Study in Sweden for International Students

Why Study in Sweden?

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Why Study in Sweden? Study Abroad is once in a lifetime opportunity. You are not been able to choose a country, which suits best for your needs? Sometimes it can be confusing when you have limitless options. It becomes hard to pick one option, right! You don’t need to worry; you are in the right place.

Sweden is an amazing option to pursue studies for international students. Why you want to study in Sweden by opposing other options as your study destination? So, let’s look reasons to study in Sweden which make Sweden a popular and attractive study destination for international students.

Swedish Government Scholarship

Swedish Government  Offers fully funded scholarship to international students, which is called the Swedish Institute (SI) Scholarship.

While, Swedish Institute (SI) Scholarship covers both living cost and tuition fee. Click on upper link and check how can you apply this scholarship!

In case you are looking to apply for Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, check here. It is fully funded scholarships for international students in Europe.

Swedish Universities Scholarships

Sweden has top-ranked universities in world. Either you want to study a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, you can find the desired course in the desired field.

Uppsala University Merit based Scholarship, Sweden

Most of the highly ranked universities are in big cities like Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Lund or Uppsala.

While almost all Swedish universities offer scholarships, which cover the tuition fee.

Uppsala University Global Scholarship, Sweden

Tuition fee Scholarship can be 100%, 75% 50% and up to 25%.

Full Tuition Fee Scholarships for Graduates in Sweden

English Taught Programs

Most Swedish universities offer courses, where the medium of instruction is English. It’s very easy to find English taught programs for engineering, medical, business, commerce or any other field of study.

You can find a program that exactly matches your previous education. It is very important to find a relevant course for successful visa process and future life. 

Swedish universities offer short courses, bachelor’s degree courses and master degree courses to international students.

Master’s Fully Funded Scholarships, Sweden

Paid PhD

PhD in Sweden is considered a full time paid job. PhD is available in many courses for international students. In most cases, interested applicant approach specific department in the university to avail the opportunity to start PhD. Sweden offers permanent residence to those, who complete their PhD.

Easy Application process

Sweden is one of those few countries, where the application process is quite simple as compare to other countries. You can apply online on

While, you don’t need to apply to separately on each university website. You can apply up to 8 short courses or bachelor’s degree courses with the same application fee.

The exciting part is, you can apply in 8 different universities with one application.

For Master’s degree courses, you can apply 4 courses with one application.

There are two intakes in a year in Sweden. You can apply in January and August in a year for both autumn and spring intakes respectively. 

Optional IELTS

Sweden is a really good option if you want to study master’s degree courses.  Most Universities do not ask for IELTS if you are applying for master degree courses IELTS is optional for admissions in  master’s degree.

If student have previous education in English, He/She can submit English proficiency letter. That makes student eligible for studies. For  admission in short courses and bachelor’s degree courses, IELTS is compulsory.

Beauty of Nature 

Most Importantly, Sweden is full of forests and silent lakes.

While, The beautiful scenes of nature are overwhelming. Meanwhile, parks are full of lakes and beautiful trees of different kinds. Therefore, You would love to go walking or jogging on tracks in the parks.

If you enjoy camping with friends, you would be amazed by the beautiful scenes around you in the parks. Deers and Docks are commonly found near lakes and parks. Fishing is almost free in whole Sweden and its most fun part of summers in Sweden. 

Many people think of winter when they hear of Sweden. While, Snowfall is common in Sweden. Whether you enjoy skiing, ice skating or hiking in winters, Sweden offers international students studying abroad limitless opportunities to explore all of the beautiful nature.

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