What Should I Know Before Studying in Germany?

What Should I Know Before Studying in Germany?

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What Should I Know Before Studying in Germany? Are you planning to Study in Germany, make sure you are equipped with all the necessities, including some background information on how things will be like once you move to Germany?

While, Germany is a place for young learners and researchers. Due to Dual education system, It combines the best features of practical and theoretical education in one single course.

We have included both, the good and the ugly, final decision is yours. So, lets find out What Should I Know Before Studying in Germany?

You might pay Tuition fee

Germany offers free study for both EU and Non-EU students. While, Most public universities have no tuition fee, this is the best advantage of studying in Germany for international students.

Most of Higher Education Institutions in Germany offer free studies to international students. The reason behind this is, these institutions receive funds from the state or private organizations.

10 Free Universities in Germany for International Students

However, not everything is free.

In Germany, tuition-free education is only available if you apply for select programmes in public universities. To study at private universities, you will have to pay tuition fees, which tend to be costly.

Slow bureaucracy

You should be mentally prepared to deal with slow bureaucracy, when you are in Germany. In Germany, you will have to familiarize yourself with its conventions and bureaucratic language.

From dealing with your visa requirements, bank account documentation, rental lease agreements, or any other official documents which might come your way, make sure to embrace everything.

How much does it cost to Study in Germany?

Bad Situation of Accommodation

Accommodation facilities are not available for every German university. Currently, there is a very bad situation of Accommodation in Germany. If you are planning to move to Germany soon, you need to start networking to find accommodation. There are long queues for accommodation in big and even small cities. It can be frustrating when you are forced to pay more rent due to a shortage of accommodations.

Those universities who do offer student accommodation, usually have affiliated dormitories or student housing arranged through your partner institution. Additionally, some universities offer single-person accommodation and you should contact your university if you want to live in one of those. You would be financially in better situation if you have University accommodation. Because It is much cheaper as compared to private shared accommodations.

German Language

Like other European countries, Germany also prefers immigrants who can communicate in the local language. Therefore, If you know basic German, You would be in a better position to find part-time or professional jobs. Even you can excel in social gatherings if you can speak German.

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Various Scholarships

Germany is known for the many grants and scholarships it offers for international students.

The two government-funded scholarships are DAAD Scholarships & Erasmus+. While, International students should apply these scholarships.

While, Non-government organizations offer scholarship programmes. These organizations collaborate with universities. International students are eligible to apply for these scholarships.

Universities offer scholarships to students in a particular field of study. Therefore, You should visit the university website to avail scholarship.

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