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Motivation Letter Example: BS (Hons) Psychology

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Motivation Letter Example: BS (Hons) Psychology! While, Motivation Letter Example provides help to get admission or scholarship. Therefore, Motivation Letter Examples are presented by Ask Scholars. So, For more Examples, Just subscribe to our Blog and you will not miss all important notifications.

Motivation letter is an important document for students who want to apply for admission to any course. While, Many universities ask for a Motivation letter along with other documents.

Scholarship Motivation Letter Example: BS Psychology

Hence, We bring for you an example of a Motivation Letter to enhance chances to get admission and scholarship in BS (Hons) Psychology.

So, Read the below Example on writing a Motivation letter for admission and scholarship in BS (Hons) Psychology and review your Motivation Letter. However, We wish you a lot of success with your application.


Motivation Letter Example: BS (Hons) Psychology

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is ——– and I want to apply for BS in Psychology at the University ——–, Hungary. I passed my higher secondary education with decent percentage of 65% marks. Meanwhile, I am ready to appear in an in-house written test, followed by an interview if required by University. All documents have been attached with application, that can help me to get admission.

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The BS programme will provide me a broad-based education with an emphasis on knowledge about the world around me and I will have the ability to adjust and contribute to my communities and society. The bachelor’s programme, in addition to building a strong foundation of knowledge and skills in psychology, includes the study of a foreign language to a considerable degree of competence and fluency, ability to use information technology effectively, and the ability to communicate well both in spoken as well as written expression. The main objectives of this program are to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, to prepare me for a career in the profession of psychology, to provide the concepts and model the behaviours indicative of ethical practice within the profession of psychology. Well, this bachelor’s program will help me to apply my knowledge of psychology to formulating career choices. Therefore, I would be able to define preferred career paths based on accurate self-assessment of abilities, achievement, motivation, and work habits.

Educational institutions often employ psychologists in positions other than teaching, such as counseling, testing, research, and administration. The government often employs psychologists as healthcare practitioners to work in public hospitals, clinics and other settings. So, I might work in healthcare in the offices of mental health practitioners, physicians, outpatient mental health and substance abuse centers and private hospitals. I might start my master’s degree after some years of work experience. While, After several years of experience, I can pursue doctoral degree and later on I can enter in private practice or set up private research or consulting firm. In addition to the previously mentioned jobs, I might hold faculty position at colleges or universities. Therefore, I am looking forward to getting admission to this bachelor’s program. My best wishes are to the admission committee, as they are doing hectic job. Lastly, thank you for your precious time.

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Hence, Motivation Letter examples can help you to write a better Letter for your admission to University. So, Please make sure with too many Motivation Letter examples don’t remove the originality, which is a necessity, and be patient. Practice as much as you can.

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