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Bachelor’s $10,000 Scholarship to Study in Canada

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Bachelor’s $10,000 Scholarship to Study in Canada. While, Canada is a very attractive and most popular destination for study. Many talented students choose to Study Canada for higher studies. The big reason is that almost every program is taught in English.

There are numerous options post-degree for ambitious and educated students. The students from sub-continent including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and from another part of Asia Finds Canada a dream country for higher studies

The reason behind this, Asian students do not need to learn the new local language like other European countries. Majority of Asian students can speak English and many opportunities are available in Canada during studies and after completing studies. The multicultural environment gives students many opportunities to interact with people from all over the world.

Ages Foundation Scholarships in Canada

Scholarships and grants are available for international students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. There are government scholarships in Canada, university scholarships in Canada and private organization scholarships for International students. The competition is quite high, always prepare a really strong application and apply before given deadlines. 

About Bachelor’s Scholarship

The University of Saskatchewan offers scholarships for international students to study for a bachelor’s degree program. Recipients are eligible to receive the International Student Entrance Award in addition to a Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship. The Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards are also available to foreigners.

Number offered

The scholarship is highly comparative. You need to have higher grades and percentage to apply for this scholarship. As, only four students can get this scholarship.

What is Eligibility Criteria?

International students (non-Canadian citizens paying differential tuition) entering any direct-entry college at the U of S will be considered for this Scholarship.

Recipients are eligible to receive the International Student Entrance Scholarship in addition to a Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship.

What is Selection Criteria?

You need to have very good grades to get this scholarship. As, it is a merit based scholarship.

What is Application Process?

By applying online for undergraduate admission, students will be eligible for consideration. The application deadline is February 15. Students must also submit the necessary supporting documents, pay the $90 CDN application fee and meet U of S admissions requirements (including English Language Proficiency) by March 1. The application form can be found online.

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