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6 Universities in Luxembourg with Scholarships

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This Post shares 6 Universities in Luxembourg with 11 opportunities of scholarships and Government financial aid for the international Students. All faculties and scholarship opportunities in each University mentioned in this blog. You can Study in Luxembourg with low tuition fee and it is small country. There are a lot of opportunities for ambitious International students.

Let start with first University and check what it offers to international students including progammes and scholarships from Universities of Luxembourg.

University of Luxembourg

It is the public university of Luxembourg. It was founded a few years back in 2003. While, It is multilingual and research-oriented Institution. It is one of the top-ranked University in the world. The university is very cheap for international students and offers scholarships in particular courses.

So, It charges tuition fee around EUR 200 to EUR 800 annually for international students. Tuition fee varies for each semester. As compared to other universities, it is a very cheap university. Therefore, many international students apply each year to this university.

More than 6400 students originating from 125 different countries are enrolled at the moment. The programmes generally taught in two languages French/English or French/German, some in three and some entirely taught in English.

You can exchange programme in any other European country during your learning period at the University of Luxembourg. Normally one semester is preferred to study abroad, this can be at the start of degree most of the time.

University offers courses to guest students, where students are not bound by any rules of studies or requirements. If students are passionate enough to deal with scientific subjects and actively can participate in course studies, without any requirements can follow courses as guest students.  

How to apply for a University in LUXEMBOURG?

Facilities and Campuses at University of Luxembourg:

University has three faculties and three campuses. These campuses are located at Belvas, Kirchberg and Limpertsberg.

  • Limpertsberg: offers the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance as well as the central administration units of the University.
  • Walferdange: offers the Faculty of Language and Literature.
  • Esch-Belval: offers the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, Arts and Education Sciences and the Faculty of Sciences, Technology, and Communication.

You can find bachelor’s degree courses, master’s degree courses and PhD programme.  University offers also vocational training and life learning courses.   

Scholarships at University of Luxembourg

University of Luxembourg has following scholarships for international students at the moment.

(i) Guardian Glass Scholarship at University of Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg has introduced a new scholarship recently, called The Guardian Glass Scholarship.

This Scholarship supports international Master’s students in physics or engineering. This scholarship covers expenses of international students while studying and living in Luxembourg.

You can get this scholarship if you want to study masters in engineering or physics. You need to write a motivation letter to the university to avail of this opportunity.

The scholarship would be awarded on merit and on need-based.

While, Your written motivation letter should reflect your relevant knowledge and work experience (if any) to get this scholarship. You can mention your financial condition, why you need support financially to continue to study.

Internship in Field of Physics and Engineering:

Major subjects in physics and engineering have close ties with industry and academic research of University of Luxembourg. While, Students have bright chances for internships with leading high-tech companies in Luxembourg. Internship at the start of the carrier in a really big company can be a boosting start of the professional carrier for an engineer.

(ii) Scholarships for research in biomedicine or biotechnology by Pelican Grant

The Foundation du Pélican grants scholarships towards three promising graduate students from the doctoral School for Systems and Molecular Biomedicine at the University of Luxembourg.

The main purpose of the grant is to enhance the quality of research work. This Scholarship cover charges of travelling for activities like seminars, conferences, workshops and training during the PhD study.

Luxembourg School of Business (LSB)

It is an international graduate business school created recently in 2014. While, It is a globally recognized business school. The school has partnered with the business community and prepares students for business challenges in the real world.

This business school charges EUR 9000 per year as tuition fee to international students.

You can pay the annual tuition fee in 6 or more installments. Which is really flexible in terms of financial management. Most probably you can find courses related to MBA and business management. 

Scholarships at LSB

Scholarships are awarded by the admission committee and you need to submit a separate application to get scholarships. Luxembourg school of business offers following scholarships to students.

(i) Merit-Based Scholarships by LSB

The Merit-Based Scholarship allows outstanding candidates to get financial support due to their excellent academic track record to acquire business knowledge and managerial skills to continue thriving in the business world.

Candidates can apply for master’s degree course and should have experience for two years in the business world. This scholarship covers up to 50% of the tuition fee. 

(ii) International Entrepreneur Scholarship

The International Entrepreneur Scholarship targets candidates who have started their own company and would like to gain relevant and practice-oriented knowledge and skills that will help them lead their venture to success.

This scholarships covers up to 75% of tuition fee.

European Business University (EBU)

This university offer courses with specialization in business education. Students can do specialization in accounting, finance and marketing.

 It has three campuses at Luxembourg campus, EBU-Wiltz campus and the online campus and lasts one European business institute.

It offers in bachelor’s courses, master’s courses and PhD for international students. Courses are offered both online and on-campus, affording you the most flexibility.

The tuition fee for the bachelor’s course is EUR 10,950 annually and for master’s course tuition fee is EUR 11,950 per year.

Tuition fee applies for both EU and Non-Eu students. Plus point is a student can pay tuition fee under various payment plans set by the admission committee. It can be per month payment plan or every quarter. 

Scholarships at EBU

European Business University offers Scholarships both on merit bases and need basis to international students.

