universities with Scholarships and Free Education

20 Universities with Scholarships & Free Education

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20 Universities with Scholarships & Free Education for International Students. Want to study abroad in one of the world’s best country and University? If you’re hoping to study abroad, but need funding to do so, look no further. Because, Below is a select list of scholarships for international students in 20 Universities of different countries.

20 Government Scholarships (Fully Funded)

Tampere Universities Scholarships, Finland

Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences offer a number of scholarships for international students in order to provide high-quality, yet affordable, education to Study in Finland.

The tuition fees charged for the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes offered in English at Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences range between 6,000 and 12,000 euros per academic year

There are tuition fee scholarships for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes offered in English. Scholarships are merit-based and may be awarded primarily at admission to the most successful applicants.

The Scholarship covers 100% tuition fees for the programme duration. The programme duration varies for bachelors and masters.

Meanwhile, Click Here to know full Information about Tampere Universities in Finland and Scholarships in Tampere Universities.

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The University of Luxembourg Scholarships

The University Of Luxembourg (UOL) is the public university in Luxembourg. The university is very cheap for international students and offers scholarships in particular courses. Therefore, many international students apply each year to this university. 

More than 6400 students originating from 125 different countries are enrolled at the moment. So, Just Click Here for Complete Information.

The University of Pisa Scholarships Italy

The University of Pisa (UNIPI) allocates every year 18 merit scholarships to international students admitted to University.

There is fee reduction option for all courses offered at UNIPI for all international students. Its low tuition fee university for international students and tuition fee can be paid in installments. 

The University of Pisa collaborates with an organization to help need-based students. Low-income students can get fully funded funds and grants to study in Italy through Diritto allo Studio Universitario (DSU). It’s a good opportunity to enroll on a course in UNIPI if you want to Study In Italy.

So, Just Click Here for complete Info about Scholarships at The University of Pisa, Italy.

The University of Adelaide Scholarships

There are 400 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are offered to International students, as well as Study Abroad, Exchange, English Language, Offshore, and Pathway Programs. There are plenty of study options designed to give your career and life that extra impact!

The University of Adelaide offers scholarships for international students who want to Study in Australia. These scholarships can be applied for undergraduate and Graduate degree courses.

Meanwhile, Click Here to get information about different Scholarships at the University of Adelaide.

TU Dresden University Scholarships, Germany

For all students who want to Study in Germany, TU Dresden University offer Scholarships. Tu Dresden is one of those German Institutions, which provide almost free education to everyone all over the world. Because its a Public University.

TU Dresden put a great emphasis internationally. Because, Each year students from over 125 countries choose to study at TU Dresden.

So, Just Click Here for Complete Information about Free Education and Scholarships at TU Dresden University in Germany.

The University of Antwerp Scholarships, Belgium

The University of Antwerp scholarship programmes are best opportunities for international students to Study in Belgium with reasonable expenses.

In addition, students can also check if they are eligible for external funding opportunities to Study in Belgium for free. These scholarships are available for Bachelor, Master, PhD or for shorter stay programmes.

Meanwhile, Click Here for Complete Info about Scholarships at The University of Antwerp.

Scholarships at Graz University of Technology, Austria

It is public University and offers almost free education. The Tuition fee is 726.72 Euros per semester for non-EU foreign nationals to Study in Austria.

TU Graz and its cooperation partners support students with a range of grants. If you achieve outstanding results in your studies you can apply for scholarships at TU Graz.

So, Just Click Here for complete information about Scholarships at Graz University.

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University of Sydney Scholarships

The University of Sydney offers many scholarships for International Students. It is one of top  50 ranked universities.

The University of Sydney has wide range of scholarships that are available to any undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD Researcher. Many scholarships in all faculties for International Students at the University of Sydney. These scholarships are available for International Students.

There are many different types of scholarships you can apply for your degree at University of Sydney. Just Click Here for Complete Information about Scholarships at The University of Sydney, If you want to Study in Australia.

Scholarships at University of York, UK

Scholarships at University of York in the UK for international students. Get Complete guide here about scholarships at University of York, UK. For instance, It is one of the world’s leading universities in the UK. Thus, The university helps students to develop skills to land their dream job. Moreover, Students get benefit from outstanding teaching and learning.

