Learn German A1 Typical German Insults Lesson 26

Learn German A1: Typical German Insults Lesson 26

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Learn German A1: Typical German Insults Lesson 26. So, We hope you enjoy working your way through free lessons of German language by ask-scholars.com. While, Try not to let yourself get discouraged! Because, Mastering a new language does take time and perseverance and sometimes things can seem just too difficult. But then you will come back to it another day and things will begin to make sense again.

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In this lesson, we discuss a topic ” Typical German Insults.” We understand and use vocabulary and phrases according to the topic.

A “Labertasche” is someone who talks a lot. It is a slightly insulting description for someone who talks constantly.


Meine Cousine spricht so viel. sie ist so eine Labertasche. (My cousin talks so much… She’s such a chatterbox.)

Du Labertasche! (You chatterbox!)

Mein Freund ist eine Labertasche. (My friend is a chatterbox.)

Nervensäge” is used for someone who is extremely irritating (nervig).

Nerven” are “nerves”.
Säge” means a “saw”.

As you can imagine, “Nervensäge” describes someone who is extremely annoying… Ouch!


Meine Schwester ist extrem nervig. Sie ist eine Nervensäge!

Paula ist eine Nervensäge. (Paula is a nag.)

Nervensäge” is more offensive than “Labertasche“.

“Klugscheißer” has the word “Scheiße” (shit) in it.

Klugscheißer” consists of…
klug” (smart) and…
Scheißer” (shitter).

So, you can say:

A “Klugscheißer” is someone who likes to correct people, thinking they know better.


Meine Kinder sind Klugscheißer! : My children are know-it-alls!

Mein Onkel ist ein Klugscheißer. (My uncle is a know-it-all).

A “Korinthenkacker” is someone who is petty and pedantic. To them, everything needs to be regimented and exact.

We can say:

“Korinthenkacker” is an insult for someone who likes rules and control.


Mein Bruder ist ein Korinthenkacker! : My brother is a fusspot.

Hr. Heuss ist so ein Korinthenkacker! (Mr Heuss is such a fusspot!)

“Spaßbremse” describes someone who applies the brake on the fun.

A “Spaßbremse” (fun brake) is a humourless person who prevents others from having fun by pointing out problematic aspects of the activity.


Mein Vater ist eine Spaßbremse! : My father is a nuisance!

Meine Tante Erna ist so eine Spaßbremse! (My aunt Erna is such a buzzkill!)

Meine Mutter ist eine Labertasche und mein Vater ist eine Spaßbremse. (My mother is a chatterbox and my dad is a buzzkill.)

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