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12 Ways to choose university in Europe now a days

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University in Europe is a very hot topic that we choose today. Because Everybody is worried about how to choose a university for studies? Especially in a European country? And you want to experience the best education system, diverse culture and developed infrastructure during your studies in any European country?

The hope of a better future attracts millions of students for studies in Europe from across the globe. Studying in Europe can be a very unique and exciting experience. That’s why it is very important to make the right decision.

Your decision for the university’s selection will have a huge impact on your carrier.   Well, you can select the University promptly. Either The selection process of the university can be very time-consuming. But most importantly, you should be happy with your choice of university for studies. If you want good fortune and suitable circumstance during or after studies, it’s better to be well informed before you clinch a spot in any university in Europe. let’s have a look.

There are many universities in Europe which have similar Academic options for international students. With this wide range, it is a bit tough to select a suitable university in one go. These are the following aspects, to consider for the right choice.

This blog shares 12 important factors about, How to choose a university in Europe? Let’s start with from the first point and follow through.

What you’re passionate about?

The word passion can be replaced with words like determination, love and conviction. Passion is a strong desire that helps someone to achieve great things. It is a complete journey to find what you are passionate about. There is no need to be frustrated if you don’t know fully about particular things. What you need is, always keep looking and keep trying to get new information. 

You need to ask yourself, which is particular course or field of study I am looking for. Therefore, You must have clarity in your mind, what you want to study.

“You can’t fake passion.”

Barbara Corcoran

You are going to give your life’s precious 1 to 5 years to your selected field of study. Later on, you will implement your knowledge for many years in that particular field.

Uncertainty leads nowhere. Therefore, there should be no uncertainty about the course or programme.

You should research about course content and what are job opportunities later on after completing the course. It can help to narrow the field of study you want to continue.

Distinguish foremost requirements

Everyone can have different preferences when it comes to deciding to study abroad. Someone would like to choose a course in a country, which have few hours flight from the homeland.

Finance is major concern for students now a days.

May be for another student, finance is the most important issue. He/She has a tight budget for studies and want to study at a cheaper university or country.

European countries Scholarships criteria differ from each other.

Students with excellent academic records would be hoping to target those universities, where they can get scholarships. Scholarship can be free tuition fee university or fully funded scholarship by the government in a specific country.

Few students could have a problem with the fluency of the English language, as most of the time, English is a medium of instruction in universities in Europe for international students. They are looking for foundation courses to improve English-speaking skills, or they target courses without the requirement of IELTS/ TOEFL.

Someone wants to do specialization in any particular subject and looking at the best available options to fulfil his dreams.

You need to think, what are your foremost requirements or preferences.

Right on paper, what your firm desire is and what you will turn aside. Narrow down your window and it will help you to select the desired destination for studies.

Short List Relevant Academic Institutions

Once you have written down your foremost requirements for study aboard. Now it’s time to shortlist few universities, which are relevant to your written down preferences.

The preference to pick the best institution could be different for everyone.

Well, the reason to shortlist university depends upon the individual. There are more than one parameter that help to choose the university.

Which parameters are suitable for you, can be completely irrelevant for other and Vice Versa.

Research and double-check all parameters of university before you shortlist it.

University Rankings

The ranking of university in higher education is a combination of different factors.

In Europe, most universities take part in national and international ratings.

European Union compiles a list of universities in EU with the highest scientific impact.

Other university rankings are based on academic reputation, faculty/student ratio, collaboration with industry, internationalization, best master’s programmes and innovation.

University can be highly ranked in one field of study and have very moderate ranking in other subjects.

So be careful when you choose the university. You have to double-check, where university rank in a specific field of study you are interested in.

The high ranked university gives you an excellent academic experience.

Programmes offered

The best university for you may not be the famous ones, but that offer your field of study as well as meet the other criteria important to you.

Always check the course content in details on the university website.

Universities mention faculties, bachelor’s & master’s programmes, language of instruction and requirements to be eligible for a particular course.

