Lithuania Student Visa

Why Study in Lithuania?

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Why Study in Lithuania? A small European country, Lithuania is home to nearly 50 higher education institutions. Higher education institutions have many faculties including Engineering, Medical, Humanities, Economics, Management and Many more. University degrees are offered in three cycles. The first cycle is undergraduate ( Bachelor degree ). The second cycle is graduate ( Master and specialized professional studies ). The Third cycle is Postgraduate ( Doctoral ).

There are two types of higher education institutions in Lithuania, colleges and universities. Colleges are focused on practical training for particular professions. Bachelor degrees and professional qualifications are offered at universities. There are 23 universities and 24 colleges in Lithuania. In comparison to other European countries, it is a quite big number. 

10 Universities in Lithuania for International Students

Let’s find out Why Should you Study in Lithuania?

Low Tuition Fee

The tuition fee is quite affordable for international students. The tuition fee is refundable if you cannot attend university due to any reason

Tuition fee varies between 2000 EUR to 5000 EUR per year. .

As compared to many EU countries, International students pay very low tuition fee for bachelor’s and master’s degree courses.

What is total cost to Study in Lithuania?

Living Cost is affordable

Lithuania is a cheap country in terms of living cost. The cost of living is quite lower in Lithuania as compared to many other European countries. For international students, it can be quite easy to study in Lithuania with fewer financial challenges.

There are different types of accommodations available for students in Lithuania for international students. University accommodation is common and easily available for students. Other accommodation options include private apartments and shared room accommodation.

You can enjoy the benefit of an education from an EU country without paying the hefty costs. A degree from Lithuania will help you gain a job all over the world.

Scholarships in Lithuania

Money does matter. At this Financial age, you need money for everything. Bank balance is a very important factor when someone wants to go abroad for study purposes. There are options for scholarships for international students. Universities offer scholarships to brilliant students and Government-funded scholarships are also available. Most scholarships cover the only tuition fee.

100% success rate for Visa

What about the chance to get a visa for Lithuania? In recent time, Lithuania has a 100% success rate for visa applications. So, you can apply for a study visa in Lithuanian Embassy in your country due to its high acceptance rate of international students.

Optional IELTS

Make sure, you have checked all requirements of the course or programme before submission of application. As, there are many bachelor’s and master’s courses for international students to Study in Lithuania, Where IELTS is optional. While, You can only submit an English proficiency letter to get admission.

15 Month Job Search Visa

International students can stay in Lithuania after graduation. They can get a job search visa for 15 months after completing their degree. You can find a job in this period or can start your own business. Just find relevant documents either you have found a job or going to start your own business. Apply before your current visa expires. 

The official website to study in Lithuania is You can approach this website to find the desired course. 

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