Swedish vs English Language Comparison

How to Learn Swedish Language?

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How to Learn Swedish Language? Swedish is a northern Germanic language and is closely related to Norwegian and Danish. Learning Swedish can be helpful in fully engaging in the Swedish experience and becoming more a part of the culture.

Swedish is one of the easiest languages to learn. That’s because it’s incredibly close to English in a lot of ways. So, You need to put time and effort consistently to get fluent in Swedish language.

Scandinavian languages include Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Icelandic. If you learned the Swedish language then it will get much easier for you to learn the rest languages.

Swedish vs English: Language Comparison

Are you ready to start learning Swedish today? Here I am going to give you a complete guide about learning the Swedish language.

Learn Swedish for Free

If you do want to learn Swedish, most Universities in Sweden offer language courses for international students. So, you want to Study in Sweden, meanwhile, you can enroll in free Swedish language course in a University.

If you’re interested in studying Swedish while you’re an international student in Sweden, check web portals of Swedish universities where you can take classes in Swedish alongside your other studies.

Learn Swedish online

Many international students continue to learn Swedish online even when they have arrived in Sweden. There are plenty of online resources for you, where you can choose for your self. There are online courses, you tube and Swedish language apps.

Duolingo is one of the famous free language learning apps that teach 32 different languages and Swedish is one of them.

Babbel app provides language learning at a digital platform, where it reinforces your existing knowledge about Swedish and begin the learning process accordingly.

Pimsleur is an audio-based language learning app that mainly focuses on listening, pronunciation, speaking and provides translation along with it.

Mondly app helps you to learn the language effectively and quickly. It is the only language learning app that has a virtual reality feature in it.

Hire a Private Tutor

One-on-one tutoring can be really beneficial. Having an expert’s attention to help you with all your Swedish learning needs is great. But, you need to pay for their time and expertise well. You can click here, if you need assistance with grammar, pronunciation and any other problem during learning Swedish language.

Don’t worry about your accent. Disregard your fear of embarrassment. Don’t even think about not knowing enough vocabulary/grammar rules/ Swedish recipes. Just start speaking and practicing with your tutor.

Learn the Basic Sentences

First of all, look at the difference and similarity of your native language and Swedish language by looking at simple sentences.

The Swedish language is a mixture of German and English language. If you know German or English then it will be easier for you to learn Swedish and if not, still the language is not tough.

Write Swedish Lessons

Did you know that handwriting is linked to tactile learning? So, when you’re learning Swedish, writing it down with your hands can help you remember more of your lessons. While this isn’t the only way you can make sure your memory holds valuable Swedish information long term, it’s certainly an easy technique.

Make Mistakes

A lot of language learners are afraid to make mistakes. Fearing embarrassment, offense, or messing up only limits you. Don’t let language learning anxiety limit you. The more you worry about meaningless hiccups, the longer it will be until you reach success.

How to Learn a Language By Yourself?

Common Swedish Words with English

Swedish and English share 1,558 words, which is quite big number. Therefore, This is an incredible advantage to native English speakers learning Swedish. Because, You know a lot of the vocabulary already.

Hope it Helps!

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