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Motivation Letter for Undergraduate English Studies

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If you are applying for admission or scholarship to a University, you will likely have to submit a Motivation letter as part of your application. Your Motivation letter should include examples from your work, academic, and extracurricular experiences.

Scholarship Motivation Letter Example: Bachelor’s in English

While, In this article, we bring you a genuine example of a Motivation letter for admission or scholarship to Undergraduate in English Studies.

Motivation Letter Example: Bachelor of Arts in English

Therefore, Read the below Example on writing a Motivation letter for Undergraduate in English Studies and review Your own Motivation letter for admission or scholarship to a University.

Motivation Letter: BA English & American Studies


Motivation Letter for Undergraduate English Studies

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is —– and I want to apply for admission in undergraduate degree course in English Language and Literature at the University —— England. I have completed 12 years of education recently from renowned institution in my home country. While I have gone through the course structure on University’s web portal. I must say, the course is very well-balanced for me and I will learn a lot during my stay at the University. You can find all documents with my application. My marks percentage is over 80% and therefore, I am looking forward to being on first merit list. 

The English Faculty at this University is the largest English department. I would be taught in tutorials by active scholars in their field, many of whom also give lectures to all students in the English Faculty. I will therefore have the opportunity to learn from a wide range of specialist teachers. Therefore, I have chosen this bachelor’s program in English for myself. The English Language and Literature course at this University is one of the best opportunities, giving me the chance to study writing in English from ancient history to present of England.

As well as British literature, I will study works written in English from other parts of the world, and some originally written in other languages, allowing me to think about literature in English in multilingual and global contexts across time. The course will allow me a considerable degree of choice, both in developing my interests across core papers and in choosing a topic for my dissertation and for a special option in my final year.

Studying literature in this bachelor’s involves the development of sophisticated reading skills. While I would have the ability to place literary texts in wider intellectual and historical contexts. I will also consider the critical processes by which I analyse and judge, learn about literary form and technique, evaluate various approaches to literary criticism and theory and study the development of the English language. In my first year I will be introduced to the conceptual and technical tools used in the study of language and literature, and to a wide range of different critical approaches.

At the same time, I will be doing tutorial work on early medieval literature, Victorian literature and literature from 1910 to the present. In my second and third years I will extend my study of English literary history in four more period papers ranging from late medieval literature to Romanticism. I will also produce: a portfolio of three essays on Shakespeare, on topics of my choice, an extended essay (or occasionally an examination) relating to a special options paper, chosen from a list of around 25 courses and a dissertation on a subject of my choice.

Meanwhile, I will develop the skills of critical thinking, close reading and clear communication. After graduation, I can directly pursue careers in teaching, academia, journalism, theater and film, or become writers, critics or campaigners. These same skills developed during an English degree are highly valued by employers in many other professions, including the Law, the Civil Service, industry, the charity sector and social work. I might also pursue master’s degree in English after completing my graduation. So, I am looking forward to secure admission in this program. If you have any questions regarding admission process, I am happy to answer them all. My best wishes are with admission committee, as they are doing hectic job. Lastly, Thank you for your consideration and time.



Motivation Letter Example: Bachelor’s in English Studies

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