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Swedish Institute Scholarship (SI Scholarship)

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Swedish Institute Scholarship (SI Scholarship)! Ask scholars share information about Swedish Institute Scholarship in Sweden in this blog. While, International students who want to Study in Sweden, they look for a fully-funded scholarship. Therefore, Ask Scholars have come up with complete information about the SI scholarship. How can you apply for this scholarship? What benefits offer SI scholarship. At last, Ask scholars share successful motivation letter by the SI scholarship holder. You can get an idea about how to write a motivation letter for a successful scholarship.

Overview of the Swedish Institute (SI)

The Swedish Institute (SI) is a public agency and it has offices in Stockholm and Paris. It is a fully-funded scholarship.

It grants a large number of scholarships to international students for master’s degree programmes.

The Swedish Institute has awarded about 400 scholarships for master’s degree studies in Sweden in 2020. 

What SI Scholarship Covers?

It is a fully-funded scholarship for students who want to study in Sweden. 

  • It covers the tuition fee for the complete master’s programme.  
  • Swedish Institute pays SEK 10,000 per month for living expenses to Scholarship holder. 
  • Travel grant of SEK 15,000.
  • It covers health insurance.

What are the Requirements for SI Scholarships?

These are the requirements you need to fullfil to get SI scholarship.

Letter of work Experience 

The first requirement to be eligible for scholarship is you must have work experience. You should have valid work experience as a freelancer, social worker, employer or employee.  

You can demonstrate your work experience in a letter and attach it with other documents at the time of the application process.

Country of Citizenship

You can check on si.se before applying, either the Swedish Institute offers this scholarship for your country.

Eligible Master’s Programmes

There are more than 600 master programmes taught in English. You should confirm that master’s course you are interested in, is sponsored by SI or not. 

Complete list of master’s programmes sponsored by SI is updated regularly on SI.se.

How can you apply for SI Scholarship?

Fill application for  the master’s programme

The application process is same at the start.

You have to start your application at Swedish online portal universityadmissions.se. You can apply up to four master’s degree courses.

Make sure you have completed your application before 15 January. 

Once you pay the application fee on Universityadmissions.se. Than, you will get application number. 

Meanwhile, You must upload all documents required to get admission in a University before 3 February. If you missed this deadline, your application is considered late and you cannot apply for SI scholarship.

Email documents to Swedish Institute 

Once you have completed your master’s programme application, you should send documents through email from 10 – 20 February to be considered for scholarship.

Do not forget to attach your application number from universityadmissions.se, when you are going to email the Swedish Institute.

Send, These documents to Swedish Institute to avail scholarship. 

  • Motivation letter: It should define you are a suitable candidate to be considered.
  • CV: Download the template from SI.se and fill all necessary skills you have.
  • Two letters of reference: These letters should be from your employer or university.  
  • Proof of Work experience: Attach more than one letters of work experience if you have more than one employer.    
  • Copy of valid passport  

Notification of selection results 

By 3 April, universityadmissions.se put selection results. If you are selected by any university’s admission office. 

Then Swedish Institute will consider you for scholarship and will review your documents to decide on your application.

There are no SI scholarships for late admissions. You would not be considered for SI scholarships if your application is a reserve or placed on the waiting list. 

Announcement of scholarships by SI

Swedish Institute will announce scholarships in last week of April. You will get the notification through email if you have been considered for a scholarship. 

Example of Successful Motivation Letter for SI Scholarship

There are three questions, that we answer in this motivation letter for Swedish institute scholarship.

Summarize and describe your previous experiences or achievements, ambitions and goals for the future. 

I observed in my graduate studies that it has provided me subject knowledge, problem-solving skills and a capability for future learning. While, I have learned about teamwork experience. I gained confidence, to understand computer skills and engineering fundamentals that provide the ability of decision-making skills. Meanwhile, I want to be creative and practical about how things work and the world around me. I have the ambition to help people to improve myself at that level, where I can solve complex problems and convert new ideas into practical solutions. I hope, I would be a proud person at the end of higher studies from Sweden.

How would this study program in Sweden affect your: 

(i). Professional/Academic development:  

Masters degree programs offer a lot of opportunities for a student to change theoretical knowledge into practical work which can play a beneficial role in society. Studies in open climate will help to focus on group work, which will provide a forward-thinking culture that would help me to work on the latest ideas and trends. I will spend most of the time in seminars also where I will interact with my colleagues, this will surely open new perspectives and at the same time will boost my career potential. At the end of the studies hopefully, I will be at a distinct position for me in the industry as compared to my bachelors’ peers.

(ii). Personal Development:

It would be an adventure, where learning extends from beyond the classroom. There would be an opportunity for me to learn another culture. I will meet with new friends, who might have different opinions or approaches towards life. It would be extremely valuable for me, to interact with new persons leads towards maturity because every person has its way of thinking and living. I will become much more independent confidence will also increase and will be more open-minded for world culture and international affairs. In the end, I would be a happy and successful person in life either it is a relationship or anything else.

Give two examples of how the study program in Sweden would enhance your contribution to the development of your home country: 

This question is answered regarding master’s Programme in Solar Energy.

Pakistan is that country where the summer season is felt more prominently than any other season. Summer season remains from 6 to 8 months of the year. The average temperature is 40 degree Celsius in Pakistan. So, conditions perfectly suitable for solar energy system in Pakistan. Oil and natural gas huge crisis damage Pakistan economically because the industrial sector totally based on energy. These fossils fuel prices are increasing on regular bases. But solar energy system is 100 per cent free expect initial expenses. A solar energy system can boost the economy of my country and can reduce the energy crisis immediately.

The ecosystem can save by applying solar energy because it has a limited impact on the environment as compared to oil and gas. Pakistan which is already polluted will be less polluted and our life expectancy will increase. Load shedding which is continuous from almost the last many years will also reduce in specific percentages. Natural gas resources are limited in Pakistan and then definitely we will need to work on alternative resources of energy. My post-graduate degree will play role in enhancing the power sector. In the end, I would say this programme would help me to serve my country Pakistan’s energy sector.

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