Swedish Embassy Interview Questions & Answers for Student Visa

Swedish Embassy Interview Questions & Answers for Student Visa

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Swedish Embassy Interview Questions & Answers for Student Visa. Sweden is the European Union’s third-largest country but it has a very low population density away from its larger cities. While, Sweden currently has a strong, developed economy. The country has a high standard of living. Meanwhile, Sweden’s economy is mainly focused on the service and industrial sectors. Furthermore, Its main industrial products include iron and steel, precision equipment, wood pulp, and paper products, processed foods, and motor vehicles.

While, The Swedish Institute (SI) Scholarship, a government agency, receives funding each year to use for scholarships to international students. They have several programs available. As complete Package, tuition fee and cost of living including in it.

The Scholarships which are granted by university, covers only Tuition Fee. Applicant needs to apply on university website to get Scholarships for studies. You can check here step by step guide about Study in Sweden.

The Swedish student visa interview questions and answers are quite basic. Moreover, the acceptance rate for Swedish student visas is also quite high. A smooth interview can definitely lead you to accomplish your dream to study in Sweden.

15 Questions and Answers for Student Visa Interview is an article, which answers questions in general for student visa interview. While, here you can find more specific questions and answers for Swedish student visa.

So, Let’s start and read Swedish Embassy Interview Questions & Answers for Student Visa!

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Why do You Want to Study in Sweden?

This is a really important question when it comes to Students visa Interview in the embassy.

Here we have elaborated the answer to this question with an example. It can help you to write an answer for your Swedish Student Visa.


Sweden is an amazing option to pursue studies for international students. Swedish Government  Offers fully funded scholarship to international students, which is called the Swedish Institute (SI) Scholarship. I am the lucky one, who gets an opportunity to Study in Sweden for free. That means I will focus on my master’s degree course with out feeling any burden of finances.

More ever Sweden is one of the happiest countries in Europe. Additionally, I have been admitted in English taught program. I also know the basic Swedish Language, that I learnt online. You can say, I was mentally prepared year and half ago, that my study destination is Sweden for my master’s degree course. Most Importantly, Sweden is full of forests and silent lakes. While, The beautiful scenes of nature are overwhelming. Meanwhile, parks are full of lakes and beautiful trees of different kinds. Therefore, I would love to go walking or jogging on tracks in the parks.

Why you want to study in Sweden instead of your country?

Another important question for students visa interview Interview. Draw comparison in the education system, carrier opportunities and new culture exposures. Check this example to clearly understand the question and apply the learning for a particular country accordingly.


Sweden has Student Centric Education system. Every student is capable of throwing himself into learning process, which is called student centered approach or student centric education system.That’s what universities in Sweden do, Put student in challenging position to learn in better way. As, Swedish Universities encourage personal initiative and independent thinking. Meanwhile, Teachers and university put students interests first, acknowledging the student voice as central to the learning period. 

Assignments and lab tasks are given to students to solve by themselves instead of lectures. It can be hard sometimes for students as there are cases, where it can be frustrating. But which students come out as winners, become able to hard problem-solving skills which enhance confidence. I like to face challenges and I would handle it very well.

If you choose to study in Sweden, you will be expected to take an active role and contribute with your opinions and ideas in lectures, seminars and group discussions. This will enhance communication skills, build a strong culture of cooperation and improve academic abilities.

Relationship between students and teachers is relaxed and informal. As a student in Sweden, you are expected to call teachers by their names. Overall, It’s quite different from my home country. And I want to experience this.

Why you select this particular University?

One of the most important questions during the Interview. Prepare answer by visiting the website of a particular university, you admitted in.


KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm has grown to become one of Europe’s leading technical and engineering universities, as well as a key centre of intellectual talent and innovation. While, KTH is Sweden’s largest and most respected technical university—ranked 73 in the 2024 QS World University Rankings. By choosing KTH, I will gain access to a vibrant student life and a prestigious academic environment.

The master’s programme in Engineering Mechanics covers theory, numerical methods and experimental techniques related to fluid mechanics, solid mechanics and sound and vibration. The curriculum is developed with strong involvement from industry and is heavily influenced by the latest research. It will prepare me with the knowledge and skills for advanced industrial problem-solving in large and small international enterprises and research organisations.

How do we know you will leave Sweden when your visa expires?

It is very important question, You have to convince the interviewer, That you will come back. Check the example below:


After graduating in the Master’s programme in Engineering Mechanics, I will be proficient in fluid mechanics, solid mechanics or sound and vibration, areas linked with a multitude of industries. As a result, I will find a wide range of job opportunities in research and development within the industry, consulting, and research, not only in mechanical engineering but also in other engineering fields.

While, I can get job in any country as i believe so. But I will prefer to come back to my home land, and explore the heavy Industry here.

What will you do if your visa will be rejected?

You do not need to panic if you face this question. Embassy only wants to know whether you get worried or you have an alternative plan. You need to tell them, that you have a second plan. And always think practically and do not get overwhelmed with only one directional thinking. That means, it is not end of world, If I do not get visa. Check the example below, you can change it according to your own experiences and background.


Mechanical engineering is the most diverse and versatile field of engineering. This specialization of engineering plays a critical role in many modern industries. But If i do not get chance to study a master’s degree. it will not be end of world for me. I will continue to work for a renowned company. That will help me to get more experience and I can use this experience for next time. My final goal is to get master’s degree in my field of study. If this does not happen now, It will happen later. So, Its not big deal for me, If i get rejection.

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