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Motivation Letter: Business Administration & Engineering (B.Sc.)

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Motivation Letter: Business Administration & Engineering (B.Sc.) for students. At the same time, a Motivation Letter Example provides help to get admission or a scholarship. Therefore, Motivation Letter Examples are presented by Ask Scholars. So, For more examples, Just subscribe to our Blog and you will not miss all essential notifications.

While a Motivation letter is an important document for students who want to apply for admission to any course. Meanwhile, many universities ask for a Motivation letter along with other documents.

You can present your case in front of the admission department through a Motivation letter. So, What are your chances to get Admission to a University, clearly depends upon how well the Motivation letter is written.

How to Make a Successful University Application?

Hence, We bring to you an example of a Motivation Letter to enhance your chances to get admission and a scholarship in Business Administration & Engineering (B.Sc.).

So, Read the below Example on writing a Motivation letter for admission and scholarship in Business Administration & Engineering (B.Sc.) and review your Motivation Letter. However, We wish you a lot of success with your application.


Motivation Letter for Admission in Business Administration & Engineering (B.Sc.)

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is ——————- and I am writing to request you please consider me for admission in Business Administration & Engineering: Mechanical Engineering B.Sc. at ……….. University in the UK. Meanwhile, I consider myself a suitable candidate to secure admission for Business Administration & Engineering B.Sc. I have enclosed the completed application and additional materials required by the university. The course of study is suited for me, as I am interested in the cross-section of economics and technology.

While, I also have an Interest in technical-mathematics matters. Meanwhile, I have the possibility to refresh the Math I learned in school, as ………… university offers a bridge course in Math. I have done a six-week internship relevant to the B.Sc. degree I want to pursue. Self Assessment is a tool for deciding the right course of study. Because Self Assessment gives you informative and helpful feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. Hence, I have done a self-assessment in Economics and Mechanical Engineering online. Therefore, I am attaching the results of the self-assessment tests with the application, as these results are satisfactory.

Add content here that will only be visible to your subscribers.The Business Administration and Engineering course of study with a specialization in Mechanical Engineering at ……….. University has a strong technical focus. The intensive training in natural science and engineering subjects will provide me with a skills profile similar to a purely engineering education. This is also evident in the unusually diverse specialization possibilities. The curriculum supplements the technical perspectives with business and economics modules.

Over seven semesters, I will acquire the typical cross-sectional skills, which distinguish industrial engineers. Most importantly, starting in the fifth semester, I can specialize and select from one of the career fields offered. I would like to choose Product development, Because it develops complex processes, which make it possible to conduct cost-effective production with long-term, consistent quality – and at every scale: from individual tools to complete production plants. During my stay at University, I can profit not only from the Faculty’s exchange programs, but also from the University’s strategic partnerships with international universities.

Upon completion of my B.Sc. degree, I would be able to work from renewable energies to automotive technologies to communication technology. As my skill set gained during my studies will help to balance the technical innovative spirit with entrepreneurial thinking. As an interdisciplinary trained cross-section specialist, I will use my expertise for tasks in the cross-section of engineering and economics. My traditional responsibilities would include, for example, cost calculation for innovation processes, market analyses for the new introduction of products, and the optimization of energy and raw material used for production processes. Due to my comprehensive technical skills, I would seek as the binding agent between different operational areas. I will often use my knowledge as a technical consultant for strategic matters.

In Business Administration and Engineering with a Specialization in Mechanical Engineering, a Master’s program lately would help me ideally continue to pursue the same specialization. To supplement my technical curriculum, I could choose one of four economic research areas or the field of general business and economics and build the profile of my own skills. Lastly, I would like to say, I am a suitable candidate for admission to the B.Sc. course. Please consider me for admission. If you have any questions related to admission, I am available to answer them all.



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Hence, Motivation Letter examples can help you to write a better Letter for your admission to University. So, please make sure with too many Motivation Letter examples don’t remove the originality, which is a necessity, and be patient. Practice as much as you can.

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