Italian Embassy Interview Questions & Answers for Student Visa

Italian Embassy Interview Questions & Answers for Student Visa

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Italian Embassy Interview Questions & Answers for Student Visa. it’s a dream come true to study in Italy. Over 50 million tourists visit Italy per year. Tourism is vital to Italy’s economy and provides nearly 63% of Italy’s national income.

Italy provides student grants, student loans and scholarships to international students. You are a brilliant student, either an average student, you can get financial support. While, here you can get Step by Step guide to Study in Italy.

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The Italy student visa interview questions and answers are quite basic. Moreover, the acceptance rate for Italian student visas is also quite high. A smooth interview can definitely lead you to accomplish your dream to study in Italy.

15 Questions and Answers for Student Visa Interview is an article, which answers questions in general for student visa interview. While, here you can find more specific questions and answers for Italian student visa.

Why do You Want to Study in Italy?

This is a really important question when it comes to Students visa Interview in the embassy. You can draw a picture in terms of quality education, affordability and culture activity. Your answer should reflect details about Universities and education system in Italy. Mention Tuition fee, Living cost and Scholarship opportunities in your answer. While, Your answer should be precise.

Here we have elaborated the answer to this question with an example. It can help you to write an answer for Italian Student Visa.


I planned for the last year to Study in Italy. While there are a few reasons to choose Italy as a destination, I would like to mention them here. Italy is financially viable, as the Tuition fee is too low. And the quality of education is really good. While I am paying only 1500 Euro per year for my master’s course. And I believe it is the lowest tuition fee in Europe. Second lowest tuition fee is 3500 euros in Hungary and Latvia.

Meanwhile, Scandinavian countries charge up to 150,000 euros per year. So you can find there is huge difference of Tuition fee. I have found university accommodation for full length of my course. It is a cheap accommodation for students. While I can afford hostel’s expenses during my two years stay at the University. So, I am not in the tough competition of Scholarships, because it is not easy to get a scholarship in any country. Still, I can manage my finances to study in Italy.

Most Importantly, Italy is a country of diverse beauty, culture, and history. It is well connected with the whole of Europe through buses, trains or plane. I can visit the top spots in Europe with quite reasonable transport charges. Italian Pizza is very famous. So, I can find real pizza only in Italy, not in other parts of the world. Italy has some of the best weather in Europe. It is much warmer than its northern neighbors and the skies are always clear. And I from Asian country, so Italian weather suits me.

Why do You want to Study in Italy instead of your Homeland?

Another important question for students visa interview Interview. Draw comparison in the education system, carrier opportunities and new culture exposures. Check this example to clearly understand the question and apply the learning for a particular country accordingly.


The strong reason for me to consider studying in Italy is for the chance to experience a different style of education. I am used to a passive style of learning in which more emphasis is on theoretical studies. So, I will get the experience of a more engaging and active learning style while studying in Italy. This may involve active learning through class participation, dialogue exchange, case studies and practical off- and on-campus experiences that make learning fun and meaningful. I think this can boost my confidence and communication skills. The next most important reason to choose Italy is, Career Opportunities can be numerous after completing my degree. 

Additionally, The study experience in a foreign country does matter to any future employer in my homeland. It shows them that you can thrive and grow in an environment away from your comfort zone.

Meanwhile, I will have the chance to experience a new culture for me. Therefore, That would be amazing to find incredible new foods, customs, traditions and social atmospheres.

While, I will make new friends from different part of the world with different cultures. Through which I will learn a lot. That means, to solve one issue, I will have many different approaches, which is exciting. So, I will learn many ways to improve my life. When I will see diverse situations and behaviours, that will help me in problem-solving.

Why do you select this particular University?

One of the most important questions during the Interview. Prepare answer by visiting the website of a particular university, you admitted in.


This University is located in Bologna city in Italy. It is one of the oldest universities in the world as it was established in 1088. Universita di Bologna is a highly ranked university at the moment in the world. It has been best ranked in Italy.

I am admitted in a Master’s in Economics and Management at this University. While University is highly ranked in this field of study. It has a good reputation for research. Meanwhile, It has good laboratories and research labs. Professors are really cooperative and very good in teachings.

What do You know about Bologna City?

When I will visit Bologna, I’ll see that it is everything cultural and culinary when it comes to visiting northern Italy, except its charm is in remaining lesser-known. I want to Lose myself in the wide grid of elegant architecture and gritty side streets, food markets and coffee shops, crumbling historical houses and defining towers.

One of the most beautiful things I want to do in Bologna, is to see the city from above. I want to get a glimpse of medieval buildings, that would be mesmerizing. And I want to learn about Bologna’s rich history. The Italian city of Bologna is accessible via the Italia Rail as well as the main station from which to easily travel to regional areas and neighboring cities.

More importantly, Bologna is a walk able city, and I will never be more than 30 minutes to key points of interest. It’s an enjoyable place to explore on foot but the city does have a great bus system. Therefore, I am excited about it. My goal is not only spend time in the city but experience real Bolognese living too.

What is living cost in Bologna?

Well, you should know the basic living cost in a city you are going to live for your study period. In this example, Bologna is city where a student want to live and study. As, you can see in this example, it gives an idea, how much a particular student is going to spend per month in Bologna, a Italian city.


Tuition fees and the purchase of books and teaching materials are not included in monthly expenses. I consider accommodation and living costs only. The University of Bologna offers to international and Italian students information and services to help them find an accommodation. So, I can live in this city with a budget of around 560$ per month, if I am smart and careful about my money. If I don’t want to be too careful, 800/900$ is more realistic. While, I will try to keep expenses as much low as I can. Because, than I would be stress free and would be able to focus on my studies.

What will you do if your visa will be rejected?

You do not need to panic if you face this question. Embassy only wants to know whether you get worried or you have an alternative plan. You need to tell them, that you have a second plan. And always think practically and do not get overwhelmed with only one directional thinking. That means, it is not end of world, If I do not get visa. Check the example below, you can change it according to your own experiences and background.


Well, I have a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management. As a professional economist, my job is to research and analyze economic data, issues and trends for my company. As a professional economist I am confident in producing economic forecasts and reports to present to my Company and advise on policy and business strategy accordingly.

Now I have chosen to continue to study economics at graduate level. Therefore, I am here to get visa for Italy. If I do not get visa for any reason. I will continue to work for my Company. While, I have already applied for two years study leave. But I have to cancel my leave application and continue working for my company. Next time I will apply again with complete preparation, if I get rejection now.

How do we know you will leave Italy when your visa expires?

Well, the course duration is two years. So my focus would be on completing my studies. During my studies, I will try to learn the local language and understand Italian culture. There are possibilities for international students. Italy extends residence permit for 6 to 12 months after completing a degree or course. It is a job search visa. During this time, I will try to find a job which fulfills the requirements of the work visa.

If I do not get professional job, I would like to come back and start working for my company again. Because I believe It is always better to get international exposure and experience for a few years before you work again in your home country or somewhere else. I must say its too early to decide my future in terms of settlement.

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