Learn German A1 Learning about German families Lesson 28

Learn German A1: Learning about German families Lesson 28

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Learn German A1: Learning about German families Lesson 28. In this lesson, You can learn about interesting facts about German families. While, There are two small essays about family in German. And lastly, we make questions and answers from essays in German.

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Fun facts about German Families

53% of families in Germany have only one child, and 36% have 2 children.

About 70% of parents in Germany are married, 12% are unmarried, and 18% are separated.

The number of children per woman in Germany is 1.58, slightly above the EU average.

The average time between first and second children is 3.7 years in Germany. Women in Germany have their first child at 30 and their second at 33 years old, on average.

Only 0.5% of households in Germany include a grandparent. Grandparents are on average 54 years old when their first grandchild is born.

Müller (Miller) and Schmidt (Smith) are the most common surnames in Germany.

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Essay One about German Family

Das ist die Familie Müller. Die Mutter, Mari, ist 37 Jahre alt. Der Vater heißt John. Er ist 39 Jahre alt. Sie haben zwei Kinder. Rolaf ist fünf Jahre alt und seine Schwester Hannah ist drei Jahre alt. Sie wohnen in Berlin.
This is the Müller family. The mother, Mari is 37 years old. The father’s name is John. He is 39 years old. They have two children. Rolaf is five years old and his sister Hannah is three years old. They live in Berlin.

Questions from essay one

Haben sie Kinder? (Do they have children?)

Ja, sie haben zwei kinder. (Yes, they have two children.)

Sind Mari und John Rolafs und Hannahs Eltern? (Are Mari and John parents of Rolaf and Hannah?)

Ja, sie sind Rolafs und Hannahs Eltern. (Yes they are parents of Rolaf and Hannah.)

Mari ist die Mutter. (Mari is the mother.)

John ist der Vater. (John is the father.)

Wer ist Meris Tochter? (Who is Mari’s daughter?)

Hannah ist ihre Tochter. (Hannah is her daughter.)

Wer ist Johns Sohn? (Who is John’s son?)

Sein sohn ist Rolaf. (His son is Rolaf.)

Hat Rolaf eine Schwester? (Does Rolaf has a sister?)

Ja, Er hat eine Schwester. (Yes, He has a sister.)

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Essay Two about German Family

Mari hat eine Schwester, Julia. Maris und Julias Eltern heißen Sabine und Thomas Schmidt. Katharinas Kinder, Hannah und Rolaf, lieben ihre Großeltern.
Mari has one sister, Julia. Mari and Julia’s parents are called Sabine and Thomas Schmidt. Katharina’s children, Hannah and Rolaf, love their grandparents.

Questions about Essay two

Wie heißen Maris und Julias Eltern? (What is the name of Mari’s and Julia’s parents?)

Sie heißen Sabine und Thomas Schmidt. (They are called Sabine and Thomas Schmidt.)

Julia ist Sabines und Thomas’ Tochter. (Julia is Sabine and Thomas’s daughter.)

Haben Hannah und Rolaf eine Tante? (Do Hannah and Rolaf have an aunt?)

Ja, sie haben eine tante. sie heißt Julia. (Yes, They have an aunt, she is called Julia.)

Die Großmutter heißt Sabine Schmidt. Der Großvater heißt Thomas Schmidt. (The grandmother’s name is Sabine Schmidt. The grandfather’s name is Thomas Schmidt.)

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