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Full Tuition Fee Scholarships for Graduates in Sweden

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Full Tuition Fee Scholarships for Graduates in Sweden are available for International Students and non-EU Students. The Tuition fee scholarships are sponsored by Axel Adler Scholarship at University of Gothenburg to Study in Sweden.

Axel Adler Scholarship program helps to undertake Masters level programs at University of Gothenburg. This Scholarship programme is quite useful for fee paying students. It covers the tuition fee for the recipient. It awards scholarships every year.

What are Benefits?

Axel Adler Scholarship program covers Full Tuition fee for graduate programs at the University of Gothenburg. You have to bear living expenses by yourself.

To keep your scholarship, you must complete at least 75% of the semester’s credits. If you are having problems passing courses, please contact your Department and notify at:

What are available subjects?

The Tuition fee scholarships are available for all subjects to study under this scholarship program at University of Gothenburg.

There are two selection groups for this scholarship programme. The first one is for Master of Arts and Master of Science programmes. It also includes bachelor’s programme in Software Engineering. The scholarship programme ambition is to award one recipient for each programme. While, there are around 60 recipients to receive tuition fee scholarship.

The other selection group is for master’s programmes within the Fine, Applied and Performing Arts. The scholarship programme ambition is to award around four scholarships within this selection group.

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What is Eligibility Criteria?

Applicants are eligible to apply for the scholarship if they meet the criteria listed below:

 While, Candidates need to pay tuition fees to Swedish universities at the time of application.

You have applied to any of our master’s programmes, full-time studies or you have applied for the bachelor’s programme in software engineering (full-time studies).

Applicants have paid the application fee and documented their eligibility for studies by 1 February at

You have listed a programme at the University of Gothenburg, as your first choice at

What is Application Procedure?

Only applicants with a University of Gothenburg programme as their first choice are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Eligible students will receive an email with application instructions by 8 February.

The email will be sent to the email address you have registered at universityadmissions.

You should visit, How to Apply to a University in SWEDEN? Because, Application process for any Swedish university is same.

When applying for a scholarship at the master’s level,  a Letter of Motivation increases your chances of being selected for a scholarship. You can use specific templates for Letter of Motivation on

What is Selection process?

Academic staff assess and rank the scholarship applications. They will have access to your academic qualifications, CV, and Letter of Motivation to assess your suitability for the programme and your commitment and desire to study. Scholarship notifications will be sent to students selected for a scholarship shortly after the admissions results are published on 9 April for master’s programmes and on 16 April for bachelor’s programmes. So, Students who receive this notification must reply within one week to receive the scholarship.

Additionally, You can apply for the SI Scholarships also. Because, The Swedish Institute (SI), a government agency, administers over 500 scholarships each year for students and researchers coming to Sweden. Visit Swedish Institute Scholarship (SI Scholarship) for further details.

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