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Motivation Letter Example: Master of Fine Arts

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If you are applying for admission or scholarship to a University, you will likely have to submit a Motivation letter as part of your application. Your Motivation letter should include examples from your work, academic, and extracurricular experiences.

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In this article, we bring you a genuine example of a Motivation letter for admission or scholarship to Master of Fine Arts.

Scholarship Motivation Letter Example: Fine Arts, Masters

Read the below Example on writing a Motivation letter for Master of Fine Arts and review Your own Motivation letter for admission or scholarship to a University.


Motivation Letter Example: Master of Fine Arts

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is ——————- and I am writing to request you please consider me for admission in Master’s Programme of Fine Arts. While, this international master’s programme will prepare me to make critical artistic contributions in the public sphere. I have done Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts recently. Meanwhile, I have enclosed all documents with this letter.

Add content here that will only be visible to your subscribers.Complex challenges in society demand that critical relations between art and concepts of the public are analyzed and re-cultivated. This Master of Fine Arts is dedicated to interrogating concepts of the public and the role of the artist in society. It is also research centric. This means that I will be taught how to develop and implement research practices of relevance to artistic practitioners. Additionally, I will learn how to analyse problems, challenges, and situations in society, critically review and fuse theories with art production, develop increasingly specific methods to nuance your investigations, develop specific strategies and forms of dissemination appropriate to my investigations and contextualize and communicate mine artistic and research practices, and articulate a specific position. This University categorize learning by three objectives: knowledge and understanding, skills and abilities, judgement and evaluation.

After graduation, possible career can be exhibiting in galleries, museums, and biennials. Establish alternative platforms to those of the conventional art world. I really want to critically question art and its conventions and the artist’s role in society. While, I will be motivated to gain research skills for artistic practice, be theory-curious, and willing to write. This programme combines teaching, self-generated study, and group work. I would be able to take part and benefit from all three. I am quite hopeful for positive response form your side. If you have any questions, please let me.

Thank you very much for your time.



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