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Master’s Scholarships Fully Funded Netherlands

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Master’s Scholarships Fully Funded Netherlands for non-EU Students. Complete guide for you in this article about Radboud Encouragement Scholarship (Master’s Scholarship Fully Funded) in Netherlands.

Radboud University in Netherlands wants to contribute to a healthy and free world with equal opportunities for all. In order to give all talented students the opportunity to become part of academic community, including students from non-EU/EEA countries who might be financially struggling to pay the institutional Radboud University tuition fee, University offers a number of full scholarships.

Netherlands Government Scholarship (Fully Funded)

What are the Benefits?

The Radboud Encouragement Scholarship is available for applicants from non-EU/EEA countries, applying for one of English-taught Master’s degree programmes (with the exception of Erasmus Mundus Master’s programmes and joint-degree Master’s programmes) at Radboud University. The scholarship covers the full tuition fee and living costs of 11,220 Euros as set by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service for 2022-2023 for the duration of the Master’s programme.

The scholarship also covers costs for visa, residence permit, health insurance and liability insurance for your stay in the Netherlands (Aon Student Insurance (verwijst naar een andere website)). You will find an indication for the costs of living and studying in the Netherlands, on our website (verwijst naar een andere website).

37 Master’s Scholarships for Non-EU Students, Netherlands

Scholarships in fields of Study

For 2022-2023, a total of 12 scholarships are available: Faculty of Arts (1), Faculty of Law (1), Faculty of Medical Sciences (1), Nijmegen School of Management (3), Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies (1), Faculty of Science (3), Faculty of Social Sciences (2).

In case you are selected as a scholarship recipient and you are admitted to a two-year Master’s programme, please note that in order to qualify for the grant again for the second year, you need to have passed all courses in the first year.

What is Eligibility Criteria?

You will only be eligible to apply for a Radboud Encouragement Scholarship if you fulfill following guidelines.

You are a non-EU/EEA citizen.  

Applicant does not have sufficient funds or access to grants or loans to finance his/her studies at Radboud University.

You have (will obtain) a Bachelor’s degree achieved outside the Netherlands, have no degrees achieved in the Netherlands and did not receive any previous education in the Netherlands (exchange programmes excluded, provided that they are part of the bachelor degree achieved outside the Netherlands).

The candidates meet the English language proficiency requirement for the Master’s programme of their choice.

You are fully admitted to the English-taught Master’s degree programme before deadlines.

Applicants are able to comply with the conditions for obtaining a visa for the Netherlands.

You are enrolled at Radboud University as a full-time student for the academic year and Master’s degree programme for which the scholarship will be awarded.

Ph.D Scholarships in Netherlands (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

What is Application Process?

You can apply by indicating during your application for admission (verwijst naar een andere website) for a Master’s programme in the OSIRIS Application system that you wish to apply for a Radboud Encouragement Scholarship. You will then be requested to upload two reference letters and a curriculum vitae (you may upload the same reference letters and CV if you have already uploaded those for your Master’s programme application) and the scholarship motivation letter.

The selection for the scholarship and the admission to the Master’s programme are two separate processes: admission to the Master’s programme does not imply selection for the scholarship.

Please note that applicants for the Radboud Encouragement Scholarship are not automatically waived from having to pay the handling fee for the Master’s application. If you are selected as a recipient for the Radboud Encouragement Scholarship, the handling fee will be refunded to you after enrolment.

What is the Selection Criteria?

The selection of the scholarship recipients will be based on the following criteria:

You must have Outstanding study results in your present field of study, for example through grades, test scores, publications. While, there should be Relevancy of your previous degree to the master’s programme. The ranking of the university where you obtained your previous degree, also matters somehow.

The quality and relevance of your two motivation letters, one for the Master’s programme and one for the scholarship play important role for selection. Show promise, based on previous achievements, performances and work in the relevant field of study in your two motivation letters. Life experience and/or extracurricular activities such as internships or volunteering work are also important.

The motivation letter for the scholarship needs to be a different letter than the one you already uploaded as part of your application for the Master’s programme. It should explain why you need this scholarship in order to be able to attend Radboud University. The letter must be in the required format. Click here (pdf, 203 kB) to download the format.

All students applying for the Radboud Encouragement Scholarship will be individually considered by the selection committee of the faculty they applied to, after the motivation letter has been judged. The faculty will make a selection based on academic qualities. Faculties may base their selection on other criteria as well; some study programmes hold interviews for example.

What are Deadlines?

You must have completed your application in the online OSIRIS Application system on 28 February.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered for the Radboud Encouragement Scholarship selection. An incomplete application means that some information and/or documents are missing or illegible.

You will be informed about the final decision by team Student Life and International Mobility with respect to your application for a Radboud Encouragement Scholarship before mid-April.

While, For more information about the scholarship programme, you may contact team Student Life and International Mobility via Please do not use this e-mail address for the application.

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