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Motivation Letter Example: Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering

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Motivation Letter Example: Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. Meanwhile, there are many examples of Motivation Letters on this platform!

So, If you are applying for admission to a University, you will likely have to submit a Motivation Letter as part of your application. While, Your Motivation letter should include examples from your work, academic, and extracurricular experiences.

Motivation Letter: Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering

While,, We bring for you a genuine example of a Motivation letter for admission to the Bachelor’s program in Mechanical Engineering.

Scholarship Motivation Letter: Mechanical Engineering, BSc

So, Read the below Example on writing a Motivation letter, and review Your own motivation letter for admission to a University.


Motivation Letter Example: Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is …… ………. I am interested to apply for  Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering at Riga Technical University, Latvia. I have read information about ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, MECHANICS AND   MECHANICAL ENGINEERING on Riga Technical University website with great interest. While, I have attached all the documents.

I have finished high school diploma from a renowned high school. It is mainly aimed at mathematics and Physics. I have performed well in these courses. I enjoyed mathematics and Physics most in high school. During the last two years I have realized, choosing this distinct field of study is purely based on passion. By picking out this as a profession, I would enjoy doing the most. Now I want to Challenge myself through Advanced courses of mathematics and Physics.

I want to do Bachelor Degree of Engineering Sciences in Mechanical Engineering under faculty of transport and mechanical engineering at Riga Technical University. As well as having looked through the degree content, my desire has increased. There is a broad range of specialization possibilities after completing this course.

This Bachelor Degree programme is quite well structured. This degree programme has compulsory subjects, compulsory elective study courses, field-specific study courses and precise portion of Humanities and social sciences study courses and free elective study courses. It has compulsory subjects for Latvian language and Latvian culture, which can be good. It will help me to learn the Latvian language and view culture as an outsider. At the end of the degree, it has a bachelor thesis. Compulsory subjects are mathematics, physics, mechanics, general chemistry, structures and properties of engineering materials, Fundamentals of Computer Science, Fluid Mechanics and Construction of Machines and Mechanisms.  

That is dream come true if you get a chance to study at big and renowned university. Riga Technical University is one of best technical university of Latvia in the capital of Latvia, Riga. If I am not wrong it is the only university in the capital of Latvia that offers this course, that I am passionate about. This is only one course I applied in Latvia. Riga Technical University has a good reputation in innovations, learning environment and teaching. It has a good reputation for research. It has good laboratories and research labs. Professors are really cooperative and very good in teachings.

Riga Technical University got recognition and It is highly ranked in international ratings. It is most sustainable and environmentally friendly higher education institution in Latvia. Graduates have greater chances in the labour market and their carrier can take off quickly after graduation. Please consider me for admission in bachelor’s degree course.

I want to say thank you for your time.



While, Motivation Letter examples can help you to write a better Letter for your admission to University. So, Please make sure with too many Motivation Letter examples don’t remove the originality, which is a necessity, and be patient. Practice as much as you can.

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