Which is the best place to find an unskilled job in Scandinavia?

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Which is the best place to find an unskilled job in Scandinavia? In this Article, We have mentioned some jobs in Scandinavia that don’t require a degree but there is a high demand for workers”, or something like that.

Jobs where you don’t need vocational training are for all practical purposes non-existent in Scandinavia.

If you want to come and work in Scandinavian countries without a legal residence permit, you have to face awful bureaucracy. Without a job contract you are not allowed to open a bank account, nor to claim a tax card. The lack of these things will make it even harder to find a job. Almost all companies simply didn’t want to deal with any person because of not having any legal documents. So to wrap it up: you need a job contract to claim a social number, tax card, and open a bank account, but employers don’t want to hire you if you don’t have these.

So, make it clear you should be legal in any of Scandinavian country, even you are trying to find any un skilled job.

While it also depends where you go. Go to a crowded city, and you will have to pay insanely high rent for a dirty worn down tiny room in an old building, and then if you are lucky enough to find a crappy job, most of your salary will disappear in the rent.

Meanwhile, You will be poor and miserable. Go to a cosy little village or some low-population outskirts area, and chances are much higher that you will find a job and also a much cheaper place to live.

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While, Cities are overcrowded and polluted, self-destructive that drain people of their money and health. So, If you are a quick learner, effective and friendly, you will have no problem finding work. Unless you seek out the places where the ants walk all over each other, desperate and mindless.

Therefore, foreigners should focus on finding work in skilled occupations, where the level of income is higher.

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There is no such thing as an unskilled job in the country. I know hardly any job that does not require at least the 9 years of primary school and an absolute minimum of 1 year vocational school, usually 3 years.

Jobs With Vocational Training

But note that these jobs mentioned below don’t require a “degree” the way the term is usually understood, a university degree. These jobs require vocational training and various certifications—as a cook, for instance, you need training in food hygiene, electricians need special certifications, assistant nurse means you need a degree from an assistant nurse school.

  • Cook
  • Assistant nurse
  • Electrician
  • Construction worker specialized in ventilation and plumbing
  • Truck driver
  • Car mechanic
  • Buss Driver

Jobs Without Vocational Training

There are odd jobs where you do not need to do vocational training. Let’s say, picking blueberries, when it’s a season, doing gardening or dish washing in a restaurant. These odd jobs are usually monopolized by predatory employers and you should try to stay away from them. There are no minimum wages and if the employer refuses to pay your agreed-upon salary: You will have no help.

Newspaper distribution, working in Fast food chains like Burger King, McDonald etc or Food delivery are the best options for non-vocational training jobs. You will get all important documents with insurances and wages would be according to Swedish migration law. So, there is less manipulation from employers in these kinds of jobs.

If you do manage to find an unskilled job, you’re in luck. Sweden has this provision that if you get a job offer, your employer can just fill in a form, and you will get a work permit and you will be in Sweden legally. After four years, you can apply for residency. You’ll have things like healthcare, you get access to the education system so that you can try to get some vocational training in any spare time you might have.

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Everyone speaks English in Sweden. You can get an odd job if you are fluent in English. But it is always better to learn Swedish language, If you are planning to Stay in Sweden for long run.


Finland’s employment advisory service for international workers, TE-palvel-ut, provides an online job search service. Use the filtered search to display English-speaking opportunities.

If you wait until you arrive in Finland to look for a job, you’ll find vacancies advertised in the local and national press, as well as on television.

Jobs With Vocational Training

These jobs require vocational training and various certifications.

  • Cooks
  • Home-helpers or childminders
  • Taxi driver
  • Bus driver
  • Electrician

Information on how to find a job in Finland is available on the InfoFinland page Find a job in Finland. More information for employees and entrepreneurs is available on the InfoFinland web page Work and Enterprise.

Seasonal work can last up to 9 months. Examples of seasonal work are as follows:

  • Plant growing
  • Forestry work
  • Festival work

Jobs Without Vocational Training

Are you a foreigner and looking for work in Finland with no special skills? Unless you are skillful in Finnish, there are jobs in bars, restaurants, cleaning, kitchens, dish washing and during the season as help in green houses or berry picking. They don’t pay much, though. But the discouraging truth is that for these type of work you will face the competition.

It is important to understand that speaking Scandinavian languages in workplace makes just everything much easier for the employer.

If you have a Scandinavian name employers assume you speak Finnish. To make their own life easier they choose Scandinavians or Finnish people first.


Don’t think for a minute that just because everyone speaks good English you will find job easily without speaking Norwegian.

It might be that the unemployment average in Norway is as low as Google shows you, but that doesn’t mean that it will be easy to find work for you, the Foreigner.

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Jobs With Vocational Training

High-quality, relevant vocational education and training is a prerequisite to have better future in Norway.

Vocational education and training can take place on many different levels, from short periods of training in practical skills to a high degree of specialized vocational education at university college level. Increased investment is needed at all levels.

  • DB-Partner
  • Maintenace Manager
  • HR Coordinaters
  • Apprentice
  • Document Controller
  • Driver
  • Machanic
  • Cook

Jobs Without Vocational Training

So many foreigners put a lot of hope in getting jobs that doesn’t need much of education like bar- or restaurant jobs, fruit-picking, dish-washing, cleaning etc. You would face a tough competition for these kind of jobs.

Norway has a lot of well paid unskilled jobs in fishing and the oil industry.


Denmark has a fairly low unemployment rate at the moment – but at the same time, even low skilled jobs are starting to be threatened. Pretty much anything here requires some type of prior training, and even if it does not, then there will be training on the job or before taking up a job.

Jobs With Vocational Training

Vocational training is often advocated as a means of maintaining and improving the qualifications of the labor force. However, it is also possible that time spent in vocational training simply displaces time spent working or looking for employment.

The vocational education and training system (VET-system) offers more than 100 different types of vocational educations.

You can become a carpenter, hairdresser, gardener, electrician or several other skilled professions which are in demand in the labour market.. Each of the educations can lead to a number of vocational specializations. The social partners have considerable influence on and great responsibility for VET.

The majority of the VET-programmes is practical training in an approved company or organization.

Jobs Without Vocational Training

Denmark’s labor market is more flexible than either Norway or Sweden. This allows Danish people to take risks on people with unfamiliar backgrounds.

It’s not hard at all to find odd jobs. If you are willing to work in whatever job you can get, you should be able to find work pretty quickly.

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