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Cover Letter Industrial Master’s Thesis: Strategic Sales & Marketing

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Cover Letter for Industrial Master’s Thesis: Strategic Sales & Marketing. For many, the end of an academic year marks the transition from students to employees. Whether you are seeking a job in a company or an internship in a Company, an Industrial thesis can open the door for students. The industrial thesis is the gateway to secure your future job in Company or to get an Internship.

A cover letter is an important document to demonstrate your experience and fit for the position you are applying.

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Read this sample and write your cover letter to find a thesis, internship or job. Best of luck with your professional carrier.  



I am writing to you to express interest in the master’s thesis in Strategic Sales & Marketing. As, I want to play a crucial role in the shift towards sustainable transport solutions. Because, I am very passionate about business development to secure long term profitability. I will have the responsibility and mandate, together with Company’s Commercial entities, to design and deliver on solutions strategy fully in line with Sustainability Targets. Therefore i am interested to get position for master’s thesis at your company. I might end up securing job at this prestigious company at the end of my thesis.

While, I think I have a holistic view with a strong drive to develop this Company’s business and to lead the journey being a leader in sustainable transport. Meanwhile I am an inspiring leader with a strong ability to convey a message and I thrive in an environment where I work independently within a given mandate and where taking initiative is crucial. Additionally, I have a commercial and international background, where knowledge of the parts & service is meriting but not necessary. While, I have a university degree in business administration and corresponding work experience. I am fluent in English as per your requirement. I am also a frequent traveler and can move from one location to an other location easily.

After i am enrolled in master’s thesis in this firm, I would be responsible for developing and securing execution in the commercial business strategy for the designated region from a parts & services. I would secure that the industrial system and the commercial system are linked in terms of investments and outcome in sales, and I will take lead in developing a product and sales strategy per market together with relevant stakeholders, based on a consolidated view on business.

Meanwhile, I would work to reach the company targets on group sales, but would also secure a well aligned total strategy where Company’s business areas are interlinked. More Importantly, I would understand how to use solutions management and the business intel available to boost and grow business opportunities. Thesis statement also includes a role to guide and coach the business units on how to meet the future in terms of new technology and new business models.

I am very excited to be part of the Sales Management team and Head of Global Sales at this company. The management team is built on transparency, commitment and drive. In close cooperation with the functions of business support and business development, I would secure the right ways of working, including methodology and tools – for success in the commercial interface. So, I am really looking forward to get this opportunity. I have attached my detailed resume and educational certificates. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Best Regards


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