study in australia: step by step guide for international students 2021/2022

Why Study in Australia for International Students?

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Why Study in Australia for International Students? Australia is an island continent and the world’s sixth-largest country. While, Australia is world-famous for its natural wonders, wide-open spaces, its beaches and deserts. Meanwhile, Australia is also famous for its landmark buildings including the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

So, Let’s find out that, Why Study in Australia for International Students?

Popular Study Destination

While, Australia is in one of the world leaders in education. Meanwhile, Australia is soon expected to take over the UK as the world’s second most popular study destination, just behind the US. Therefore, Australia is an attractive destination for international students with a high-quality education. International students are preferring Australia for studies nowadays.

High Ranked Universities

Australian Universities are top-ranked universities at the world stage at the moment.

Universities are Highly ranked in the following fields of study in Australia.

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Clinical, Pre-Clinical & Health
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences

10 Cheap Universities in Australia for International Students

Higher Student Satisfaction Rate

More than 90% of international students are satisfied with education at Universities in Australia. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and the Gold Coast are best cities for international students to live and pursue their degrees for higher education.

Job Opportunities for International Students

Students need to work when they choose study abroad to fulfil living expenses. Many students choose Australia as study destination, as there are many possibilities to work.

As a student, you are allowed to work 20 hours per week to support your studies. You can work more during semester breaks.

You can find part time work opportunities in following industries in Australia.

  • Hospitality (Restaurants, bars and cafes)
  • Administration 
  • Sales and Telemarketing
  • Agriculture (Farming and fruit-picking)
  • Tourism 
  • Tutoring
  • Retail work options in Super markets and clothing stores. 

Government Scholarships in Australia

There are many scholarship’s opportunities for International students in Australia. Approximately, there are around 3,000 scholarships and Grants for deserving students annually. It is a quite big number.

So, The major scholarships programs by Government available for international students are:

University Scholarships in Australia

While, The Australian Universities Award scholarships for International students, which are awarded for all level of studies, including bachelor’s degree courses, master’s degree courses, postgraduate courses and PhD.

Here are scholarships that are offered by Universities in Australia.

So, Here, Few more universities are mentioned which offer scholarships for International students:

  • Macquarie University Scholarships
  • University of Melbourne Scholarships
  • Adelaide Scholarships International
  • Flinders Scholarships
  • Charles Darwin University Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships
  • UNSW International Scholarships

Study in Australia without IELTS

Visit few universities before you make your mind to the final one of the universities. You should prefer the University which offers a foundation course in English or an English Academic program if you are applying for an undergraduate course.

You would not need to submit IELTS for admission. If you are applying for a master degree course, then choose the University which has the option of an English Proficiency letter instead of an English Language test. Just show in your cover letter, that you have done your 16 years of education in English as the medium of instruction and you have really good fluency in the English Language.

There is an online application process for admission to Australian University. Fill Online Application form on a specific University web portal and upload all documents on the university website where you want to study without IELTS.

You will be invited for Skype Interview, once your profile is shortlisted. You have to clear this interview to confirm your admission to a university. As you are applying without IELTS. So, the Interview would be basic, as the university wants to know you can communicate and understand basic English.

Once you pass the interview, you need to pay the tuition fee and receive an acceptance letter from the university. There is the chance of scholarship in University, Always check scholarship opportunities before you pay the Tuition fee.

Study in Australia without IELTS (8 Universities)

Change Study permit into Work visa

Once you have completed a Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree, you can change Student visa into Work visa in Australia. While, Visa is granted for 18 months.

So, These are general steps; you need to follow to apply for work visa:

  • Determine category of work visa, after assessing eligibility. 
  • Check if you satisfy Skill select (Points based assessment).
  • Get Filled Sponsorship letter from Employer.
  • Fill out application form of visa category.
  • Attach all other necessary documents (IELTS, Educational transcripts, health insurance ) 
  •  Pay your application fee for visa processing. 

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