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Motivation Letter: Master of Science in Microbiology

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If you are applying for admission or scholarship to a University, you will likely have to submit a Motivation letter as part of your application. Your Motivation letter should include examples from your work, academic, and extracurricular experiences.

While, In this article, we bring you a genuine example of a Motivation letter for admission or scholarship to European Master of Science in Microbiology.

Therefore, Read the below Example on writing a Motivation letter for Master of Science in Microbiology and review Your own Motivation letter for admission or scholarship to a University.


Motivation Letter: Master of Science in Microbiology

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is ——— and I want to apply for a master of science in microbiology at the University ———- Italy. I have a bachelor’s degree from a accredited institution in my home country. While, I have a research experience beyond labs associated with lecture courses. Additionally, I have prerequisite coursework such as one year of general chemistry, One year of organic chemistry, One semester of organic chemistry and one semester of biochemistry. Meanwhile, I also have prerequisite coursework for one year of biological sciences, One semester of calculus and One semester of physics. Overall, the program structure is really good, as I was going through the web portal of the University. I have attached all the important documents including official transcripts and resume.

I have the knowledge and skills to function in a broad variety of laboratory settings. This master’s degree will prepare me for entry into research in industrial or academic laboratory settings. While, This M.S. degree will emphasis in bacteriology, virology or immunology. As this M.S. program is designed to prepare for a diverse workforce. It may also lead to teaching positions at the secondary or junior college level. Therefore, I am quite enthusiastic about this program.

I am able to communicate, understand and observe lectures and laboratory instruction. Meanwhile, I am also able to communicate effectively in order to present and analyze research data. I am physically able to do laboratory procedures and analyze data. While, I also possess the emotional health required for full utilization of my intellectual abilities, the exercise of good judgment and the prompt completion of all responsibilities attendant to the completion of research and teaching responsibilities.

Pre entry experience in a laboratory will be useful during studies for my career. Microbiology overlaps with other areas of biology such as genetics, molecular biology and immunology. This means there are opportunities for a microbiology-related career in a range of sectors. Typical employers include healthcare organisations and private hospitals, public health organisations, environmental organisations, industry – food and drink, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, toiletries, water and biotechnology companies, forensic science laboratories, publicly funded research organisations and higher education institutions.

Therefore, I am looking forward to securing admission in this master’s degree course. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the admission process. My best wishes are with the admission committee as they are doing a hectic job. Lastly, thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards


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