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What should I know before studying in Belgium?

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What should I know before studying in Belgium? While, Belgium is a country in northwestern Europe and It is one of the smallest and most densely populated European countries. Belgium has the lowest salary gap between men and women in the EU. Meanwhile, Belgium has many world ranking universities that are now available to international students.

Study in Belgium Step by Step Guide for International Students

Various International Cities in Belgium

Belgium has around 10 student cities and each one offers you plenty of social and cultural activities. From museums and beautiful natural surroundings to fancy bars and charming shopping centres, you can have some great and memorable leisure time in Belgium.

Programs taught in different languages

Belgium is a multilingual European country. If you choose to study in Belgium, you’ll be taught in one of the official three languages: Dutch, German and French. You can choose the language that suits you best. Additionally, many universities in Belgian will resort to teaching in English in certain specialties and programs.

10 Universities in Belgium for International Students

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Job Search Challenges

It is easy to find odd jobs in Belgium as student, because of better economy.

But you can face challenges to find professional job. As every community in Belgium would suppose you speak their language. As you know there are three languages German, Dutch and French for three communities respectively.

Getting a job after graduation is hard for international graduates as you’ll often need to know multiple languages, if not for work, then for socializing with colleagues.

Affordable & Flexible Transport System

The public transportation system is pretty affordable in Belgium, which makes it great for students to travel during their spare time. They have trams, metros, buses and even trains.

Multi Cultural Environment

Belgium is a federal monarchy, divided into three main regions: the Dutch region of Flanders, the French region of Wallonia and the capital region of Brussels – a mix of French and Dutch. However, English is also widely spoken, especially in Brussels.

This multicultural environment offers a lesson in tolerance, openness, and determination.

Rich Economy

Belgium has a rich and diverse economy with the most thriving sectors being chemicals, food processing, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, electronics, and machinery fabrication.

High Cost of Living

The cost of living in Belgium is typically high, but as a student, you can get student jobs and discounts on health insurance, public transport, and scholarships to offset the costs.

What is total cost to Study in Belgium?

Easy to rent

As a student, the number one concern is housing. For example, if you choose to Study in Germany, You might face massive issues to rent an apartment. You might face a long queue before you get an apartment in Germany.

Luckily, Belgium has no shortage of great housing options. Renting an apartment in Belgium is easier than in other European countries.

Tax Percentages are high

Taxes in Belgium are some of the highest the world. The personal income tax brackets range from 25 to 50 per cent. Giving away half of your salary to the government surely pinches. Belgium also demands high social security contributions from both employers and employees.

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