Get Complete guide here about scholarships at University of York, UK.

The University of Bergen Norway (Free Education)

International students can Study in Norway for Free, as The University of Bergen offers free education. It is a public institution and therefore does not charge tuition fees. This applies both to Norwegian and International Students.

Get Here complete information about courses, deadlines and Faculties at the University of Bergen Norway. 

RWTH Aachen University Scholarships Germany

RWTH Aachen University in Germany awards more than one scholarships to International students. It is one of the largest technical universities in Germany. 

Education is free at the RWTH university, as it charges no tuition fee for international students.

Here we have presented one by one all scholarships available at the moment at RWTH Aachen University. If you get admission in any course at RWTH Aachen University, You can Study in Germany for free.

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Germany Scholarships

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences offers free education and scholarships for International students. Scholarships can be applied for bachelor’s and master’s degree courses and these scholarships fulfil living expenses. 

Most degree courses at Hamburg University require students to pay a semester contribution but not tuition fees.

So, Here Scholarships and funds are mentioned which can be applied at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences by International students.

Ulm University Germany Scholarships

Ulm University Germany Scholarships brings hope for those people who have dream to Study in Germany for free. As, it is Public University.

Ulm awards scholarships for International students in for Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programmes.

There are different kind of Scholarships in Ulm University. Here find Scholarships one by one.

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management Scholarships Germany

The Graduate School of Management offers scholarships for international students in Germany. HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, formerly known as Handelshochschule Leipzig, is a private business school based in Saxony, Germany.

HHL has established several links to private sponsors, companies and governmental organizations. These close relationships will help students to finance the stay in Germany. HHL is offering scholarships to finance your tuition fee and living costs. Click Here to get complete information about scholarships at HHL.

The University of Oslo (Free Education)

A publicly funded University. It charge no tuition fees annually and many courses are tuition-free. Tuition fee can vary for each course, you might need to pay a low tuition fee for a particular course.

There are various bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for international students. Click Here for complete Information about The University of Oslo.

The University of Padua Scholarships

The University of Padua with the help other organisations offer various scholarship schemes to support international students to Study in Italy.

The low-income International students can apply for grants and funds at the University of Padua. The funds cover partly charges of accommodation or meals at the university canteens.

The University is offering scholarships to International students with excellent grades. There are scholarships related to subjects at The University of Padua. While, Few Scholarships are available by the Italian ministry for international students at The University of Padua. Lastly, There are scholarships for researchers also. 

Click Here for Complete Information about Scholarships at The University of Padua.

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ISM’s Scholarships, Lithuania

ISM is a modern Lithuanian University. It is top-ranked University in the Baltics and It can be the best option for those students who want to Study in Lithuania.

It is an institution of Management and Economics and offers courses in undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate education in business, management, and economics.

While, There are scholarships for international students at ISM. Best International applicants can get a scholarship that covers up to 100% of the tuition fee.

Click Here to go through all scholarship details one by one that is provided by ISM’s Scholarships in Lithuania.

European Business University Scholarships, Luxembourg

European Business university offers courses with specialization in business education. Students can do specialization in accounting, finance and marketing.

It offers in bachelor’s courses, master’s courses and PhD for international students. Courses are offered both online and on-campus, affording you the most flexibility.

Eurpoean Business University offers Scholarships both on merit bases and need basis to international students. So, Click Here for Complete Information about Scholarships at European Business University.

Scholarships at Jacobs University Germany

Study in Germany in English for international students with Tuition fee scholarships at Jacobs University.

Jacobs University is an excellent English-speaking, research-oriented university that consistently scores high in national and international university rankings.

With more than 115 nations represented on campus, it is Germany’s number one university in terms of international outlook and is sure to set you up for a successful international career. So, Click Here for full Information about Scholarships at Jacobs University.

Luxembourg School of Business & Scholarships

Luxembourg School of Business (LSB) and scholarships offered by this business school for those students who want to Study in Luxembourg.

It is a globally recognized business school. The school has partnered with the business community and prepares students for business challenges in the real world.

While, Scholarships are awarded by the admission committee at Luxembourg School of Business and you need to submit a separate application to get scholarships. So, Click Here for Luxembourg school of business scholarships to international students.

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