If there’s any particular degree or programme you’re interested in, check whether the university has it “on its menu” or not.

Check Admission Criteria

Check Requirements for admission before you apply in any European University.

University merit list, English language skills and an acceptance rate of new applicants depends upon how competitive a university is.

Top universities attract applications from all over the world, it can be a bit harder to get an acceptance letter from them, even you have a high percentage and good grades in the previous degree.

There are no specific rules to increase your chances for admission. You can check if the mentioned course on university website is relevant to your previous education.

There are many universities in Europe, you have unlimited options to choose one university, that is best for you.

University Location

Studying Abroad can be life-changing Adventure and worthwhile investment.

So do research very carefully and use as many sources as you can to find a perfect match for study destination.

According to personal experiences, the university location matters a lot when the student plans to study in Europe.

There are two major factors including living expenses and university’s scholarships, which play an important role to study in Europe.

The cost of living varies immensely from one city to another city in the whole of Europe.

So as, chances to get University’s scholarships depends upon where the university is located.

In Small cities, the cost of living is very low and affordable. Part-time jobs are easy to find in small towns also.

In Big cities the cost of living is very high, at the same time, part-time job opportunities are high as compared to small towns.

During studies, you can work only 15 to 20 hours per week. You are working the same number of hours, either you are living in big cities or small towns.

If you want to complete studies and you do not have fully funded scholarship, then it can be challenging to fulfil daily expenses in large cities.

To get a scholarship at any university, located in Mainstream city, you should have excellent grades and percentage in your previous studies.

Scholarship chances are very high in a university located in a small town due to less competition.

For example, if the university wants to give 20 scholarships in one programme, there might be less than 20 applicants who are interested in University Tuition fee scholarship in that programme.

University scholarships are awarded to international students only because for EU students education is completely free.

Therefore, chances are very high for you to get a scholarship due to less competition from your fellow applicants in small-town university.

Even with moderate grades, you can get tuition fee scholarship. Then you have to just fulfil daily expenses by doing part-time jobs during your studies.

Visa & immigration Process

Every European country has different criteria to deal with visa applications.

Major factors that come under consideration in the embassy are age and educational background of the applicant, funds to support during studies, language skills and programme chosen for studies.

After completing studies, every European country has its guidelines, either you can stay in the country after studies or not.

European countries have different rules and regulations for international students who want to build a carrier after studies in the same country.

Quite few EU countries offer job search visa from six months to one year after completing studies to international students. So, Research accordingly.

Work options are also different during studies in each country.

So, a lot of thought process should go to search country in terms of good visa percentage and relatively easy rules for work.

You should not rule out chances to settle down in specific country after studies.

University Accommodation

Well, this is also a very important aspect in terms of university selection.  As on personal experiences, you should prefer the University which offers accommodation.

All universities do not provide accommodation in Europe, but many universities offer accommodations to international students.

University accommodation is quite beneficial as compared to private accommodation.

You are moving away from your family, University accommodation helps to cope with homesickness and loneliness. You become Friends with university students in a few days. The atmosphere generally is nice and friendly.

Most importantly, students can save the time of travelling from university to private accommodation as normally university accommodations are quite near.

Accommodation near University can help in complete assignments by staying late.

Most of the time group studies through late-night help to meet hectic deadlines of assignments. Which a student cannot do if he/she lives at distance.

Library of University

Cafeteria near the Library is generally a place for group studies.

The library plays a very important rule in an academic carrier.  Student and professors alike use libraries to research their topics for papers, thesis, books, papers, journals, etc. You would be lucky enough if there is 24/7 Cafeteria near the Library. Which can be helpful for early morning or late-night studies.

International Students percentage

The high percentage of international students in any European country show’s that a specific country has a positive attitude towards students coming from Non-EU.  Its really important factor, that can boost your confidence to apply for studies.

University’s Webinar

Nowadays, universities use social media and webinars to post the latest information. Through Webinars, you can get an overview of the university’s faculties, Programmes, labs and extracurricular activities. You’ll get key insights about how works creative environment of the university.

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