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European Business University Scholarships, Luxembourg

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European Business University Scholarships in Luxembourg are presented for international students in this article.

Luxembourg is small enough that people know each other. It is also very international and diverse. As half the population is from outside Luxembourg. Hence you meet a lot of people with similar life ambitions living far away from home. 

Luxembourg’s universities provide Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees in numerous fields such as Medicine, Law, Languages, Psychology, Education, Economics, Computer Science, or Social Sciences.

While if you want to study in Luxembourg, European Business University is an exciting option for you.

There are over a hundred English-taught programmes in Luxembourg.

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European Business University

European Business university offers courses with specialization in business education. Students can do specialization in accounting, finance and marketing.

How to apply for a University in LUXEMBOURG?

Three Campuses

 It has three campuses at Luxembourg campus, EBU-Wiltz campus and the online campus and lasts one European business institute.

It offers in bachelor’s courses, master’s courses and PhD for international students. Courses are offered both online and on-campus, affording you the most flexibility.

What is Tuition Fee?

The tuition fee for the bachelor’s course is EUR 10,950 annually and for master’s course tuition fee is EUR 11,950 per year.

Tuition fee applies for both EU and Non-Eu students. Plus point is a student can pay tuition fee under various payment plans set by the admission committee. It can be per month payment plan or every quarter. 

Eurpoean Business University offers Scholarships both on merit bases and need basis to international students.

How to Study in Luxembourg for Free?

Academic Scholarship Award

Academic Scholarship Award covers the tuition fee. Everyone with good grades can be eligible for this scholarship. Strong motivation letter with future goals can be really helpful to get this scholarship.

The student must be enrolled in a full time course to avail the scholarship.

Student needs to perform better in studies during his/her stay at EBU to continue the scholarship.

If the percentage of grades drop below defined Grade Point Average (GPA), the student might lose a percentage of scholarship also, Which can be from 10% to onward, depending upon the situation of GPA.

A student with 2.80 or more GPA  will remain eligible for scholarship till the end of his course.

Scholarship program for Non-EU Students

The EBU African, Asian, Central and South American Scholarship program is open to students who are unable to pay tuition fees and physically reside in their home countries.

The overall aim is to provide suitable grounds for international students to excel in life. Online classes are available for many courses. Students will have the option to travel to the campus during campus week during each semester.

How to Migrate, Work and Live in  Luxembourg?

Consult Studies Abroad   Prepares strong Scholarship Application by emphasizing on Personal statement and Motivation Letter. We Prepare Scholarship Applications for all countries.

European Business University Scholarships in Luxembourg were presented for international students in this article. Write your questions about study in Luxembourg in Comments Box Section.

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