(i) Academic Scholarship Award by EBU

This scholarship covers the tuition fee. Everyone with good grades can be eligible for this scholarship. Strong motivation letter with future goals can be really helpful to get this scholarship.

The student must be enrolled in a full time course to avail the scholarship.

Student needs to perform better in studies during his/her stay at EBU to continue the scholarship.

If the percentage of grades drop below defined Grade Point Average (GPA), the student might lose a percentage of scholarship also, Which can be from 10% to onward, depending upon the situation of GPA.

A student with 2.80 or more GPA  will remain eligible for scholarship till the end of his course.

(ii) African, Asian, Central and South American Scholarship program by EBU

The EBU African, Asian, Central and South American Scholarship program is open to students who are unable to pay tuition fees and physically reside in their home countries.

The overall aim is to provide suitable grounds for international students to excel in life. The most of programme is designed for online classes. Students will have the option to travel to the campus during campus week during each semester.

Sacred Heart University

SHU has founded in 1963 Fairfield Luxembourg. It is the oldest University in Luxembourg. The University now offers more than 80 undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and certificate programs.

Average tuition fee is EUR 14,500 per year. Courses are related to business administration.

It also offers certificate programs in Core Business Skills, Corporate Finance, Leadership, Management in the Digital Age, Modern Business Management, and Private Equity.

(i) Financial Aid and Scholarships by SHU

This scholarship covers a percentage of the tuition fee. Candidates with applications in MBA can apply for this scholarship.

While, This is a purely merit-based scholarship. Candidates with good grades have higher chances to get this scholarship.

Secondly, it is available for those candidates who face financial crises, they cannot pay tuition fee or housing rents for the entire period of degree.

Strong motivation letter with reason, why you need this scholarship, can enhance chances to get this scholarship.

LUNEX International University

This university has been launched four years back in 2016. As in its name mentioned, courses are available to sport and exercise, international sport management and Physiotherapy.

So, International students can find courses in the bachelor’s and the master’s degree. The language of instruction in all courses at LUNEX University is English. It has two campuses at Luxembourg city and Differdange city. 

University charges on average EUR 9000 as tuition fee per year. Most likely, you can pay your fee in monthly installments.

It is also a research institute, which includes areas like bio mechanics, neurophysiology, and sports management, among many others.

LUNEX foundation Course Pre-Bachler’s:

Lunex offers foundation course also for international students, who do not fulfil criteria due to insufficient English skills or have less knowledge about a particular subject in their previous education.

This course starts in April and October each year. Its duration is one semester at least. Duration of foundation course can be more depending on improvement in skills.

Tuition fee is EUR 600 per semester with EUR 550 one-time paid registration fee.

Business Science Institute

It is located in Wiltz Castle. This institute offers research in business administration courses. The duration of the research is three years.

An applicant with a MBA degree or master degree can apply for this course. Tuition fee is around EUR 11,700 per year.  You can pay the tuition fee in installments.

At last, let’s have a look at what are Luxembourg’s Government Scholarships and Financial aids to international students.

Luxembourg’s Government Scholarships & Financial Aids

This financial aid from government consists of loan and scholarships. The total amount can be up to EUR 13000.

Applications for financial aid must be submitted each semester (even if the student has registered with the institution for a full year).

Choose the form that is appropriate for your situation. Fill out this form and see which documents you need to include with it.

Candidates who are eligible might be Refugees in Luxembourg. The person who is living in Luxembourg for the last 5 years and hold a secondary school certificate can apply for this financial aid.

A family member of a citizen of Luxembourg can also apply for this scholarship.

Luxembourg based companies and public research institutions allocate funds to researchers in specific fields of study.

Luxembourg National Research Fund

It is a fund which is allocated in terms of scholarships or grants to research-based candidates in any field of scientific research. These are two funds that come under this.

(i) Industrial Fellowships Programme:

Public research institutions in Luxembourg and companies based in Luxembourg have cooperation. The programme is called Industrial Fellowships Programme.

It provides grants to researchers from all over the world and regardless which scientific domain researchers are working with.

While, Main purpose of programme is to promote and support knowledge transfer between higher education institutions and Luxembourg based companies active in research and development.

(ii) AFR Individual Grants:

AFR is one longest-running funding schemes and now provides funding for the training of doctoral candidates only. Grants are awarded in the form of an employment contract with the host institution, rather than in the form of a scholarship.

So, An “Individual PhD Plan” should outline the objectives of the research project, the supervision set-up, rights and duties of all involved parties and expected outcomes in terms of reporting, publications, training activities, and other relevant information for a PhD project.

Max Planck Institute Funds

The Institute has started its work in fall 2012 at its temporary location on the Kirchberg plateau. A major advantage of the Institute is that it brings together different fields of law, on the national as well as on the international level.

Thus, the research profile of the Institute overcomes the separation of public law and private law which is characteristic of Continental law. Also, criminal law aspects (especially in international and European law) are included in the research profile. It offers scholarships for doctoral-level to international candidates.

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We hope that this BLOG(Universities of Luxembourg) has helped you to get overview about universities and scholarships in Luxembourg. Please comment your questions or suggestions for further details or topics.

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