Average Salaries in Spain

What are the average salaries in each region of Spain?

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What are the average salaries in each region of Spain? While, Spain is located in southwestern Europe and shares its border with Portugal. And It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the West and the Mediterranean Ocean to the East.

Spain has Euro as currency. Madrid is its capital which is a very advanced and modern city. While, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao are its other famous cities.

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The weather in Spain is warm. While, Winter in Spain is not too cold like in other countries of Europe.

If you want to Study in Spain and later on work in Spain, than this article is for you. Here you can find details about average salaries of different professions in Spain.

Though salaries mostly depend on the type of job and industry you work in, there are big differences in wages between Spain’s 17 autonomous regions.

The latest figures from the Spanish government showed that Spaniards earned an average gross salary of €1,751 per month in 2021, some 6.6 percent more than the previous year’s average and a historic high.

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Sky-high inflation has led to a huge drop in purchasing power this year and to tackle this the Spanish government raised the country’s minimum wage to €1,000 from €965. 

A study by the Adecco Group Institute analyzed the salaries in Spain and showed that, in 2021, five of Spain’s autonomous communities have an average salary that is above the national average.

According to the study, the professions that earn the highest annual salary are those that work in the supply of electricity, finance and communication jobs.

But there is also a big difference in salaries depending on which part of the country you live in. Only five of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions had average salaries above the national average.

Average Salaries in Spain
Average Salaries in Spain


Unsurprisingly, the region with the highest average salary the Community of Madrid, with an average of €2,077/month. While salaries are still high compared to much of Spain, they are still considered low for Europe and low compared to the average monthly rental prices in the capital, which are around €848 per month.

Basque Country

The northern region of the Basque Country comes second. Here people earned an average of €2,051/month. Many people in the Basque Country are employed in industry and engineering.

Canary Islands

For the past two years, the Canary Islands has been the region with the lowest average salary (€1,416/month) just below Extremadura, where the average salary is €1,418/month.

There is therefore a gap of €661/month (€7,932/year) between the highest average salary (Madrid) and the lowest (Canary Islands). In other words, an average salary earner from Madrid earns, on average, 47 percent more than one in the Canary Islands.

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