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How do You Motivate Yourself?

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How do You Motivate Yourself? I think the term motivation is quite overrated and people need to have a better understanding of the same. It is like an emotion and mastering emotions is an extremely onerous task.

Motivation is a state of mind that provides the energy to do something. It comes from within to push you towards your goals, dreams, and desires.

Setting a goal—anything from getting a degree or landing a new job to achieving a new level of physical fitness—is a big step toward improving your life. But following through to achieve what we’ve set out to accomplish can be challenging, especially on those days when motivation wanes. So how do you follow through on your commitments during those times when you just don’t feel like putting in the work?

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Surely there are ways to motivate, and – critically – stay motivated? Thankfully, there are, Lets find out in this article.

Is Motivation a inner Voice?

Motivation is something you can get from different sources, i.e. reading motivational books, articles, watching videos of your favorite Motivation Speaker, but it’s doesn’t last long. Let me tell you why , its because no one can motivate you in a way , you can to yourself.

Motivation comes from within!

The experience of successful people says, You can always achieve anything if you keep trying with all your heart.

We should keep in mind always, ”We are not fighting for someone else, are not working hard to be off worse in the end, but instead are doing the hard things to make life better.”

“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.”

Jim Rohn

In the end, whether we change our self or not has no impact on anyone else.

When my life comes to an end, which will happen sooner or later, I am the one, that has to look back and come to terms with how I lived.

Lastly, if you want to change because you want to experience something different and be someone different then you must pay the price in advance for that and do the work!

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Motivation & Discipline

Everyone make their own New Year’s resolutionsbut how many of them have actually achieved or are still keeping up with their resolutions? Or perhaps they have already been long forgotten?

There’s a saying, that says when we make a resolution to do something, it usually doesn’t last more than 3 days. Our motivations are fired up at the beginning, but why do we gradually lose that mindset that we had initially and also the motivation?

It is because we lack the strength to support the Will to make a change because we have too many thoughts circling around inside our head.

What we know is that motivation usually doesn’t last forever and will eventually wear off. It’s unrealistic to rely on this motivation alone to achieve our goals. This is where discipline comes in. The most successful people use a combination of discipline and motivation to achieve their goals.

”Discipline is the Bridge between Goals & Accomplishment.”

Jim Rohn

I chose Discipline over Motivation.

Motivation is a feeling,

but discipline is an action.

Self Reflection

The true motivation comes from the process of self-reflection. In the process on reflecting back on myself, I can know what it is that I lack and need to work on, and my mind can go back to the origin as I discard the old habits that I’ve been repeating for a long time from my mind. I think that’s where the motivation comes from.

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.”

Jim Rohn

Self-reflection is an essential skill for personal growth. Without it, we walk around unconscious and often reactive to others and even our own selves. While self reflection analyses how far someone has come and what he needs to change at the moment.

Be Less Critical

There would be times, when you would not be able to perform your tasks or achieve your day to day small goals. You have to let it go. Always start with new beginning if you have lost your way of self perfection.

For instance, pursuing academic excellence may have led to a relentless inner critic. This can be taxing to your mental health and well-being. Maybe you put too much pressure on yourself to find a romantic relationship, and so your self-esteem suffered. 

Self-criticism can allow you to acknowledge any mistakes you make and help you avoid them in the future, but it can also be damaging. Constant waves of negative self-thoughts and nasty inner dialogues can impact your mental health. Even if others around you are respectful and kind, it matters how you treat yourself. 

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