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Learn German A1: Feeling not so good Lesson 30

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Learn German A1: Feeling not so good Lesson 30.

Meanwhile, The German Language introduced in this free course by ask-scholars.com is centered around everyday situations. So, If you are an adult with no previous knowledge of German and studying your own, than this course is for you.

While, German is spoken as a first language by approximately 110 million people who live mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But German is also spoken elsewhere – for instance in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, the south tyrol region of Italy and in border regions of Belgium.

German Alphabets Pronunciation & 100 German Words


Ich bin krank. I’m ill.

You can say “Ich bin krank” when you’re feeling bad physically.

Ich bin krank” stays the same whether it’s said by a man or a woman.


Ich bin müde. I’m tired.

Ich bin sehr müde. I’m very tired. We can add “sehr” (very) before an adjective to enhance its meaning.


Ich bin im Stress. I’m stressed.

To say “stressed“, you need two words in German: “im Stress“.

Stress” starts with a capital letter because it’s a noun.

Sie ist ein bisschen im Stress. She’s a bit stressed.


Ah, mir geht’s schlecht. Ah, I’m doing badly.


Bist du müde? Are you tired?

Bist du krank? Are you ill?

Hi Mari. wie geht’s?

Wie geht’s?” can be translated as: “How’s it going?” or “How are you?”

Germans will be honest when we ask “Wie geht’s?”. That’s why we only ask people we know well!


Mari: Hi Farrukh, wie geht’s?
Mari: Hi Farrukh, how are you doing?
Farrukh: Ach, mir geht’s schlecht.
Farrukh: Oh, not good.
Mari: Oh nein! Bist du krank?
Mari: Oh no! Are you ill?
Farrukh: Ja, ich bin krank. Und dir, wie geht’s dir?
Farrukh: Yes, I’m ill. And you, how are you doing?
Mari:: Mir geht’s nicht so gut. Ich bin sehr müde… Wie geht’s Huma? Ist sie auch krank?
Mari: I’m not too well. I’m very tired… How is Huma? Is she ill too?
Farrukh: Huma geht’s gut. Sie ist ein bisschen im Stress. Aber sie ist nicht krank.
Farrukh: Huma is fine. She’s a bit stressed. But she’s not ill.
Mari:: Ok! Das ist gut.
Mari Ok! That’s good.

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