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Motivation Letter Example: BA (Hons) Architecture

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If you are applying for admission or scholarship to a University, you will likely have to submit a Motivation letter as part of your application. Your Motivation letter should include examples from your work, academic, and extracurricular experiences.

How to Make a Successful University Application?

While, In this article, we bring you a genuine example of a Motivation letter for admission or scholarship to BA (Hons) Architecture.

Therefore, Read the below Example on writing a Motivation letter for BA (Hons) Architecture and review Your own Motivation letter for admission or scholarship to a University.


Motivation Letter Example: BA (Hons) Architecture

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is …….. and looking for admission for BA (Hons) Architecture at University of ………, Australia. I don’t only have a passion for architecture but I am always open to new ideas, informed risk-taking and challenge. While I am also willing to get involved in the different disciplines and practices of architectural and spatial design during my degree. Meanwhile, I have passed at Foundation Diploma in Art and Design recently. Therefore I think, I have ability to work imaginatively and creatively in architecture and design. Additionally, I can articulate and communicate intentions clearly. My all relevant documents have been attached with the application.

BA Architecture explores the spaces, places and buildings. While, I want to focus to the relationships between the built environment, social interaction and material culture through this bachelor’s degree course. This course is part of the Spatial Practices programme. It promotes direct engagement with real-world social, cultural and political conditions in the contemporary urban landscape. Buildings are only one way in which we intervene in the built environment. The space of the city is charged and shaped through the interplay of multiple factors and tensions. Engaging with these complex dynamics requires innovative design approaches. These often encompass alternative forms of space-making. The course is underpinned by the idea that the human environment is alive with agency, as we shape our environment, our environment shapes us. While This program will encourage me to develop my own critical and radical approach to architectural design.

BA Architecture is designed to help me develop both transferable and industry-specific skills. I’ll be introduced to the issues, organisations and legal frameworks within which architecture and the creative industries operate. Media practice workshops and seminars will develop my skills in drawing, model making and computer-aided design and visualization. After graduation, I will have a broad and valuable understanding of architectural design practice in its many forms. The skills acquired will equip me to become a versatile practitioner in many exciting and diverse professions in my homeland and beyond. Therefore, I am really looking forward to hear from you soon. Please let me know if you have any questions for me regarding admission.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Best Regards


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