host higher education institution. The scholarship can be applied for up to ten months. The scholarship is paid for exchange studies lasting at least 30 days.

Degree students are paid a scholarship for 12 months of the year, except for the last nominal academic year, when the scholarship is paid for 10 months. The scholarship is awarded for a maximum of 12 months at a time. The scholarship is paid to the host higher education institution, which arranges the scholarship to be repaid to the scholarship holder.

What is Application Process of Estonian National scholarship?

You need to submit following documents through online application system.

Application form and motivation letter through the online application system (please register to start the application).

Copy of passport or ID-card.

A copy of the confirmation letter of the higher education institution regarding admission.

Meanwhile, Applications will be evaluated, and decisions on the award of scholarships will be made in accordance with the provisions of the Scholarship Guidelines and the rules of procedure.

Applications which are not fully completed, drawn up as required or include false information or are submitted with a delay are not assessed.

While, Applications that have not been accompanied by a confirmation of admission to an Estonian higher education institution by the application deadline will not be processed.


So, Here is Education and Youth Board, scholarship coordinator:  Liis Uulman,

What are deadlines?

While, The application period  is August 01 – September 01.  Electronic submission window closes automatically on September 01.

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